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  • How To Keep That New Car Smell For Longer
    Uploaded 1 year ago

    How To Keep That New Car Smell For Longer

  • Car Service And Repair Resolutions To Keep In 2021
    Uploaded 20 hours ago

    Car Service And Repair Resolutions To Keep In 2021

  • Best Used SUV For Sale With The Best Boot Space
    Uploaded 1 day ago

    Best Used SUV For Sale With The Best Boot Space

  • Buy A Car In Johannesburg With The Best Tech
    Uploaded 4 days ago

    Buy A Car In Johannesburg With The Best Tech

  • If you’re looking at buying a demo car, you should go with someone you can trust.
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    If youre looking at buying a demo car, you should go with someone you can trust.

  • The Most Dependable, Best Used Cars For Sale In 2021
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Most Dependable, Best Used Cars For Sale In 2021

Uploaded 1 year ago

How To Keep That New Car Smell For Longer

How To Keep That New Car Smell For Longer

When it comes to buying a new car, there are so many reasons to be excited. From the flawlessly polished paintwork to the untouched and pristine interior, every part of the driving experience during those first few weeks is deeply satisfying. While all of these are distinctly noticeable when you get into a new car, nothing quite remains more embedded in the memory than that new car smell. Whenever you get in your vehicle, you're immersed in that olfactory reminder that you've successfully achieved becoming a new car owner. As the month's pass, however, that smell starts to fade and soon your car will begin to feel and smell, well&hellipaverage.

Whatever brand you drive, from Toyota to Hyundai, new car fragrance doesn't last and we all so badly want it to stick around. We've compiled a few tips to help keep your car looking, feeling and smelling like new on the inside, so that you can enjoy that feeling for longer.

Keep It Clean

This should be a pretty obvious one but as time passes, we sometimes lose appreciation for our car interiors and don't keep them perfectly spotless anymore. If you want to keep your car smelling new, the first step is to treat it and keep it looking like new. Avoid leaving anything in your car for too long as it's an enclosed space and fragrances tend to set into fabric and plastic, making it hard to restore later.

Avoid Eating Or Drinking In Your Car

Yes, this is a tricky one. We all know how we strictly forbid anyone from opening a can of soda or, even worse, a packet of chips in our car when we first get it. As time passes, though, you end up rushing to get to work and grab a coffee and muffin on the go. Or you've had a late night and get takeout. Maybe you're on the road for hours and need to keep yourself fuelled just as much as your car. Whatever the case, eventually you are going to eat and drink while inside your vehicle, so the best way to counteract any smells it may cause is to get rid of the wrappers, cans and packets as soon as you're finished with them.

Keep A 'Trash Bag' In Your Car

Having a plastic shopping bag or even a large zip lock bag in your car will help to keep it clean and seal in any odours or spills that may be caused by leftovers or packets from food.

Avoid Smoking

This is a fairly obvious one, as cigarette smoke tends to gradually penetrate materials, especially fabric seats, and also causes discolouration to lighter coloured surfaces. If you can, drive with your windows open or ensure that you have a proper flow of air to avoid bad smells sticking. Also, leave your car's doors or windows open for a few hours on a sunny day when you're at home - fresh air alone does wonders to eliminate stale smells in cars.

Frequently Clean Your Interior

Remember to vacuum your car often, or take it to a car wash for detailing and a good polish. The bonus of this is that many car wash services use sprays, polish and other detailing products that have that new car smell, so you'll have your car returned to you perfectly clean and smelling like new.

Use Car Air Freshener

Some air fresheners for cars don't emit a particular odour, instead just neutralise any smells that shouldn't be in your car, allowing the new car smell to surface again. If your car is well past the point of smelling brand new, however, you can buy car air fresheners which are marketed to have that 'new car fragrance'. Certain dashboard sprays are also available and aim to replicate the smell of a new car. If you opt for an air freshener, try to get one that attaches to your car's air vents, as this helps the fragrance to circulate through your entire ventilation system and clear up all the air as it cycles through your vehicle.

Side Info What Actually Is The New Car Smell?

Did you know that, while we can all recognise the new car smell when we smell it, the various car manufacturers' each have their own unique new car smell? Some, like Jaguar, Audi and Ford even employ a 'smell team', dedicated just to creating the perfect balance of low unwanted odour and a refined new car smell for the interiors of their cars. Many factors combine to create these different new car smells, but the materials that make up the interior, such as leather versus fabric seats, plastic versus wood panelling, all contribute to the end result. Further than that, smell experts are called in to find the most pleasing fragrance that would work best for new car interiors and leave you captivated by it.

