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Keeping your car's exterior and interior in peak condition will always be beneficial for you and other passengers.

In general, you will be proud of, and look forward to, driving a well-maintained vehicle. This will result in enjoyable driving experiences – which will probably enhance your mood. Safety is also improved. Your resell value will also be much higher, compared to a car that does not receive the necessary maintenance and repair work.

The unfortunate truth is that wear and tear is inevitable – and unexpected costs are never welcome. The good news is that our RenewTech Plan is an affordable solution that will enable you to be prepared for unplanned maintenance as well as general wear and tear repairs. A small monthly instalment will ensure that you are covered for Maintenance and/or Restoration benefits up to R3 000 per quarter (90 days).

General Benefits*

  • Stone Chips
  • Minor Dents
  • Tar Removal
  • Light Scratches
  • Repairable Windscreen Damage
  • Wheel Rims & Mag Wheels Restoration

Interior Maintenance & Restoration Benefits*

  • Rubber Carpet Inserts (restore)
  • Seat Panel (tears & burn holes)
  • Gear Knob (restore faded paint)
  • Steering Wheel (re-spray leather)
  • Repairable Windscreen Damage
  • Parcel Shelf & Strings (restore damage)
  • Sun Visors, Hear Rest & Seat Stitch (repairs)
  • Gear Lever Boot & Handbrake Boot (tears & rips)
  • Roof Lining (one maintenance / repair per policy)
  • Safety Film (restoration for scratches, scuffs & tears)
  • Plastic Grab Door Handles (scratches & scuffs: re-spray)
  • Door Panel Plastic (scratches & scuffs: repair & re-spray)
  • Centre Console, Dashboard & Plastic Panel Repair (scratches & scuffs)


  • Complimentary paintwork treatment valued at R1 000 PLUS one air conditioner re-gas if policy was not used in the past two years.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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