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  • Lockdown Car Lowdown: How To Keep Your Car Running While It’s Not Running
    Uploaded 10 months ago

    Lockdown Car Lowdown How To Keep Your Car Running While Its Not Running

  • 5 Tips On How To Get More Cash For Used Bakkie For Sale
    Uploaded 1 day ago

    5 Tips On How To Get More Cash For Used Bakkie For Sale

  • Best Car Repair Workshop Advanced Auto Part Repairs Checklist
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    Best Car Repair Workshop Advanced Auto Part Repairs Checklist

  • Car Service Workshop Saving Pennies Isn't Worth The Safety
    Uploaded 5 days ago

    Car Service Workshop Saving Pennies Isn't Worth The Safety

  • Car Service And Repair An Extended Warranty Is Worth It
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Car Service And Repair An Extended Warranty Is Worth It

  • Used SUV For Sale Ensure A Successful Finance Application
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Used SUV For Sale Ensure A Successful Finance Application

Lockdown Car Lowdown: How To Keep Your Car Running While It’s Not Running

Uploaded 10 months ago

Lockdown Car Lowdown How To Keep Your Car Running While Its Not Running

Lockdown Car Lowdown How To Keep Your Car Running While Its Not Running

You may have heard that leaving a car standing for more than a week is bad for it and there is merit to this adage. At their very core, cars and all their components are designed to be in motion and when that doesn't happen often enough, they begin to gradually wear down.  There are several disadvantages to leaving a vehicle standing for extended periods of time but fortunately, there are a few measures you can take to prevent damage from happening while you're at home during lockdown. Follow these simple tips to keep your car in good condition and prevent any unpleasant surprises when you return to your daily commute.

Give It A Proper Clean

Now that you have a bit of time on your hands, give your car a wash and vacuum. Any dirt or stains left on the bodywork for a while could cause permanent blemishes or damage, so give it a wash and dry before parking it out of direct sunlight. Ensure that the interior is clean and that there isn't any food or drinks left in the vehicle or you may end up returning to a very smelly car when you drive it again. If you live in a humid area or have damp issues around your home, placing an open container of cat litter sand in your car will absorb any moisture in the air and keep your car smelling mould-free.

Block Up Or Cover Intakes And Outlets

A vehicle left standing for long periods of time could attract insects or rodents that can cause damage to your car. Stuff a cloth into your exhaust pipe and cover your air intakes to keep unwanted visitors out - just remember to remove these before you drive!

Keep Your Tyres Protected

If your car is left parked for a few weeks, it can cause flat spots to form on the tyres from consistent pressure on the sections of tyre touching the ground. You can prevent this from happening by raising your car off the ground with jacks or by placing it on blocks of wood for ground clearance. 

Protect Your Wipers And Windscreen

The rubber of windscreen wipers can get stuck to windows when a car is left standing for a while. You can prevent this from happening and keep your wipers in good condition by placing sheets of plastic under the wipers while you're not using your car. 

Keep Your Car Covered

Park your car in a garage, under a carport or, if you don't have those options available, cover your car with a plastic cover or sheet to avoid dirt and environmental factors from damaging the exterior.

Remove Or Disconnect Your Battery

Whenever your car is going to be left standing for more than a few days, it's a good idea to disconnect the battery from its terminals. Always be careful when doing this and remember to disconnect the negative terminal first. You can store your battery in a cool, dry location or leave it in your car, as long as it's disconnected.

Check Your Car's License Disk

Life's busy and before you know it, your license is due for renewal or you've been driving around with an expired license. Give yourself some peace of mind by checking the expiry date of your disk during this time and renew it online or make a note to do it as soon as lockdown is over.

Fill Up Your Petrol Tank

Not only will a full tank ensure that you're ready to hit the road when you need to, it can also preserve the condition of your petrol tank while your car isn't in use. When a petrol tank is less than a quarter full, the air cavity in the chamber can allow water to vaporise inside the tank and cause corrosion and rust to form. If you do go out for an essential stock up run, stop by a petrol station and fill up. While you're there, get your tyre pressure checked too, as tyres deflate over time, degrading the quality of your tyres and negatively impact your driving experience and control of your vehicle. 

