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Our Name has changed from Imperial Select to Motus Select. For more information click here

Motus Select Assurance

Look out for this sticker on your vehicle to give you further peace of mind that your vehicle has indeed been through the 110-Point Quality Check thus Motus Select Assured!


It is quite the journey finding a reliable used car.

Even though spending countless hours searching, reading, test driving, and researching the detail, there is always a risk in purchasing a used vehicle.

The Motus Select Icon proves that we reduce the risk of buying a used vehicle

The emblem represents our unwavering commitment to quality and assurance, giving you peace of mind when purchasing a vehicle from any Motus Select Dealership.

Captured in its simplicity is everything we stand for, who we are and what you can expect when transacting with a Motus Select Dealership.

What We Stand For

With Motus Select, you receive COMPLETE confidence when buying a car from one of our expert dealerships. Our team provides only the BEST quality USED vehicles.

Furthermore, we take pride in assisting you from vehicle selection to finance, to registration and delivery.

Apart from the utmost professionalism, the Motus Select brand is underpinned by our long-standing market reputation for quality, transparency, passion, and being customer centric


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Why Motus Select?

Motus Select, previously known as Imperial Select, has a reputation for offering the Best Quality Used Cars to the South African market since 1948.

We have more than 81 Motus Select Dealerships across South Africa, which continues to grow year by year.

The Vehicle went through a 110-Point Quality Check

All used cars on our sales floor are subjected to a comprehensive 110-point quality check. Qualified technicians inspect the vehicle against the highest standard of quality.

The following is included in the 110-point quality check.

  1. The three most important parts namely Transmission, Engine, and Fuel Lines. Together these function as your car’s power distribution system.
  2. Air Conditioning, Steering, Lighting Systems, Exterior, Exhaust System, Undercarriage, Brake System, Tyres, Clutch, Windshield and Safety Belts.
  3. Finally, to make sure your used car has that “New Car” aroma we end this process off with a full valet.
Click here for more information on the 110-point quality check Download Checklist PDF

Verifiable Vehicle History

The Motus Select Assurance proves that all our selected vehicles have a full verifiable vehicle history:

  1. Servicing History
  2. Certified Ownership
  3. Certified Accident Report