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  • What To Look For On A Used Car’s History Report
    Uploaded 1 year ago

    What To Look For On A Used Car’s History Report

  • Why MOTUS Select Is The Right Choice for Your Next Car
    Uploaded 21 hours ago

    Why MOTUS Select Is The Right Choice for Your Next Car

  • Petrol-Engine Downsizing: Turbo-charging & Fuel Injections
    Uploaded 2 days ago

    Petrol-Engine Downsizing: Turbo-charging & Fuel Injections

  • Car Accessories for Your SUV
    Uploaded 4 days ago

    Car Accessories for Your SUV

  • The Benefits to Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Benefits to Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

  • Used Vs. Certified Pre-Owned: Explained
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Used Vs. Certified Pre-Owned: Explained

What To Look For On A Used Car’s History Report

Uploaded 1 year ago

What To Look For On A Used Car’s History Report

What To Look For On A Used Car’s History Report

If you are in the market for a previously owned vehicle, there are many extra things you should check out in order to make an informed and responsible decision. Used cars obviously come with a history and for the most part, you won’t ever know all the details about where it travelled and who owned it in the past. For maximum security and peace of mind, you can request to see a full history report on the car. 

Whether you are looking at buying from a dealership or private seller, you are fully entitled to the background information of the car as you will be taking over responsibility for it if you buy it – and this could potentially be a very costly decision if the car turns out to have been stolen or involved in any other illicit activities, not to mention the risk of buying a car that is clearly not likely to last you very long due to previous accidents or engine failures. 

Every cars entire history is officially recorded based on its engines VIN number - this number is used to track where the car goes from first sale all the way to the point where it is written off as scrap. The information provided on a cars history report can vary, but you may be able to find out several extra details about the car, including:

  1. Whether the car has ever been in an accident
  2. The odometer reading, to give insight into total kilometres travelled
  3. If the car has ever been used as a rental vehicle or a fleet vehicle
  4. If the car has ever been sold at an auction
  5. If the car has ever been repossessed or reported stolen
  6. The title history of the car
  7. If the car has ever been recalled for any reason
  8. Whether it has ever been damaged by natural disasters, including fire, hail or floods
  9. How many previous owners it has had
  10. Maintenance records

This information will be very useful if you know what to check when reading the report. Here are a few things to look out for:

Many New Owners In A Short Span Of Time 

If the report shows that the car has moved from owner to new owner a few times in a matter of a few years or even months, it’s a big warning sign. Chances are good that there is something very faulty with the vehicle, that either cant be repaired or would cost far more than the actual value of the vehicle to correct. Conversely, if you see the car has only had one or two previous owners in its history, consider it a positive sign. 

Check For A Recent Emissions Testing Report

With changes in global policy concerning the legal limit of carbon emissions a vehicle can produce in order to be roadworthy, you need to make sure that the car has undergone an emissions test and has passed. In some regions, it is not only illegal for you to drive a car that fails this test, but it is also illegal for someone to sell it to you.

Check If The Car Has Lived In Coastal Regions

Something often overlooked when checking out a used vehicle is where it was parked and where the owner lived. This is important because if the car spent years in a coastal town or city, the salt content in the air will have caused additional corrosion and damage to the vehicle. If you’re still willing to take on the car if it has been near the ocean for many years, be prepared to take on additional costs for maintenance and corrections if the previous owner did not get rust protection for the car in the past. 

Cross Examine Private Sellers

There are many risks involved with buying from a private seller. You wont have any fall back if anything goes wrong with the car after you have bought it and most sellers will not be willing to assist you once they have got their payment. Another big issue to look out for is to check whether the seller is actually who they say they are. There is always a risk that the car may not belong to them or that it has been stolen. Ask them as many questions as you need to be completely reassured that they are legitimate. Some of the questions you should ask are: how long they’ve had the car, was there ever an issue with the battery, which components gave trouble or had to be replaced in the time that they had the car. They should be able to comfortably answer any of these questions. In addition, double-check the report to validate that they are in fact the last owner of the car. 

Check The Odometer Reports

Quite often sellers will roll back the odometer of the car to make it look like its travelled far fewer kilometres than it actually has. The history report should have logs of odometer readings over the years, typically logged whenever the cars licence is renewed or whenever the car was sold off. If the numbers dont add up to the current reading, there may well be more than just a false odometer reading to be worried about.

