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  • Mega Motus Menlyn dealership incorporates green technology
    Uploaded 1 month ago

    Mega Motus Menlyn dealership incorporates green technology

  • Quick Comparison: Hyundai i10 vs Kia Picanto For Sale
    Uploaded 11 hours ago

    Quick Comparison: Hyundai i10 vs Kia Picanto For Sale

  • Rating The Renault Duster For Sale
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    Rating The Renault Duster For Sale

  • Renault Captur: Your Road Trip Ready Companion
    Uploaded 5 days ago

    Renault Captur: Your Road Trip Ready Companion

  • The Ultimate Renault Clio Review
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Ultimate Renault Clio Review

  • Car Safety Systems 101
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Car Safety Systems 101

Mega Motus Menlyn dealership incorporates green technology

Uploaded 1 month ago

Mega Motus Menlyn dealership incorporates green technology

Mega Motus Menlyn dealership incorporates green technology

Motus have built a brand new bespoke dealership that will house a total of six brands in the heart of Pretoria.

From the concept phase the 19 300m2 facility has incorporated a number of environmentally friendly concepts in order to limit the use of valuable resources, save costs and be more sustainable.

The latest technology has been installed in all areas including information technology (IT) and lighting while ensuring that it has visual appeal and runs efficiently.

Although the dealership houses six different brands the building was designed and built to a fairly uniform design and as such the facility could easily house a variety of brands as and when market needs change.

The facility incorporates several features, which will ensure that it uses minimal resources in terms of water and electricity.

Low-emissivity glass helps to regulate the temperature inside the building while preventing heat build-up without sacrificing visibility from the exterior. This is achieved by minimising the amount of ultraviolet and infrared that passes through the glass. The roof has also been extensively insulated to minimise temperature losses.

Materials throughout were chosen for their low maintenance characteristics, an example is beautifully finished concrete flooring in the workshops and high traffic areas, which will require zero on-going maintenance.

An extensive solar installation provides the dealership with clean energy and while not completely off the grid, it has the capacity to fulfil 80 percent of the energy requirements.

The north facing facility has been designed in such a way that it utilises natural light most effectively and all light fixtures in the facility are fitted with LED bulbs.

Timers ensure that all non-essential electrical items such as lights and air conditioners are switched off at night while lights in occasionally visited areas like bathrooms are turned on by motion sensors.

The solar installation is supplemented by an eco-friendly generator to ensure that load shedding will not disrupt operations.

The facility incorporates an indoor car wash that is capable of washing 80-100 cars per day. A comprehensive rainwater collection and filtration system allows for 80 percent of the water utilised by facilities like the car wash to be reused, which drastically reduces the water consumption. All plants utilised in the landscaping were chosen for their water wise and self-sustaining properties.

The six brands including new car offerings from Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Renault and used car outlets Motus Select and Auto Pedigree located within the dealership also utilise a variety of shared services such as admin staff, cafeteria, car wash as well as workshops and parts departments to a certain extent, which furthermore streamlines the operation as much as possible. This concept dramatically reduces the footprint of each brand and represents significant savings in terms of costs and resources. To view a full selection of used vehicles on offer, visit the Motus Select Menlyn dealeship page.

The new Motus multi-franchise facility is located at 224 Garsfontein Road, Menlyn, in the heart of Menlyn Motor City with convenient access to the N1 and R21 highways as well as the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre.

Uploaded 11 hours ago

Quick Comparison: Hyundai i10 vs Kia Picanto For Sale

Quick Comparison: Hyundai i10 vs Kia Picanto For Sale

Affordable hatchbacks do well with consumers, not just because of their price points but also their economic efficiency and agility. And two competitors who are renowned brands with consumers in the hatchback market are the Hyundai i10 and the Kia Picanto for sale

Here’s a quick, comprehensive comparison of both to help you make an informed decision when car shopping. 

The Hyundai i10 

The i10 has been a reliable model with South Africans since its introduction to the market in 2014. It’s a compact hatchback with innovative updates over the years with each generation. 

The Hyundai i10 Range 

The current Hyundai i10 range includes both manual and automatic transmission options. The base price of a new model starts at R204 900 and goes up to R279 900, depending on one’s purchase and desired extras. 

  • Hyundai i10 1.0 Motion MT
  • Hyundai 1.0 Motion AT
  • Hyundai 1.2 Fluid MT
  • Hyundai 1.2 Fluid AT

How Does The Hyundai i10 Perform? 

