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  • How To Buy A Car In Johannesburg In Economic Hardships
    Uploaded 4 months ago

    How To Buy A Car In Johannesburg In Economic Hardships

  • Spacious Used Bakkies For Sale This Winter
    Uploaded 11 hours ago

    Spacious Used Bakkies For Sale This Winter

  • Winter Maintenance On Your Vehicle
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    Winter Maintenance On Your Vehicle

  • The Real Cost Of Car Ownership: Financing 101
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Real Cost Of Car Ownership: Financing 101

  • Know Your Replaceable & Repairable Car Parts & Systems
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Know Your Replaceable & Repairable Car Parts & Systems

  • The Best KIA Used Car Models For Family Road Trips
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    The Best KIA Used Car Models For Family Road Trips

How To Buy A Car In Johannesburg In Economic Hardships

Uploaded 4 months ago

How To Buy A Car In Johannesburg In Economic Hardships

How To Buy A Car In Johannesburg In Economic Hardships

With the global pandemic and resultant economical struggles, we’ve all had to learn to adapt to many changes and make alternate plans as some things come to end and new things take shape. Some things will always remain, however, and having transportation to get around is one of them. If you’re currently weighing up your options and trying to work out how to afford a new vehicle, it’s an understandably stressful thing to consider. Since many parts of our daily lives have become so uncertain and likely to change, including our jobs, income, work and living conditions, among others, making the right decision is more important than ever. That means you’ll need to do careful and thorough homework before you jump into any large purchase. Here are a few tips that we hope will help you in making the smartest and best decision when buying a car or used KIA for sale.

Consider What You Have And What You Need

The first step is to consider what your available budget is and what you need in a vehicle. Should you have a car that you want to sell to get another one, do a bit of research online to find out what your car is worth, on average. You can also take it to a few dealerships to have them inspect the car and make you an offer – once you have three or four of these, you’ll be able to gauge what you can realistically expect to get when you sell the car. If you don’t have a car that you’re planning on selling or trading in to buy a new one, you’ll need to determine how much you’re able to save up and how much you can safely afford to spend to repay your vehicle financing every month.

Don’t Let Your Heart Or Ego Take The Reins

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and wishful thinking when you’re browsing for cars and see one that just looks so cool and impressive. Before you know it you’ll probably have told yourself you can afford it, surely, if you just tighten your other expenses and cut out any kind of splurging. Whenever you’re choosing to buy a car through financing, you’re taking a risk which can be educated and safe, or not so much. In times like these, it’s not just best to rather play it safe and forego any dreams of driving off in the latest model of your favourite brand, it’s crucial. Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, you can risk it all to look cool, or you can put your pride in your pocket and make sure that your decision doesn’t bring your financial and personal life to its knees.

Let Go Of Preconceived Notions

We all have our favourite brands and styles, and it’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of a particular brand - or wanting to stick with what you know, if you’ve only ever driven one specific brand of car. Perhaps in future you’ll be able to take that leap and get the car of your dreams, but for now, open your eyes and mind to the possibility of other brands and variants of cars that you may not have considered to be good enough in the past. Although there are many new and lesser-known manufacturers selling their cars on the market today, you’d be surprised to discover what they can offer you for much less than what you’d have expected to pay for a car.


Try To Find A Car That Won’t Claim Extra Costs Anytime Soon

Depending on what your budget looks like and whether you’re looking at a pre-owned vehicle, it’s always a good idea to try securing a car that is still under warranty and that has a service plan. That way you won’t have to worry about suddenly having to fork out money you probably haven’t planned to set aside on repairs or services. The same principle goes for when you buy a new car or used KIA for sale– it may cost a bit extra to get an extended service plan, but at least you won’t have to worry about service costs for a good long while.

Skim On The Extras

If you’re able to buy a new car and have the option to get extras added, try to resist the temptation. A sunroof, leather interior upgrade and higher performance variant doesn’t feature you fundamentally need to get from A to B.

MOTUS Select 50k Deal Assistance

We at MOTUS Select understand that you want reliability and the peace of mind that you can afford a good car and still be able to get by every day and month. That’s why we’ve created our unique 50k Deal Assistance offer, which puts the power back in your hands. We’re giving you the flexibility of R50 000 to choose how you’d like to spend it when buying a used or demo vehicle from us. Reduce your monthly premiums or take the cash to improve other areas of your life, the choice is yours.  

