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Insurance-payout gaps can be financially crippling. Be protected against such surprises.

Adcover is a necessary protection all car owners should have if money is still owed to a financial lending institution for the cost of the car. If you have a financed car and it is written off due to accident or theft, your insurance company will pay you the total amount the car is insured for.

However, this amount may be below what the car is actually worth and what is still pending in terms of financial payments for the car. If this happens, you will have to pay a shortfall to the financial institution. This is where Adcover can help you. If you are a subscriber, your policy will pay this gap, as well as a portion of your insurance excess.

  • Any payment gaps are covered.
  • If your insurance claim is rejected due to unintentional non-compliance with a policy condition, adcover may possibly cover the claim.
  • If your insurance claim is rejected due to a skipped payment of your monthly instalments, Adcover will pay the claim (subject to terms and conditions).

*Terms and conditions apply.

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