The Hyundai i10 performs reasonably well even as a small hatchback. The 1.0 Motion MT has a top speed of 155km/h, and the automatic variation does 146km/h. The affordability of the Hyundai i10 extends to its fuel economy as well because it has an impressive rate of 5.4l/100km on the manual variants and 5.9l/100km on the automatics in the 1.0-litre options. On the 1.2-litre models, the manual is at 5.9l/100km, and the automatic sits at around 6.9l//100km. 

What Does The Hyundai i10 Offer Consumers? 

Space is limited, but this is expected in a hatchback of this size. The current new model i10 gives consumers 256 litres and a further 1202 litres when seats are folded in the rear. 

The Grand i10 is fitted with 2 airbags for the driver and front occupant. There is also ABS (Anti-locking Braking System). Unfortunately, the i10 does not have ISOFIX child seat fixtures, which can affect your decision if you have small children to consider. 

Most hatchbacks these days focus on the driver’s and passenger's comfort and the Hyundai i10 is no different. The infotainment centre is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and an additional navigation card feature is on offer. Drivers will find the keyless entry and foldable wing mirrors rather useful. Standard features include air conditioning, electric heating, central locking, and steering wheel remote controls for audio functions. 

The Kia Picanto 

The Kia Picanto is another starter car for consumers to consider when weighing up their options. It may be a smaller hatchback, but it has some serious selling points, such as increased cabin space and dynamic features to rival every other hatch on the market. 

The Kia Picanto Range 

The vast range has a variant for almost everyone, ranging in both manual and automatic transmission. 

  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Start Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Start Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Street Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Street Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 Street Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 Street Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Style Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Style Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 Style Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 Style Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 X-Line Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 X-Line Automatic 

The cheapest Kia Picanto starts at a base price of R198 995 and goes up to R262 995. 

How Does the Kia Picanto Perform? 

The Kia Picanto holds about the same power as its counterpart, the Hyundai i10. The average fuel economy in the range is 5.8L/100km, which is useful today with high fuel prices. The two engines boast variants with automated and manual gearboxes. However, it is important to remember that the Picanto is not as nifty as the Hyundai i10. It is much slower, with top speeds reaching 107km at most. 

What Does The Kia Picanto Offer Consumers? 

Space is designed for comfort and ease, with a functional tray placed in the central dashboard to keep items within reach of the driver and front-seat passenger. 

However, the Kia Picanto 1.0 Start does not offer consumers a 2 airbag option, with only the driver protected. However, this is the only variant, as all other ones offer 2 airbags as a standard safety feature. Unlike the Hyundai i10, it also offers consumers ISOFIX points across the range. 

The 8-inch multimedia colour screen is more than an infotainment system. It features a rear-view parking camera to support the driver’s accuracy. The AUX and USB ports enable drivers and passengers to connect devices according to their preferences. There are also audio controls on the steering wheel for enhanced convenience. 

The Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto for sale are both feasible, with their own strengths to consider. It all comes down to personal preference and budgetary constraints on your part.

Uploaded 3 days ago

Rating The Renault Duster For Sale

Rating The Renault Duster For Sale

When many of us think of the French car manufacturer Renault, we associate their product lines with sportier, nifty cars designed for city life. The brand seems to appeal to young go-getters who are always on the move. It’s not a name we often associate with winding roads and long stretches. However, the one superior vehicle they have brought to market is their Renault Duster for sale. It’s a compact and reliable SUV made for one’s daily driving needs but also for venturing out into the unknown. 

In this article, we review the Renault Duster, exploring its specifications, style, and additional features, which make it a great buy. 

Specifications And Performance 

Like its competitors, the Renault Duster is available in a few options ranging from 2-wheel drives and 4-wheel drives and 3 specific engine options. Having options allows the consumer to assess their needs and have a sufficient selection to choose from when deciding between variations. With new models on the market starting at R342 900, it’s similarly priced to Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. 

The current range includes:

  • Renault Duster Zen 4x2 
  • Renault Duster Zen 4x4 
  • Renault Duster Intens 4x2 

Reaching average top speeds of 155km/h, the Duster is available in a manual and automatic transmission, with a dual-clutch gearbox. New Renault Dusters also have a useful transmission mode selector function. Fuel consumption varies across their Urban Cycle, Extra Urban Cycle, and Full Cycle. Consumers can reach 4.9L/100km on specific models, which is a notable feature considering today’s price of fuel. 

Design And Style 

Even as a more compact SUV, the Duster does not compromise on the cabin space. It gives both the driver and passengers a more comfortable ride without feeling confining. The seats are superbly designed with refined details added to elevate the look of the interior. 

Renault has placed more emphasis on the Duster's ergonomic design throughout the interior, a rarity in SUVs. One feels as if they are in a car rather than a high-riding all-wheel drive. 