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Spacious Used Bakkies For Sale This Winter

Spacious Used Bakkies For Sale This Winter

When it comes to having a vehicle that is practical, spacious and able to handle almost any terrain and the weight you throw at or on it, a bakkie is by far one of the most versatile vehicles you could own. Not only are they built to be rugged, but they are also built to last: most bakkies will give you a lifetime of driving pleasure if it’s maintained and serviced frequently, which makes it a great investment as a long-term vehicle. 

It’s also a great investment if you plan on selling it later on, as bakkies retain their resale value quite well locally since there is always demand for them in the South African market. Here’s a selection of some of our best, most spacious models if you’re looking for a used bakkie for sale this month.

2014 Mazda BT-50 2.0TDi High Power SLE Double Cab

This double-cab has been a hit on the local market and offers a very spacious interior to accommodate an entire family and their luggage without a problem. Whether you’re taking it out for a weekend away or need a strong workhorse to transport two large loads, the BT-50 will deliver and keep on delivering through any weather. Powered by a 2.2 Turbo diesel engine, it has a 6-speed manual gearbox and features traction control as well as telescopic steering. 

This model is in immaculate condition and is packed with a host of features, including leather seats, front and back electrical windows, climate control and automatic headlights. As for added extras, it is fitted with a bull bar and tow bar, alloy wheels and comes with a colour-matching canopy. It’s available now for only R262 828 or R4686 per month for 72 months with financing.

2019 Nissan Hardbody NP300 2.5 TDi Hi-Rider

Nissan is well-known and praised by its owners for being a brand that just keeps ongoing, and it’s no different when it comes to its powerful bakkie selection. The Hardbody has been a popular choice among farmers and people who work in rural areas where performance matters. This particular model on sale features two front airbags, front and rear electric windows, power steering, central locking and an air conditioner. It has a very low 11 635kms on the clock and is in great condition. It’s available for R269 990 or R4447 per month for 72 months on a vehicle financing plan. 

If you’re looking for a used bakkie for sale, we have many more great models and deals available – check out our website for frequently updated stock.

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Winter Maintenance On Your Vehicle

Winter Maintenance On Your Vehicle

Winter months can take a toll on your car and how it performs, as several components tend to be affected by drastic temperature changes. Car batteries are notorious for failing at a much higher rate in winter, while tyres also need to be in good condition to maintain grip during rain, hail and snowy terrain. The best way to ensure that your car won’t suddenly break down on you this winter is by making preparations now, through a few simple checks and basic maintenance to your vehicle. 

If you are aware of nagging issues with your vehicle or just want to be sure that it’s still in good running condition, take it to the best car repair workshop in your area for a quick inspection and save yourself from any potential problems during the next few months. Here are a few things you should check if you want your car to be winter-ready. 

Check Your Car Battery

If your car has given any indication that the battery is sluggish, get it checked out. Batteries don’t handle cold temperatures well, so rather be sure that your car’s battery is still in good condition and will last you at least another few months.

Check Tyre Pressure More Often

Tyres deflate faster in cold conditions, and when your car’s tyres aren’t properly inflated, they wear down faster and reduce the amount of control you have over your vehicle while driving. Get them checked at least once a week while it’s cold out. 

Prepare An Emergency Kit

If you don’t already have a small medkit or emergency bag in your car, consider getting that sorted out soon. Nobody likes the idea of their car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, but it could happen, and not having the necessary resources with you can make the whole experience even more difficult and hard to get through – especially in winter. Get a backpack or tog bag and fill it with non-perishable essentials, emergency care supplies and a spare warm top or jacket. Pain killers, plasters, gauze and bandages, disinfectant, scissors, one or two bottles of mineral water, a few energy bars, a torch and a spare set of batteries, as well as energy bars, are always a good idea to keep on hand. You should also consider keeping a battery pack, spare phone charger cables, as well as an umbrella and raincoat in your car to be as prepared as possible in case anything happens.

To be sure that your car won’t give you hassles this winter, it’s best to take it to the best car repair workshop near you for a quick check-up before the deep winter cold sets in.

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The Real Cost Of Car Ownership: Financing 101

The Real Cost Of Car Ownership: Financing 101

When deciding to buy a car, there are many things to take into consideration. You’ll need to spend a good amount of time working out what a realistic budget is for you to set aside each month for loan repayments and work out what your petrol, insurance, and maintenance costs will be. After all, you don’t want to invest in a car only to find out that a visit to a car repair workshop will financially cripple you or that your monthly overheads are just far too high for you to be able to afford to keep your car.