If you're after more than just the fragrance, we have a massive selection of brand new cars in stock, with more added every day. Take a look at our Kia, Renault and Hyundai new car selection websites and get in touch if you'd like further assistance.

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Car Service And Repair Resolutions To Keep In 2021

Car Service And Repair Resolutions To Keep In 2021

There's something transformative about the change of seasons or the start of a new year, and even more so when the clock strikes midnight on the last day of December and we enter a brand new year. People want to turn a new leaf, be better and do better than they did in the previous year. Being more responsible and taking better care of yourself and the things you've worked hard to obtain is never a bad idea, so why not add a few New Year's Resolutions for your car this January?

Keep your car in the best condition it can be by setting goals for car service and repair schedule for the next 12 months. Here are the main aspects to focus on.

Keep Your Car Clean, Inside And Out

Mark a recurring date in your calendar every two weeks to either wash and clean your car yourself or to take it to a car wash for a thorough rinse, wipe down and detailing. You won't just feel much better driving around in a shiny, clean car, but frequent cleaning will keep the condition of your car's paintwork and interior looking great for longer.

Check Your Car's Fluids Frequently

It's easy to forget how long it's been since your car's various fluid levels and quality have been checked. Everything from engine oil to transmission fluid and brake fluid ensures that your car operates properly and safely. Schedule regular dates into your calendar so you'll remember to have these checked by a professional.

Go For A Routine Checkup In July Or When Needed

Depending on if you still have a service plan or if you've recently had a service, it's a good idea to take your car in to be checked by an auto specialist, as a lot can happen between service intervals. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it may just alert you of problems before they get worse and end up costing you a lot more to fix in the aftermath of a breakdown. Also set yourself the resolution to get your car checked at any point where a weird noise pops up, a shake arises or unusual smell. This year, promise yourself and your prized car to not hold off on check-ups but to be proactive. 

Learn Fundamental Car Maintenance Skills

Considering that people drive their cars daily, wouldn't it make sense to know the bare basics about what to do when you run into trouble or if your car needs a small fix or part replacement? Take some time to watch a few YouTube videos on how to change a tyre, how to replace spark plugs and air filters, and also learn how to identify some of the most common signs that something's wrong with your car.

Ready to give your car the best possible treatment in 2021 and make use of only the best car service and repair services available?

Contact us for friendly, swift assistance - we have service and repair workshops all around the country. At Motus Select, we'll assist you in keeping those car resolutions intact and actioned throughout 2021!

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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Best Used SUV For Sale With The Best Boot Space

Best Used SUV For Sale With The Best Boot Space

There are plenty of reasons to want an SUV in your life. It's practical, can handle climbing a sidewalk if need be, offers enough space for five to seven people to comfortably ride in, and it's a great holiday companion if you need plenty of space and don't want to worry about whatever terrain you'll encounter on the way. Speaking of space, sometimes you need just a bit extra, especially if you have a big family or need a lot of storage space that's out of immediate sight. While there's no question that the best SUVs for sale are anything but small, today we'll look at the ones that stand out in terms of boot space.

Land Rover Discovery

If it's luxury and effortless practicality you're after, a Land Rover Discovery should always make the top five list of options to consider. While in a higher price bracket than some other manufacturers' offerings for SUVs, you'll quickly understand the value escalation when you're inside one of these models. Everything, from the exterior bodywork to the finest detailing of the interior, is made from high-quality, durable materials. It's a sophisticated SUV that will appease a busy executive just as much as a busy mom, and won't leave you wishing for much. When it comes to storage space, you'll love the roomy boot and ability to quickly drop the back row of seats (a feature that's available at the press of a button in the higher-end versions) to create a completely flush level with the boot floor.

Mercedes Benz GLE

Another SUV that's higher up in the price bracket, the GLE boasts an impressive combination of class, sophistication, performance and features - all of the things synonymous with great German engineering. The very latest model features an extremely polished interior with eye-catching design lines and lighting, but even earlier models offer a very striking impression, both inside and out. Boot space is 630 litres with all seats up and a massive 2055 litres with seats collapsed.