Functional Features 

The interiors boast an updated 8-inch touch screen for multimedia use. An interesting feature that enhances the driver’s experience is the backlit steering wheel controls. It makes for easier handling and less fidgeting on the road. For added space, the rear seats fold to increase luggage capacity, but Renault has also cleverly placed storage compartments all over the interior. There is no shortage of space with this SUV. 

Drivers also have access to the hill start assist and descent control, both extremely valuable for off-roading. Additionally, there is a blind spot alert and cruise control features to make for faster handling and response times. 

Final Thoughts

Being comparatively priced to other SUVs is not the only selling point of the Renault Duster. It’s an economical buy suitable to various consumers’ needs. Smaller family units, suburban parents, and even city dwellers will all find the Duster is the ideal vehicle for them. It's an SUV that works as a family car and a rugged vehicle for your weekend adventures. The stylish exterior is modern, and the interiors are well-designed and have handy features that all make for an enjoyable ride. The Renault Duster offers an affordable SUV option for busy intersections and quiet roads. It provides you with safe, spacious, and smooth driving. 

It’s not often that car manufacturers find the right balance when building a multi-purpose vehicle, but the brand has excelled at this with their Renault Duster for sale. This comprehensive review will give you more insight into all the important details and help you decide if it's the next vehicle for you. Browse through our SUV range with Motus Select’s wide variety. 

Uploaded 5 days ago

Renault Captur: Your Road Trip Ready Companion

Renault Captur: Your Road Trip Ready Companion

With beautiful landscapes, charming towns, and friendly people, South Africans look forward to hitting the open road towards the end of the year. And the car to take you to your next destination in the coming months is the Renault Captur. The robust SUV is a compact crossover that delivers in terms of reliability, affordability, and durability. 

In this article, we explore just why the Renault Captur is the best companion for your road trip. 

Performs When It Matters 

The sporty Captur is available to consumers in four variants and two trim levels. There is also a 5-speed manual transmission and 6-speed EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) automatic option. 

  • 66KW Turbo 
  • 66KW 1.5 dCi 
  • 88KW Turbo 
  • 88KW Turbo EDC 

In addition, Renault brings consumers choice with favourable diesel fuel consumption cycles. With a 45l tank, drivers can reach an efficient economy rate of 6.0L/100km as an average across variants. 

Filling up has become an expensive exercise and with the good fuel economy that the Captur offers you, you can get more kilometres for your money. This is often a deciding factor in one’s travel plans because if fuel exceeds your budget, you may struggle to have a stress-free holiday.

Secure Driving 

On the road, you need a vehicle that you feel safe in. But more than that, you need a vehicle you can rely on with supportive safety features that enhance the driving experience. With the Renault Captur, you are assured of an SUV that meets European standards, and this is key when you’re miles away from the next town on a hot day. 

There is ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), automatic dipped headlights, and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) to help you avoid collisions with other road users, roaming animals, or unexpected objects. But the responsiveness of the Captur, the highlight of the SUV, is the ESC (Electronic Stability Control). Another useful safety addition is the driver SBR (Seat Belt Reminder) alert to keep the driver aware after a long drive. The car's front end has the usual airbags allocated for the driver and front passenger, but there are also side front airbags to reduce the impact in the event of an accident. 

Features For Convenience 

The driver and passengers alike can find several convenient features in the cabin and on the exterior to give them a comfortable ride and plenty of space for all their luggage. For additional storage, you can use the aluminium roof bars and bicycle rack. There is also a helpful tow bar to assist you when the unexpected happens. 

The interiors are just as spacious as you may think. Renault has considered rear-seat passengers' comfort too, making sure that all the seats feel cocoon-like. A practical feature of the interior seats is that the upholstery is removable and washable. Spills are bound to happen on bumpy roads, so it is rather useful having easy-to-clean seats. 

The dashboard and controls have also been well-thought-out to ensure the driver and front-seat passenger needn’t have to stretch to activate simple functions. The multimedia touchscreen is ideal for flipping between playlists on your road trips. The touchscreen also has navigation capabilities, a handy tool to have when you find yourself a little lost in the countryside this summer. 

The warm summer and longer days make for the ideal driving conditions for those looking to cruise from coast to coast. Before you get going with your Renault Captur, ensure you have filled up the tank, mapped out your route, and are ready to have the best trip yet. Browse through Motus Select's large range of this economical SUV at competitive prices. 