More Promising Financial Times

Turbulent economic conditions have taught everyone to be more frugal and careful with their money in the past few years, but fortunately, recent reports indicate that South Africa is finally beginning to bounce back from last year’s lockdown losses. Many people are now able to upgrade their lifestyles, invest in homes and find new careers. 

If this is the case for you and a new car has been something you have had your mindset on for a while, this is probably the best time to buy one, as prices are still competitive. Before you do take that leap, though, it’s important to know the important details of car financing so that you’ll be ready to manage to own that new car financially.

Preparing For Financing: What You’ll Need

If you’re an organised person who has their bank and other documents in order, this part of the process shouldn’t be too difficult to get through. Any financial credit provider, whether a bank or dealership that arranges finance for you, will need proof of identification, proof of residence and proof of income first of foremost. You will also have to have a great credit score, which means you’ll need to have an existing credit history indicating you’re a reliable lender who repays their monthly accounts on time. Without any credit history, or if you’ve fallen behind on payments and currently have a bad credit score, you’re highly unlikely to be approved for vehicle financing. 

You’ll be guided through the application process and will be informed of how much you can get financing for, depending on your income and expenses. It’s also a good idea to shop around a bit and get quotes from various credit providers, as they do tend to vary a bit in what they’d be willing to offer you and what the interest rates are.

The Extras: Because It’s Not Just Loan Repayments

Owning a car is a commitment that will always incur extra expenses. Whether it’s petrol today or a new set of brake pads every so often, all of these factors should be looked at before making your decision on which car to buy. Look at what service costs and parts are for the particular make and model you’re interested in and research parts availability. That aside, factor into your calculations the cost of car insurance and routine maintenance and replacements like car tyres.

Once you have all the above aspects worked out, you’ll have a fairly solid idea of what to expect when buying a car and how much it will cost you monthly or annually. With proper planning, you’ll be much better prepared for the bill after visiting a car repair workshop or service centre.

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Know Your Replaceable & Repairable Car Parts & Systems

Know Your Replaceable & Repairable Car Parts & Systems

Car ownership comes with many responsibilities, one of which is keeping your car in good condition by having parts replaced, serviced or repaired as needed. If you’re looking at saving on these expenses when going for a car service and repair, it is worthwhile knowing which parts can be repaired and which will have to be replaced. Some systems have components that can be repaired without replacing the entire unit, but some smaller parts and components have a short lifespan and are meant to be entirely replaced when they’re worn out.

Here’s a list of the parts you need to replace entirely, and those you can give a bit of a longer lifespan through repairs.

Parts That Need To Be Replaced

  1. Spark Plugs. Typically, spark plugs last for anywhere between 16 000 and 32 000 kilometres, but they can stop functioning properly if dirt and grime have collected around the terminals or if the terminals have become corroded. They’re fairly cheap and should rather be replaced entirely when worn out. Signs that your spark plugs are failing include heavier fuel consumption, the car struggling to start and idling feeling rougher than usual.
  2. Air Filter. This part ensures that dirt and dust don’t get into the engine by filtering and trapping them. The main sign that your air filter needs to be replaced is that it is visibly very dirty and clogged. Other signs include your check engine light coming on, less horsepower, petrol smell when your car starts or black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.
  3. Car Battery. While your car’s battery could still have a good while left to go if you charge it or jump start it, at some stage, it will reach the end of its lifespan. Batteries tend to last between three and five years, but they can vary based on many factors, including extreme temperatures and only driving short distances with your car.

Parts That Can Be Repaired

  1. Starter Motor. A much costlier part to replace but one that generally can be fixed by a specialist, your car’s starter motor isn’t likely to break down as easily as the other parts mentioned above. Signs that your starter motor is defective includes hearing a loud click or several clicking noises when you try to start the car. If this does happen, you need to check your battery first and foremost, as that could also cause the sound.
  2. Alternator. Another part that can be repaired, the alternator, causes electrical accessories to malfunction as it produces energy to turn lights on and power electric windows.


Getting your parts repaired or replaced as soon as possible will prevent further damage to your vehicle and can bring down your petrol expenses significantly. If you’re unsure of whether your parts can be repaired, it’s best to take your car to a car service and repair specialist.