Hyundai Venue

A newcomer in the Hyundai range, the Venue has swiftly grown in popularity since its launch last year and you're sure to see many more of them on the roads in coming years. While it's the smaller sibling of the Creta and Kona models, the manufacturer has managed to maximize interior space to such an extent that it is almost the same in size as these other two models. Boot space is 355l with the back seats in an upright position and expands to an impressive 903L with seats down. Standard features include ABS, EBD, ESP, airbags, electric windows, steering wheel controls and great fuel consumption, the Hyundai Venue is a surprisingly affordable SUV that opens up the SUV option to younger buyers and those on a tighter budget. 

Toyota Fortuner

A firm South African favourite brand, Toyota was bound to make the list. Sporting a very roomy 7-seater setup and an array of features that won't leave you wanting for much, the Toyota Fortuner is a great blend of ruggedness, versatility and comfort. It's also one of the top-selling SUVs in the Country and the most affordable 7-seater you'll find in the price bracket. All the typical features you'd expect in an SUV are standard in this model, including ABS, EBD, stability control, plenty of airbags as well as hill start assist and parking assist sensors. There are five options to choose from but all feature leather interior finishes, plenty of cup holders and an infotainment system.

Nissan X-Trail

Another very popular SUV among locals, the X-Trail got a recent facelift to keep up with current trends and keep car buyers coming back for more. This model is a fair bit more spacious than its sibling, the Qashqai, and has a third row of seats which unfold when needed - however, it's probably best suited for kids as legroom is a bit limited. With the seats up, the X-Trail has a 565-litre capacity, which vastly increases to 1996 litres when seats have been put down. A cool feature that Nissan added, is segregation panels in the boot, that you can pop up to keep groceries or other items from falling over and moving around in the back. The boot is large enough to fit about eight carry-on suitcases in comfortably, so you shouldn't have any need to play Tetris when it comes to packing for a family vacation.

For even more great used SUV for sale options, and those which have the biggest boot space, view our Motus Select website or contact us if you're looking for something in particular - we're happy to help! We're dedicated to finding the best SUV, new or used, for you - and one that has the most boot space for your buck!

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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Buy A Car In Johannesburg With The Best Tech

Buy A Car In Johannesburg With The Best Tech

It's 2021 and while we don't have flying cars quite yet, we are living in a world that's far beyond what we could have imagined twenty or thirty years ago. Technology is ingrained in every part of our lives and it's hard to imagine not having access to Wi-Fi, Google Maps, food delivery services and streaming entertainment - unless you choose to take a break from it to go unwind at a remote beach or cabin in the mountains. 

Our cars have always been a big part of our daily lives, so it only makes sense that they would evolve along with our homes, work and entertainment tools. The most recent models being unveiled by large automobile manufacturers boast so many cool features that you could just as comfortably relax in your car as you would in your lounge at home. Even slightly older models like a used Kia for sale offers buyers a selection of features that will keep you safer, better connected and more entertained. Here's what kind of tech innovations you can expect to see in cars hitting roads in the next 12 months.

Safer Driver Key Access

Car theft has always been a problem and car manufacturers are turning to tech to help keep drivers and their cars safe. Keyless access is becoming the latest feature, where your smartphone acts as the key to open and start your car. This has only been a feature in luxury brands like Tesla, but Hyundai and other manufacturers are now all turning to this solution for their new cars. You'll be able to give up to four different phones a digital car key, which will allow them to start the car through NFC technology. Other manufacturers have also been working on using facial recognition software and fingerprint biometric keys as a possible new solution.

Safety And Autonomy

Even the best of us have off days or moments where we're not paying as much attention as we should be on the road. A primary cause of road accidents is due to a driver not paying attention, being distracted, sleep-deprived or possibly under the influence of alcohol, medication or illegal drugs. We're just not perfect creatures and unfortunately, one moment of not being 'all there' can have catastrophic consequences. Car manufacturers know this all too well and have always worked on ways to make driving safer, for this very reason. It is also why AI has received so much attention in recent years, as it can help save us from making driving mistakes. Various cars are now equipped with 360-degree sensors that monitor the entire surroundings of the vehicle for rapidly approaching objects, obstructions and other factors that could cause accidents. 