Lastly, an extra suggestion

Get To Know Your Car Better

Although there are millions of car owners, very few of them actually know the ins and outs of their cars and how they operate. While you have time on your hands, consider learning a bit more about your car and how to maintain and care for it to keep it at its best. There are thousands of informative videos online to guide you through the basics of car ownership, all the way through to more technical content to teach you how to do basic maintenance and servicing of your own car. You'll also gain a great deal of confidence by being more informed about what to do when something goes wrong and how to spot any issues with your car before it worsens to the point where you have to take it in for extensive repairs. After lockdown, it's time to get your car serviced at Motus Select so book an appointment at our car repair workshop.

Uploaded 1 day ago

5 Tips On How To Get More Cash For Used Bakkie For Sale

5 Tips On How To Get More Cash For Used Bakkie For Sale

So you&rsquove decided the time has come to say goodbye to your bakkie and move on to something new. Although we all know it&rsquos fairly impossible to make back all of your money when selling your bakkie &ndash annual depreciation, wear and tear and mileage considered &ndash there are some tricks you can make use of to get the maximum possible price for your vehicle. Here are five winning tips to secure the most cash for your used bakkie for sale.

  1. Get All Paperwork In Order

Everything from the license to service booklets is important to have complete up to date and ready for handover. Remember, if anything is outstanding it will cost you extra time and effort to correct and may even cause a sale to fall through.

  1. Splurge On A Full Valet Service

It&rsquos amazing what a chance a thorough clean and polish makes to a car. Spending a bit extra on getting your car looking good will increase your chances of catching attention and making a great sale.

  1. Consider Getting A Spray Paint Job

This is a calculated risk and you&rsquoll need to compare the cost of a respray with how much more you&rsquore likely to bag in the sale &ndash if there isn&rsquot a reasonably large certainty that you&rsquoll earn your money back, perhaps just opt for a polish instead.

  1. Spend A Bit On Servicing And Small Repairs

The less a new owner will have to spend after buying your bakkie, the better the chances of you selling it. If you haven&rsquot had it serviced in a while or if there are small fixes that will give it a facelift, take it to a workshop to get sorted.

  1. Don&rsquot Do A Rush Job With Photography

If you&rsquore selling your bakkie privately, you&rsquoll only have one chance to make an impression when you advertise it online. Take the time to take high quality, detailed photographs of your vehicle and be sure to also focus on smaller details. If you&rsquore not great at photography, get a friend or family member to help.

We hope these tips will guide you towards securing a great price and quick sale for your used bakkie for sale. If you&rsquore in the market for a replacement vehicle, remember to check out our website for great deals on used bakkie for sale and other great cars!

Uploaded 3 days ago

Best Car Repair Workshop Advanced Auto Part Repairs Checklist

Best Car Repair Workshop Advanced Auto Part Repairs Checklist

Looking after your car is important and going for routine services is a key part of ensuring you&rsquoll have a smooth driving experience without nasty surprises. If your car is no longer covered by a service plan and you need to keep an eye on its condition yourself, or if you&rsquod just like to be very sure of what to check up on at which intervals, we&rsquove compiled a list of all the parts that typically need to be replaced within a certain period. Next time you visit your best car repair workshop, you&rsquoll know exactly what to check up on and confirm that it&rsquos been taken care of!

Monthly Checks

These are checks you can &ndash and should &ndash do quickly now and then throughout the month, to ensure everything is still as it should be. Firstly, always take note if any of the warning lights on your driver console lights up. These are there to immediately alert you of a potentially serious problem that will worsen if you ignore it. Secondly, check your tyres for damage and remember to ask a petrol attendant to check if all tyres are properly inflated the next time you go to fill up. Thirdly, be sure to check that your car&rsquos lights are still all in working order, as fuses may blow and you could be driving around without working brake lights or indicator lights.

Every Three Months

Fluid checks should be done quarterly &ndash these include transmission fluid, engine oil, windscreen washer fluid and power steering fluid. Get your battery checked out to prevent suddenly being stranded, and ensure that the cables are still securely attached to the battery. This is also a good time to check on your oil filter, exhaust, belts and hoses.

Every 12 Months

If you&rsquove been keeping an eye on the abovementioned parts throughout the year, now is the time to go through all the other important checks. Have your brakes checked at a service centre, and also check on your suspension, steering and fuel filter while you&rsquore there. Additional things to check include coolant and wiper blades, as these need to be replaced or maintained every year, on average.