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The Ultimate Renault Clio Review

The Ultimate Renault Clio Review

French car manufacturer Renault offers the everyday driver another city car that still packs a punch in the form of its Renault Clio for sale. It’s the ideal hatchback for shorter distances, quick runarounds, and easy maneuvering. Much like all its product ranges, Renault brings their classic styling and comfortable driving experience to the new generation model as well. 

We review the Clio inside out to understand just why it’s still such a prominent car on South African roads and a popular choice with our drivers. 

The Specifications

The fifth-generation New Clio V is currently available in five variations, starting at a base price of R309 900. Consumers can choose between the below options suited to their specific requirements and budget: 

  • Renault Clio V 1.0 Turbo Life
  • Renault Clio V 1.0 Turbo Zen
  • Renault Clio V 1.0 Turbo Intens
  • Renault Clio V 1.0 Turbo Intens (with option pack)

Average top speeds range from 187km/h and an impressive fuel consumption rate of 5.7L/100km when it isn’t in sport mode. All variants come with a petrol engine and electric power-assisted steering. The downside of the Clio V is that Renault still has not introduced an automatic transmission gearbox to their range. With all current variants on the market only available in manual, Renault has missed their opportunity to bring the Clio V up to speed with 2022. 

Standard Safety

The Clio V maintains the brand’s usual European safety standards, ensuring drivers are in a vehicle designed for performance without compromising response times. The surround-view camera, blind-spot alert, and automated parking are also useful additions to make for easier and safer driving. There are also six airbags, ABS (Anti-Locking Braking System), PDC (Park Distance Control), and the helpful lane departure warning system. 

Design And Style

Renault has kept its sportier look for the Clio V while still remaining true to the brand’s original styling. It gives consumers a trendy car, available in six contemporary colours to appeal to your own style. The hatchback maintains the racing accents throughout the vehicle in a refreshing way. The leather seating also updates the Clio V, creating a sense of exclusiveness and luxe within the cabin itself. 

The luggage capacity is reasonable at 391 litres and expands to 1069 litres when the seats are propped up. It’s not a hatchback designed for carrying heavy loads, suited to the city mover rather than the weekend adventurer. The seats themselves are firm but still cushion passengers sufficiently. It has fresh trimmings and headrests that provide comfort to all occupants. 

There is no shortage of cleverly designed attributes on the exterior either. The concealed door handles and chrome finishes reinforce Renault’s modern take. 

Updated Features

The Clio V has had a severe technical feature upgrade from previous generations. The focus is back on the driver’s experience and comfort, a smart and almost intuitive cockpit. A notable feature inside is the customisable lighting, creating an ambient setting that keeps the driver alert without being overly harsh. The driver screen is also a significant selling point, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences easily. Other interior features include the 9/.3” touch screen for multimedia use which can integrate easily with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

This article has explored all the Renault Clio for sale can offer you in an effort to help you make a more informed decision. It measures up well against other hatchbacks in the market and is competitively priced to allow consumers choice. Motus Select brings the latest cars straight to you online. Browse through our large range and find the car for you.

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Car Safety Systems 101

Car Safety Systems 101

Safety on South African roads is critical because of a few reasons that can impact you, your passengers, and your vehicle. Dodging potholes, driving on roads that are in poor condition, avoiding congested intersections prone to accidents, and swerving away from careless drivers can all affect your decision when it comes to buying another vehicle for your family. Hence, car safety systems and features may be paramount to you when searching through Zambezi car sales in Pretoria

Here is a comprehensive guide to car safety systems you should be aware of when car shopping. 

Warning Systems Keep You Alert

Most vehicles these days are equipped with a safety issue warning system, specifically found in newer models. They can be helpful in alerting you to objects, people, or other cars in close proximity to your car. Furthermore, they can also make you aware of mechanical issues from low tyre pressure, oil change, or a battery that is not charging. 

Reverse Cameras To Assist You 

Another common feature we see these days are reverse cameras. This can be useful when reversing into a parking space as it gives you a direct view of your surroundings behind you. You can safely park your vehicle without bumping into another car or even a pedestrian. 

Smarter Braking To Improve Your Reaction Time 

Braking systems have come a long way in the motor industry, where most vehicles come standard with anti-lock braking systems. With newer models on the market, you may find yours integrated with your warning system. This braking system will help you stop almost immediately and help prevent your car from skidding. 

The roadworthiness and safety of cars are essential selling points for most South African drivers. However, most of us are uncertain about what specifically to look for when comparing car models. We are determined to survive an accident, but with the help of the above, we have the option of avoiding a crash altogether. These common systems and features can help you assess options effectively when shopping around Zambezi car sales in Pretoria.

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