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The Best KIA Used Car Models For Family Road Trips

The Best KIA Used Car Models For Family Road Trips

With the year nearly halfway through, we’re all longing for a bit of a break from the routines of everyday life. While you may not be able to take a long holiday until the end of the year, there’s always the option to break away for a weekend and go somewhere different with the family. Now that we’re finally free from lockdown restrictions, the possibilities of where to go are virtually endless, so why not plan a little road trip and make it extra special with a spacious SUV that everyone will enjoy? You’ll love every moment of exploring and driving with ample space for everyone to relax in comfort and style, and with the various features most modern SUVs have, there will be nothing you’ll lack. 

There are various pre-owned SUVs on the market at great prices, and we’re going to cover a few of our favourites on sale if you’re currently looking for a used SUV for sale

2015 Soul 1.6 CRDi Smart – Automatic Transmission

The Soul is made for people who are fun, young or young at heart, and unapologetically unique. Upon its release, it immediately captured the attention of people around the world for its quirky shape and fun ad campaign featuring animated hamsters and other animals. It became loved by many owners for its ample space and incredibly smooth driving experience – and it doesn’t lack in performance or features either. This particular model is white with bright red detailing and comes with a fantastic sound system, Xenon lights, keyless entry system, bucket seats, Isofix rear seats, park distance control, traction control, electric mirrors and smash & grab.

It’s still in immaculate condition and has only 87 355km on the clock. Available now for R199 900 or R3564 per month for 72 months with a car finance plan. 

2019 Sportage 2WD 1.6GDI AT Ignite – Automatic Transmission

The Sportage has always been a stylish and desirable SUV, and the latest generation definitely continues the legacy with flying colours. Globally and nationally, the Sportage has raked in accolades and awards for safety, features and customer satisfaction, and it has been no different for the latest range on the market. This 2019 model is brimming with features and extras, including a great infotainment system with crystal clear sound to take phone calls or listen to your favourite music, curtain airbags, remote central locking, rear parking sensor, front electric windows, USB and AUX ports, and steering wheel controls. A nice bonus is that it’s still covered by a 5-year unlimited kilometres warranty, so there won’t be a need to worry about unexpected expenses arising anytime soon. 

It’s extremely spacious, and seating is comfortable throughout the cabin, so your family members will all love the journey as much as the destination. This model has 37 187kms on the clock, comes in sparkling white, and barely looks a day old. Get it for R309 899 or R5105 per month for 72 months if you opt for a car financing solution. 

2021 New KIA Seltos 1.6 MT EX MY21 – Manual Transmission

If you’re looking for something practically brand new and very eye-catching, this might just be the perfect match for you. Space will never be a problem in this Seltos, as it beats most competitors in its class when it comes to cargo volume and spaciousness for all passengers. It can very comfortably accommodate adults in the rear seating area and boasts very sophisticated and appealing interior styling. 

Considered as one of the upper-end luxury variants in KIA’s SUV range, you’ll find premium features like an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, rear camera with dynamic parking guidance, tyre pressure monitoring system, remote keyless entry, and a total of six airbags throughout the cabin. You and all your family members will love the impressive 6-speaker sound system and ample storage space for cups and other items in the front and rear seats. 

This model is practically brand new, with only 4935kms on the clock and comes in a captivating electric blue. It can be yours for R383 995 or R6345 per month for 72 months with a financing payment plan. 

2020 Sorento AWD 2.2D 8AT 7 SEATER EX – Automatic Transmission

If style and stature are just as important to you as space and function, this executive-level SUV will tick all the boxes for the discerning buyer. You’ll also have absolute peace of mind regarding vehicle safety, as the Sorento has a long track record of winning several awards for safety around the world, as well as receiving a five-star rating in Euro NCAP tests. 

It’s also smart: the Sorento comes equipped with intuitive driver assistance safety features, including automatic braking when an unexpected obstacle, animal or pedestrian appears in its path. Blind spots won’t ever be a concern as the Sorento scans moving traffic all around the vehicle exterior and warns you of sudden changes like a driver swerving or pulling out of a parking spot without warning.

This model comes in a very dark brown and has only 3935kms on the clock. It’s available now for R559 500 or R9507 per month for 72 months on a finance plan.

For these and many more used SUV for sale offers available at the moment, keep checking our website as we update our stock daily.

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