We hope these tips help guide you during your next visit to the best car repair workshop in your area &ndash safe driving!

Uploaded 5 days ago

Car Service Workshop Saving Pennies Isn't Worth The Safety

Car Service Workshop Saving Pennies Isn't Worth The Safety

Times have been a bit tougher than usual for many South Africans, due to the pressure the global pandemic has placed on industries and individuals alike. It&rsquos only understandable that you&rsquod want to save as much cash as possible to get by and often this reflects in how we maintain things that don&rsquot seem as immediately urgent as covering bills and food for the month. 

You may be tempted to delay your car&rsquos services or having a current problem fixed because of financial constraints, but while some small fixes are safe and reasonable to do yourself, there are some other shortcuts you shouldn&rsquot be taking to save a few bucks. Here are a couple of jobs you shouldn&rsquot be tackling yourself when it comes to your car, unless you&rsquore prepared to end up paying even more when you have to take it to a car repair workshop.

Windscreen Repairs

It&rsquos painfully annoying when you&rsquore driving and your eye keeps detecting that crack or chip in your windscreen. Not only is it distracting and therefore already dangerous, but it can cause even more havoc if left unattended. Buying one of those quick-fix kits and trying to fill a crack or seal a chip yourself seem like an easy enough job, but there&rsquos no guarantee that the bond is going to keep the damage from worsening and you can&rsquot be certain that your application is perfect either. You just worsen the situation in doing so.

Timing Belt Replacement

Many DIY fans may think this is an easy enough fix to do at home over the weekend. After all, who wants to spend a huge amount of money on such a simple job? Many car owners who decided to take on this job themselves have ended up costing themselves a lot more than they ever expected. The timing belt is a crucial part of your car and if it&rsquos not installed correctly, it can do severe damage to your engine. Not only that, but you&rsquoll have to take apart your engine to install it &ndash a task that seems simple enough, but most people get stuck on putting it back together correctly.

Sometimes trusting a professional is just the better option. If you need expert work done to repair or maintain your vehicle, trust a car repair workshop that has a solid reputation and great customer satisfaction. We have service centres across the country and are always happy to assist &ndash call us today to discuss your needs. 

Uploaded 1 week ago

Car Service And Repair An Extended Warranty Is Worth It

Car Service And Repair An Extended Warranty Is Worth It

Whether you&rsquore buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, you&rsquoll probably be offered the option of prolonging the existing warranty period with an extended warranty plan to keep you safe from car service and repair costs just a bit longer. If you&rsquore unsure about whether an extended warranty is worth it, consider these points

  1. You&rsquoll Save Money In The Long Run

While an extended warranty does add to your payment plan, it will barely matter for the benefits it offers when things go wrong. Few things put a painful dent in your bank account like having to suddenly fork out cash to repair your car, and these things tend to happen at the most inconvenient times &ndash and seemingly occur all too often after your car&rsquos warranty has expired. In cases where you own an upper-end vehicle like an Audi, BMW or Mercedes, for example, you need to brace for the reality that getting parts replaced and repaired will always cost you significantly more than if you&rsquore driving around in a Toyota Yaris or something similar. This is where extended warranties are worth every cent, as you&rsquoll get a few years&rsquo extra peace of mind about being covered if your car runs into trouble.

  1. It Brings Absolute Peace Of Mind

If the knowledge that unforeseen repair expenses isn&rsquot enough to convince you, you may want to consider that an extended warranty plan could be the total safety net for the next several years. Many of these plans not only cover repairs, but also offer free roadside assistance in case of breakdowns. Imagine just being able to make a call if you hit a flat somewhere during your commute, or if you&rsquore involved in an accident. Depending on the type of plan you&rsquove selected, you&rsquoll have assistance to tow your vehicle to safety and transport you home within minutes &ndash an almost vitally essential benefit for any South African driver. 

  1. It Will Improve Your Chances Of Selling Your Car

Should you ever decide that it&rsquos time to move on and sell your car, having an extended warranty to offer prospective buyers will sweeten the deal. After all, who wouldn&rsquot see the prospect of not having to worry about spending more money anytime soon after buying a car? This is especially worthwhile if you&rsquore driving a car that is nearing the end of its warranty period.