While it may be a time-consuming job to go through all of these checks of a used cars service history, we strongly recommend you take a bit of time now to be sure, to avoid having to take a lot of time in future to deal with oversights you had when buying the used car.

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Why MOTUS Select Is The Right Choice for Your Next Car

Why MOTUS Select Is The Right Choice for Your Next Car

Buying a car is an important commitment that should provide you with years of satisfaction, driving pleasure and peace of mind. Making sure that you’re choosing the right vehicle that suits your needs and fits within a manageable budget is important, as is choosing the right dealership to purchase from. Whether you’re looking for an SUV, sedan, hatchback or used bakkie for sale, Motus Select is a name you can trust and one that comes with an impressive track record of happy clients and significant achievements.

Motus is South Africa’s largest car dealer group and is continually striving to further expand its service delivery to customers through improved offerings and affiliations with other organisations. One such recent development is a newly forged partnership with getworth.co.za, where they acquired a 49% share in the company in order to provide car buyers with even more options and the opportunity to own a pre-owned vehicle. Through cutting-edge AI innovation, the group intends to merge real-life and online interaction and bring customers an integrated experience that will make buying a car a pleasant and effortless experience. They also offer highly competitive financial credit services and customise their offerings to help customers with the best solution to fit within their budgets and requirements. Motus, as a corporate company, facilitates the supply of vehicles to the majority of car rental services in the country and also provides financial aid in crisis situations, like the recent looting situation in KZN, where they donated R5 million to assist in restoration work after damages inflicted.

Motus Select carries this proud and determined philosophy, and it reflects in how every customer is treated throughout the process of contact, sales, and after-sales. Each vehicle that is placed on sale via Motus Select has gone through a stringent series of quality-control tests and certification according to the highest standards beforehand. They also offer customers various service offerings that include nationwide delivery to your door, and each of their cars are later than 2015 models with less than 120 000km on the clock to ensure that they are still of good quality and will deliver great performance to their new owners. 

With such a reputable track record and many accolades, you can safely place your trust in Motus Select when making your next car purchase. We update our database on a frequent basis, so if you’re looking for a used bakkie for sale, be sure to keep checking our website for new stock additions.

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Petrol-Engine Downsizing: Turbo-charging & Fuel Injections

Petrol-Engine Downsizing: Turbo-charging & Fuel Injections

With rising petrol prices putting strain on the pockets of car owners, adaptations to the traditional engine structure and functionality has become a big focus for car manufacturers. We’ve seen a sharp decline in new cars being released with diesel variants in the lineup as well, due to increased pressure on the industry to come up with more environmentally-friendly solutions that will help reduce the planet’s overall CO2 pollution levels. These two factors have heralded the introduction of turbocharged versions of almost all new models of cars being released today - which is great news for new car buyers looking for a car that won’t guzzle petrol or spew out as much toxic residue as older models did. For existing car owners, there’s also the option of upgrading their engines with turbochargers to get the same effect - and you can have it done at the same place you’d go to for a car service and repair. 

What Does Downsizing An Engine With Turbo-charging & Fuel Injection Mean?

Traditional petrol engines contain a series of cylinders that make up the heart of what powers the entire vehicle. They consist of valves and pistons that move up and down, creating a compression chamber that causes combustion in the engine. Most standard cars are fitted with four cylinders, while more powerful vehicles have six or eight cylinders. More cylinders equal more power, but the cost of running such an engine becomes very apparent when you look at how their fuel consumption compares to a car with less power. Turbo-charging an engine involves removing some of these cylinders and optimising the remaining ones so that it performs just as well - if not better - as it did with more cylinders. Fewer cylinders mean less demand for fuel, and with fuel injection and turbo-charging, that means your car will deliver great performance while saving you a good bit on petrol in the long run. Fuel injection, as an addition, involves modifying your engine with very precise fuel injectors that deliver fuel into the cylinders at exactly the right time and amount so that no fuel is wasted in the process. Traditionally, the fuel is dispersed to all four cylinders indirectly, which means the distribution of fuel is often not optimal.