Beyond just warning the driver of these dangers, you'll see a significant increase in cars that will slow down and stop for the driver, if they don't react quickly enough. Self-driving cars are also still steadily advancing towards becoming an everyday reality and with automated traffic, the expectation is that we'll have far fewer accidents and fatalities on the roads.

A Fully Immersive Visual Experience

We've begun to see touch screens in various cars with infotainment units, but automakers have something much bigger in mind for the future. Current developments to turn windscreens into interactive heads up display units are the next big thing you should look out for. Soon you will be able to view information such as weather reports, an overlay of Google Maps when you're being directed somewhere, video conferencing functions and everything you would typically turn to your phone to access, right on your windscreen while you're driving. Will this be distracting to drivers? Probably. But with an intelligent monitoring system taking over your driving if you miss anything, you'll be able to get away with a bit of distraction while driving.

Touchscreens Are Getting Bigger, Cars Are Getting Smarter

Just because your windscreen will act as a transparent monitor doesn't mean infotainment systems will fall away. They're only getting bigger. Again, following on inspiration from Tesla's designs, new cars will have touch screens bigger than your typical iPad and will provide more in-depth access to both your accounts and information about your car. With digital monitoring systems taking over the manual operation, you'll be able to scan your car and receive error messages and status reports on every part of it. This makes for an interesting change in how auto repair shops and service centres will work in future, as cars will soon be able to self-diagnose problems, arrange for a service booking, and most of the actual servicing and repair work will also become AI-driven.

Airbags For Your Car

To date, we've known airbags to be built into the internal consoles of cars to protect passengers and drivers directly. New advances are now being made to install airbags...under your car. The idea is to deploy these airbags automatically if a collision is about to happen and can't be avoided. The airbags will double the braking power of your car's brakes and will also raise the car off the ground to reduce the force of impact.

Monitoring Systems

While this idea has been met with some criticism as it may violate driver privacy, manufacturers plan on implementing monitoring systems that will keep a close watch on a driver's behaviour as well as intoxication level, blood pressure and heart rate. In-cabin cameras will scan the driver's eyes to ensure that they remain locked on the road ahead of them, and autopilot functions will activate should the driver not be paying attention to the road. Driver health is also a concern and systems are being developed to check for health warnings which will prompt the activation of an autopilot mode in the car.

What do you think of these upcoming advances in-car technology? While most of them aren't immediately available, you'll still find various used cars and used Kia for sale that already features intelligent safety settings and infotainment systems that will keep you connected on the go.

Call us today at Motus Select if you're in the market for a new or used car which is technologically-geared up! 

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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If youre looking at buying a demo car, you should go with someone you can trust.

If youre looking at buying a demo car, you should go with someone you can trust.

Demo cars are a great way of getting that new model of car that you've had your eye on for a while now but just couldn't afford. With a bit of patience, you'd be able to find a demo version of your dream car after a year or two, and possibly get to enjoy some extra added features that you would have had to pay for if you bought one brand new. Demo cars aren't always readily available, however, but if you are on the hunt for one at the moment, it shouldn't be a reason for you to take chances with who you decided to buy from. Here's what you should look for in a dealer when scouting for demo cars for sale.

Although it's the car you're after, the person or dealership you purchase from is just as important, if not more so. A dealer can be the difference between driving off with a car that's everything you wanted and having set out payment plans, or finding yourself wishing you had never decided to begin with. If at all possible, try to deal only with dealerships that are well-established and have a good customer satisfaction rating. Ask around and look online for customer reviews to check that there isn't a long history of dissatisfaction or sales issues with a dealership. Once you've found a dealer that checks out on that front, arrange to meet with a salesperson face to face, if possible. While almost everything can be done on the phone, there's very little that can replace that gut feeling you get from speaking to someone in person.

Step 1 Assess The Dealer's Approach

The first thing to look for is that they have an open, honest approach to your questions, especially the harder ones. A good dealer will divulge all the necessary information, even the less appealing parts. If they're upfront about something like a faulty seatbelt or that the car had to be resprayed after a customer hit the curb with it once, you're probably in good hands. Be wary of dealers who try to force you into any decisions before answering all your questions and checking that you understand everything about the cost, paperwork, insurance and other aspects. If they try to rush you into making a decision or try to upsell you with another vehicle, they are probably more interested in reaching their sales targets than giving you what you want.

