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Look after your tyres and rims and be safe on the road.

Have you ever considered the care you take of your car tyres? After all, they are the driving force behind getting you from A to B. However, when your tyres suffer damage and need fixing or replacing, the costs can be heavy. The same goes for tyre rims, yet most insurance companies offer no cover for tyres and rims. Well, now you can rest easy and insure your wheels!

Tyre and rim insurance offers two replacement tyres per year and one wheel rim replacement per year. You get unlimited puncture repairs, and two flat tyre changes per year. Add limited roadside assistance services and zero excess on your claims and you need never worry about your tyres again.

  • Two replacement tyres and one rim replacement per year.
  • Two flat-tyre changes per year.
  • Unlimited puncture repair.
  • No excess on claims
  • Includes roadside assistance.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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