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Financial Services

Cars are useful, important machines that are a part of everyday life - some are even treasured possession. More often than not we can't seem to live without these machines and struggle to imagine life without them. That said, are you ready for potential future car trouble? Unexpected maintenance & unforeseen breakdowns can be financially crippling if you did not budget. There is a solution: Our Financial Services can protect you from unforeseen costs.

Choose the cover, plan or policy that's right for you.

Car Finance

Need wheels? Don't use your hard earned savings. We offer financial assistance. Choose us for convenience, fast approval and competitive rates.

Service Plan

Always surprised by car service costs? Budget for your car's future servicing needs with our service plan. Choose us for convenience and fixed costs.

Maintenance Plan

Need more cover than a service plan? Budget for car services, wear and tear parts and labour costs with our Maintenance Plan and enjoy fixed costs.

Extended Warranty

Need cover for major mechanical damage or electrical failure after the manufacturer's warranty expires? We'll cover costly, unforeseen problems.

Roadside Assistance

Need 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance - anywhere in South Africa - in case of a breakdown? We cover petrol, tow-in, jump-start, key lockouts and more.

Car Insurance

Need the best quote? We provide non-illustrative, realistic car insurance quotes to help you find the ideal provider and best plan for your needs.


Be prepared for insurance payout gaps. If you car is written off due to theft or accident, this policy will pay the gap and a portion of your insurance excess.

Deposit Cover

We'll pay a percentage sum of the amount insured on your existing car towards your new car deposit if your existing car suffers a total loss.

RenewTech Plan

Keeping your car’s exterior and interior in peak condition ensures safe, enjoyable driving. It will also significantly increase the resell value of your car. The problem is, you never know what the road or nature will send your way. Be prepared for unexpected maintenance, wear and tear, and repair costs with a RenewTech Plan.

Tyre & Rim Insurance

Get two replacement tyres, two flat tyre changes and one wheel rim replacement per year and unlimited puncture repairs. PLUS limited roadside assistance services and zero excess on your claims.

Banner Assurance

Hyundai Assurance

Guranteed future value of your vehicle