Step 2 Ask Questions And See If The Dealer Reveals The Pros And Cons

When discussing the demo car with the dealer, have them explain all of the pros and cons of opting for the demo model versus a used or new model. Ensure that you know if the car is still under warranty and exactly how much of the service plan and warranty remains. Inspect the vehicle and ask about how frequently it has been serviced, when last it was put through quality control and how it was prepared before being put on sale. This is vital, as a reputable dealer will have taken the best possible care of their demo vehicles and will have documentation to show the car's entire history with them. They will also have given the car a service, checked it from start to end, and had it cleaned and returned to as close to brand new condition as possible.

Step 3 Choose A Dealer Who Fits Your Payment Needs And Requirements

Next, discuss your payment options with them, if you're not going to pay the car cash or trade another in to buy the demo car cash. Dealers offer payment plans and financing, but you should be sure that there are no hidden costs involved or that the payment plan costs they initially showed are different from what you are given. If the pricing structure isn't within your monthly budget, discuss alternate payment options with them.

Step 4 Choose Motus Select And Browse Our Large Selection Of Demo Cars Now!

Overall, a reputable and professional dealer will be helpful, informative and willing to make a plan to help you secure the demo car for sale while ensuring you are completely informed about every part of the purchase and car's condition. We hope these tips will guide you in finding the best deals when looking for demo cars for sale. You know who to call, Motus Select. We've just received some fantastic demo cars for sale!

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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The Most Dependable, Best Used Cars For Sale In 2021

The Most Dependable, Best Used Cars For Sale In 2021

Buying a car is one of the top three biggest purchases most people will ever make, so, understandably, you would want to be sure that you've made the right choice when looking at best-used cars for sale. South Africa has no shortage of great car brands and many options in terms of features, looks and reliability, so how do you choose? We've decided to narrow your list of options down a bit by featuring a selection of fairly recently launched cars that have made their mark in local and global awards categories, both for owner satisfaction and overall reliability.

Toyota Corolla

A car that's been part of our local automotive scene for decades, the Corolla stands the test of time and remains a popular choice for car buyers. In 2019, the new Toyota Corolla was ranked as one of the most reliable cars, according to a driver survey conducted by Auto Express in the UK. With an overall owner satisfaction score of 96.06%, the Corolla had a virtually spotless record, with no serious mechanical or functional issues reported.

Our current selection of used Toyota Corolla models starts at R143 900, with several 2019 models to choose from. 

Toyota Yaris

Another highly popular choice in the local car market, the Yaris scored an impressive 96% reliability rate, with only 5.7% of owners reporting any problems at all in the first year of ownership. This hatchback is an excellent choice if you want a dependable car that won't break the bank in terms of insurance costs or service and parts replacement expenses. Based on several very satisfied owner testimonies, you'll get to enjoy many years of trouble-free driving pleasure with this great set of wheels. In addition to all of this, the Yaris also has a great resale value as it retains its value exceptionally well, even after several years.

Hyundai Tucson

Appearing on several customer satisfaction and reliability reports, the Tucson has proven to be an extremely dependable SUV - so much so that the mounds of recent accolades place the Tucson as the most reliable SUV in its segment at the moment. From 2018 to 2020, this model's rating was never below 85 of 100, which includes rankings by esteemed authority J.D. Power and Associates.

If a great SUV that won't let you down is what you're after, check out the great selection of used Hyundai Tucson models we have available.

Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai already had a hit when they first introduced the i10 back in 2008 and the popularity of this little hatchback has only grown with time. A few years after the initial i10 launch, the slightly larger and better-equipped Grand i10 arrived and existing i10 loyalists happily upgraded from their older models to this variant. With value retention of over 73%, you won't ever have to worry about this model losing market value over time. Featuring dual airbags, steering wheel controls, ABS, infotainment system and an impressive fuel consumption rate of 5.9 litres/100km, you can't go wrong with the Grand i10.

Audi A4

If you're a business professional who has to keep up appearances and maintain a certain social stature, you need a car that exudes an air of luxury and sophistication.

Now that you know who the heavy hitters are in terms of dependability and popularity among car owners in South Africa, you'll be able to choose the best-used car for sale with confidence. If you already have a specific model in mind that you have your heart set on, check out our full selection of available cars here. All of the used cars we sell have been carefully checked and prepared before being made available for sale, and we guarantee great after sales assistance should you need any help with your new car. Call us today at Motus Select!

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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