How Does It Work?

Fuel injectors are installed in the manifold of each cylinder, allowing for direct fuel deposits at a very consistent and precise rate. This will require modification of your car’s engine in order to relay the path that your fuel flows. For turbo-charging, a turbo-charger modification is fitted to the exhaust of your car. It sucks a large amount of the exhaust gases that would be expelled back in, then that air gets pushed back up the turbine to increase the amount of pressure in the cylinder where combustion takes place. The increase in pressure boosts the distribution of petrol and delivers far better engine performance as a result. 

If you’re considering buying a new car, it’s well worth it to look at turbo-charged and fuel injection variants. Should you wish to have these upgrades made to your existing vehicle, contact an auto workshop where you typically go for car service and repairs. Get in touch with Motus Select for a service you can trust.

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Car Accessories for Your SUV

Car Accessories for Your SUV

Owning an SUV is a great experience that opens many doors to adventure and plenty of fun driving experiences. While most owners would agree that they rarely feel the lack of anything, there are many specialised accessories and extras that you can add to your vehicle to make the time spent in it even more enjoyable, and today, we’re going to highlight a few great gadgets and accessories that you can buy to further enhance your SUV. Many of these are readily available and don’t need installation, but some can be installed by the best car repair workshop in your area if they offer minor modifications and installations as a side service.

If you don’t currently own one but are in the market for a used SUV for sale, these great accessories are sure to make your new purchase even more exciting.

Thule Force Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If style and sophistication are a priority for you and lugging a trailer behind your luxury SUV because you need more space doesn’t fit your overall aesthetic, this may be the solution you never knew you needed. Thule is world-renowned for creating extremely durable and elegant carriers and containers, from backpacks to bike racks, and this rooftop carrier unit is exemplary of its great design style. You’ll be proud to sport this carrier on even the most executive class vehicle and can enjoy safely storing a good amount of extras for those holiday road trips. 

Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Ground Coffee Espresso Maker

Caffeine lovers who can’t get by without a cup or two of freshly pressed coffee will love this little gadget. It’s an espresso machine on the go and is small enough to fit into the handbag or glove compartment of your car. Simply add your coffee grounds, pour in some hot water, press it, and presto - café quality coffee wherever you are. It doesn’t require batteries or electricity and is ready to use and re-use whenever you need it. 

Stainless Steel Electric Car Travel Kettle

Speaking of hot water… Now you can make coffee, tea or any instant hot drink wherever you are, thanks to this car kettle. Great for road trips or if you’re late for work but need your morning cup of coffee, it plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter port and will deliver boiling hot water in no time. 

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Somewhere between snacking, having kids or dogs, and the messiness of life, your car ends up with pie flakes, chip crumbs, hair, and dust all too often. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to take it for a full valet or whip out the vacuum at home to get it tidied up. This portable mini vacuum is small enough to fit in a storage compartment in your vehicle and powerful enough to make a quick job of any dirt and mess on your seats or floors. 

Super Advanced Front And Rear View Camera Mirror

The rear-view mirror has been around for about as long as cars have existed, and with all the technological innovations in cars over the years, it has now also received a significant upgrade. This digital camera and display unit replaces your existing rear-view mirror and has two high-definition cameras with wide-angle lenses installed for front-facing and rear-facing capture. You’ll be able to see and record everything that happens in front of and behind your vehicle, and storage space can quickly be swapped out by slotting in another SD card. Not only great for capturing road trip memories but this evolution of the dashcam is also invaluable for safety and security, as it provides you with recorded evidence in case of any accidents and also doubles up as a parking assist monitor. 

Retractable Rolling Sun Screen

Sunscreens have also come a long way since the days of foldable reflective screens and stick-on fabric squares. Now you don’t have to worry about forfeiting elegance for comfort, thanks to these stylish retractable window blinds. Simply stick them to whichever windows you need, and they’ll function just like pull-down blinds in your home. Great for blocking out sunlight, harmful UV rays and keeping your vehicle cool inside.

Mini Car Trash Bins

While keeping a spare plastic packet on hand to keep your wrappers and packets, you could also splurge on a few of these great little car bins to keep everything looking extra tidy. They clip on to your car door slots or can be clipped behind the front seats and are easy to clean out and return without worry. 