While taking your car in for car service and repair is an unavoidable part of car ownership, an extended warranty will give you a few extra years&rsquo grace to spend your money on better things.

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Used SUV For Sale Ensure A Successful Finance Application

Used SUV For Sale Ensure A Successful Finance Application

We all know that feeling of excitement and anticipation when something big is on the verge of happening, especially if you&rsquove been waiting a long time for that moment to come. Buying a new car is one of those times and if you&rsquove been searching all over to find that perfect vehicle, you&rsquod probably be anxious to ensure that the deal goes through before someone else gets the chance to buy it. Securing financing to buy a car is often one of the biggest hurdles in the process. Depending on how you approach it, getting car finance approval can be the start of a headache and result in disappointment, or be a smooth and effortless process. If you&rsquore currently in the market for a used SUV for sale, read on to learn how to be completely prepared for the moment you apply for financing.

Do Some Shopping Around

Before you come anywhere near a dealership, take some time to research what to expect in terms of payment plans from various credit providers. There are many bank and auto financing websites that offer a vehicle finance calculator, which will get you a pretty good idea of how you&rsquoll need to plan your monthly budget if you get financing. This knowledge will also be very useful when you&rsquore negotiating with the dealership and agreeing on terms, as you&rsquoll be aware of what the typical interest rates and packages on offer are.

Assess Your Current Credit Rating

Just like applying for a home loan, personal loan, cellular contract or credit card, you will be vetted if you apply for vehicle financing. If you&rsquore a fairly young buyer, bear in mind that having an existing credit history is necessary, as this will determine whether you&rsquore able and committed to paying your accounts on time and in full. Without any credit record, the chances of you getting a loan for a large sum is very unlikely, as there is no proof of how financially responsible you are, which makes you a high-risk applicant. Conversely, if you have a credit history but you&rsquove fallen behind on payments or had a company flag you for non-payment, your credit score will be reduced and you&rsquoll have difficulty securing a car loan. Buying a car is a big step and if you&rsquore serious about succeeding at getting financing, you should spend a few months building up your credit score by being on time with all of your account payments.

Save Up For An Upfront Deposit

If at all possible, try to put away money each month for a lump sum deposit when you buy that SUV you have your eye on. Not only will it reduce your monthly instalments on your loan, but you&rsquoll be able to pay the vehicle off sooner. It&rsquos also a less risky option than to rely entirely on financing, as you&rsquoll have less to pay back should things go wrong and you aren&rsquot able to afford your repayments anymore. If you are looking at getting rid of your existing vehicle to buy the new SUV, consider selling it first and then using the cash as a deposit, as trade-in agreements can often leave you with little bargaining room about what you&rsquoll get out and creates a &lsquotake it or leave it&rsquo situation very quickly. Those often end up biting you in the back later on, as many people get strong-armed into agreeing to a deal while under pressure, only to realize they&rsquove done themselves in later.


Try To Secure A Pre-Approval

When applying for financing, you have the option of arranging it directly with the dealership you&rsquore buying from, or getting finance approval from a bank or approved credit provider. While a dealership-arranged finance plan is the quicker and easier way to go, you&rsquoll probably have little room to negotiate rates. Applying through a bank allows you the opportunity to shop around and find one with the best interest rates and benefits. In addition to this, banks offer pre-approval for vehicle finance &ndash this means you&rsquoll be given the go-ahead to go buy any car within a certain price range, and immediately secure the purchase. Pre-approval involves going to your selected bank and providing them with all of your banking, income and credit information. They&rsquoll assess your income, expenses and risks, then determine how much they&rsquoll be able to loan you. This sum is calculated based on your expenses and how much you&rsquoll safely be able to afford in monthly repayments, on top of your existing expenses. If you&rsquore happy with the pre-approval offer, you&rsquoll only need to give your bank a call to activate the financing once you find the vehicle that&rsquos within your price range and needs. While it does mean you&rsquoll have to do a bit of admin yourself, the benefit is that you won&rsquot have to stress about applying and waiting for feedback on a finance application when the car you want is sitting there, ready for the taking by the first person to secure the payment.

If you&rsquove managed to check the boxes on all of the above suggestions, you&rsquore ready to apply for financing with confidence. Should you still be on the hunt for that perfect used SUV for sale, remember to check out our online inventory of quality-checked and carefully prepared vehicles! 

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