Pet-Friendly Seat Covers

An absolute heaven-sent for pet owners who love taking their dogs on road trips and outings, this foldable pet seat cover is lightweight, durable, and incredibly easy to set up and remove for cleaning. You’ll save a tonne of cleaning time and won’t have to worry about finding solutions to get all the fur off your car seats and removing the dirty paw marks after each trip. It features adjustable straps and panels to ensure that it fits perfectly in your vehicle and will also prevent any damage from scratch marks to your original car upholstery. 

All of us here at Motus Select hope that you have enjoyed this list of great extras and accessories for your SUV, and if you’re currently in the market for a used SUV for sale, we have a great selection available - view them on our website or contact us if you have a specific model in mind. 

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The Benefits to Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

The Benefits to Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

If you’re looking at buying a car, either replacing your current one or as a new addition to your lifestyle, there are many things to consider. Your budget is probably the first factor on your mind, but today’s financial climate is very volatile, and unfortunately, we live in uncertain times where sudden changes happen often. While it is exciting to think about driving off in the latest, shiny model, it may be a risky step to take and could cost you much more than you initially thought you could manage. There are many pre-owned vehicles on the market at the moment that don’t lack features and are still in great condition, which is why you should strongly consider something like a used KIA for sale. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect when buying a new car versus a pre-owned one so that you can make the most informed and responsible decision. 

The Pros And Cons Of Buying New Versus Used

A new car has a sense of excitement and new beginnings attached to it. It has never touched the roads, has that captivating fragrance that only new cars have, and tends to carry an unspoken promise of better things to come. It’s a sign of progress, of achievement. It’s no wonder that people are drawn to buying a new car because there’s a sense of pride that comes with being able to drive around in a brand new model, fresh off the showroom floor. Unfortunately, the luster and appeal can leave a person a bit blinded, only to realise later on that there’s a lot more involved with owning a new car that they didn’t consider when they bought it. Car insurance, for example, is much higher on a new vehicle than on one that is a bit older, even if it is only by a year or two. And while you’ll have the sense of security that comes with an included warranty on a new car, there is also the possibility that the model may face recalls due to factory defects that weren’t detected until quite a few of them have been taken to the roads and traveled a bit. New cars are definitely a lot more fuel-efficient, and engines have been optimised to perform better, although the difference between a fresh-off-the-floor model and one from three years ago really isn’t huge. The same goes for technological advancements: unless you’re very set on buying a vehicle that’s equipped with the most state-of-the-art infotainment system and safety features, you’ll probably be able to find a good alternative that will cost you much less if you look at a pre-owned model. 

South Africa’s Current State Of Finances And Credit

Although debt and low-paying employment opportunities are a global issue at the moment, it’s far more severe here in our country. More South Africans are forced to rely on credit cards and loans to get by, while the debt crisis is rapidly worsening. Unemployment rates are skyrocketing, and those who do find employment still struggle to make ends meet due to rising living expenses. With all this in mind, making any big financial decisions can be considered quite risky, even if you’re currently in a comfortable position with your income and work situation. The Covid-19 crisis and our country’s continued state of lockdown have left many people losing their sources of income and having to downscale in order to survive, and we are not certain when and how the situation will change for the better. Car repossessions have risen over the past nearly two years as a result, which should be a concerning warning to anyone looking to buy a brand new car and take on that responsibility, on top of their existing expenses. 

How To Benefit From The Pre-owned Market Rather Than Suffer From Financial Loss

While it’s unfortunate that so many people are losing their cars because of financial distress, it does open up a great market for buyers looking to get a fairly new vehicle at a great price. Repossession auctions have brought many car buyers opportunities to buy cars they wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise, and most of these cars are in almost brand new condition. You’ll also be able to find demo cars for sale and pre-owned models at dealerships that offer a wealth of options for anyone in the market to buy a used car. As you may know, new cars depreciate in value quite rapidly, and you won’t ever get the full value of your investment back if you had to buy brand new and sell a year or two later. This isn’t the case with a pre-owned model, as most of the value loss will have already been absorbed by the previous owner. With a bit of browsing and window shopping, you are quite likely to find a pre-owned car that is still in great condition and covered by its original warranty period. Your insurance costs will likely be less and, as long as you buy your vehicle from a reputable dealership, you can be reassured that you won’t have issues with your used car after buying it. 

If you’ve decided to rather opt for the pre-owned route and want to invest in a great used KIA for sale, or one of many other quality-checked and fairly new models on the used market, be sure to have a look at our website. We stock an extensive range of popular car brands and put all our vehicles through careful testing and preparation before putting them up for sale.

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Used Vs. Certified Pre-Owned: Explained

Used Vs. Certified Pre-Owned: Explained

If you’re in the market for a second-hand or used car, you may come across the term “certified pre-owned” while browsing online dealer sites or paging through a newspaper’s cars section. Many prospective buyers don’t know how these types of cars are different from other pre-owned vehicles on a sales lot, but being a bit savvy and informed about this can ensure that you get the best car for your budget if you’re looking for the best demo cars for sale

How Do They Differ?

Although both types are technically previously owned and have some mileage on them, a used car can be any age and in any given condition, with at least one previous owner. Used cars vary greatly in price, depending on their condition, brand, manufacture year, mileage, service history, and other factors. With many cars being sold not long after they were originally bought - often because the owners suffered a financial setback and couldn’t afford to keep it - the chances are fairly good that you could find a used car that is still under warranty and may even be covered by a service plan. The general classification of a used car is very broad and inclusive as a result.

Certified pre-owned cars, on the other hand, fall into a much more specific and limited category. They typically have only had one previous owner, are fairly recently-released models, have low mileage and look virtually brand new. Most importantly, they have been factory-certified. This means they have been fully inspected inside and out and put through extensive tests to verify that they are in perfect condition. Dealerships sometimes market these cars as “like new” or “re-conditioned used”, although they all fall under the same category. A certified pre-owned vehicle is cheaper than a brand new model, but they’re also quite a bit more expensive than your standard used car. The reason for the big price difference becomes obvious when you look at the added benefits you get when buying a certified pre-owned model: you’ll have absolute certainty that the car has been checked and is free of any defects, it has very low mileage, is accident-free, has most likely only had one previous owner, and will come with a warranty to give you total peace of mind. 

The Pros And Cons

Buying a used car has many benefits. You’ll have a huge selection of vehicles to choose from, and with a very broad price range, you can weigh up your options and find the best one to suit your budget. You may even find a great deal on a recent model that exceeds what you expected to find within your price range if you take some time to shop around. There are, of course, downsides to buying a used car as well. They aren’t always pre-checked by the dealerships that sell them, and if you go the private sales route, you’ll have only the word of the seller to vouch for the condition of the car. A used car may have had several previous owners, each one with their own driving style, which may have caused a lot of initially unseen damage to the car’s engine and other parts. How well the car had been taken care of is mostly uncertain, and it may not have a certified service history. Most used cars are sold without any guarantees, which means you’ll have to take full responsibility and liability if anything suddenly breaks down or isn’t as expected once you’ve bought it. While some dealerships offer a limited warranty on the used cars they sell, smaller, independent dealerships have been known to cause years of stress and failed assistance if a buyer ends up with a car that breaks down unexpectedly soon after purchase. 

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, on the other hand, will cost you more than you’d pay for the same brand and model if it’s a standard used car, but you’ll have a car that is as close to brand new as you can possibly get. Demo cars also fall under this category, as they are very well looked after, frequently checked, serviced, and maintained, and have very low mileage. Most certified pre-owned cars are less than 8 years old, and the same applies to demo models, as they typically are put up for sale by the five-year mark when a newer variant of the model is released by manufacturers. The downside of opting for a certified pre-owned car is that the selection is much more limited, and they’re not as readily available as other used cars, which means you’ll have to take your pick between what is currently available and fits within your budget. The peace of mind you’ll have with investing in a certified pre-owned car far outweighs that of buying a used model since you will be covered by a warranty and have many years of driving pleasure without the need to worry about unforeseen costs or sudden breakdowns. 

If you’re interested in viewing some of our certified pre-owned and demo cars for sale, be sure to check out our website. We update our inventory often and have one of the biggest collections of models available in the country. 

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