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  • Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale
    Uploaded 6 months ago

    Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale

  • The Real Cost Of Car Ownership: Financing 101
    Uploaded 1 day ago

    The Real Cost Of Car Ownership: Financing 101

  • Know Your Replaceable & Repairable Car Parts & Systems
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    Know Your Replaceable & Repairable Car Parts & Systems

  • The Best KIA Used Car Models For Family Road Trips
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Best KIA Used Car Models For Family Road Trips

  • Used KIA For Sale: Winter Specials
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Used KIA For Sale: Winter Specials

  • 2021 Top Demo Deals This June
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    2021 Top Demo Deals This June

Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale

Uploaded 6 months ago

Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale

Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale

Demo cars are a great option for buyers looking for a newly released car on the market at a less-than-new-car price. You get to enjoy a set of wheels that is essentially a newcomer and very on-trend, still looks brand spanking new, offers you all the newest features available, and not pay quite as much as you would if you had to buy it off the showroom floor. In case you aren't familiar with this buyer's option yet, keep reading and we'll explain what demo cars for sale mean and why you should only trust a reputable dealer when choosing to buy one. 

These days the options available to a prospective car buyer are a little broader than before. You're no longer confined to choosing between a brand new car or going on the hunt for a pre-owned model that is still in good condition and within your price bracket. Cars are now available through leases, or 'rent to own' offerings, which essentially allows you to lease the car for a specified period and then decide if you want to keep it or exchange it for another, newer model. Then there are demo models. They're the physical poster children of their flashy marketing ads and television commercials and the first introduction people get to a brand new car that's fresh off the boat and hasn't been seen before in the country. If you've ever sat in traffic and, from the corner of your eye, a shiny and unfamiliar looking car catches your eye and attention, that's what demo cars are and do. They entice prospective buyers - and even those who hadn't even considered getting a new car at all, until they set sight on this showoff. Aside from making an appearance on the streets, they are used by dealerships to allow interested potential buyers to see and interact with it up close and personal, by taking a look at the exterior and interior and going for a test drive. Because they're the biggest factor in whether or not the dealership will sell many more of this variant, demo cars are kept in pristine condition, to show off the model as brand new, even if it's been around the block a few times. 

So, why are they put on sale then and what can you expect if you manage to find one available to buy? There's a lifespan on demo models and typically, dealerships don't keep them around if they've clocked more than 5000km. Once the car either reaches that mileage or there isn't need for as many demo models because initial interest and need for test drive models drop a bit, it's put on sale as a demo model. Because it has been driven and has a few thousand km on the odometer, it will be sold for less than that of a new model. A great bonus of buying a demo car, however, is that it's typically packed with extra features that don't come standard, as it's meant to show off all the bells and whistles you can enjoy if you upgrade your package or variant of the model. That means you could probably get leather seats or upgraded upholstery, an upgraded paint job and better audio system for a price that's not far from that of a stock standard new model. 

Although demo models have been driven for quite a while, a good dealership will ensure that they're maintained with exceptional care both mechanically and aesthetically. These vehicles are serviced and inspected often, to give prospective buyers a driving experience that stays as true to that of a brand new car as possible. This means you won't have to worry about ending up with a car that has been worn down and will need services and repairs all of a sudden. However, this is only the case if the dealership maintains high levels of quality standards and ensures that their vehicles are thoroughly inspected and prepared before being made available to buy. 

Unfortunately, there are always chances that you may not be getting what you thought you were paying for, and this is no different when it comes to buying a demo vehicle. There are several things to be aware of and be cautious about when considering buying a demo car from a smaller dealership or one that isn't well-known for its customer service and satisfaction. A dealer could claim that a car is a demo model but omit the extra details that will quickly make the car seem a lot less appealing and worth the price. Things like setting back the kilometres on the odometer, never having serviced or maintained the vehicle, or even hiding the fact that the car has been involved in an accident and had been patched up, are all very possible scenarios that customers have had the misfortune of encountering. And, unsurprisingly, such dealers aren't forthcoming or helpful if issues arise after they've sold the vehicle to you. 

If you want to buy demo cars for sale with an absolute peace of mind and confidence, go to a reputable dealership that offers stringent quality standards and is known to have excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Our team at Motus Select pride ourselves on stringent quality standards and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Contact us today for reliable, quality service.

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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The Real Cost Of Car Ownership: Financing 101

The Real Cost Of Car Ownership: Financing 101

When deciding to buy a car, there are many things to take into consideration. You’ll need to spend a good amount of time working out what a realistic budget is for you to set aside each month for loan repayments and work out what your petrol, insurance, and maintenance costs will be. After all, you don’t want to invest in a car only to find out that a visit to a car repair workshop will financially cripple you or that your monthly overheads are just far too high for you to be able to afford to keep your car.

More Promising Financial Times

Turbulent economic conditions have taught everyone to be more frugal and careful with their money in the past few years, but fortunately, recent reports indicate that South Africa is finally beginning to bounce back from last year’s lockdown losses. Many people are now able to upgrade their lifestyles, invest in homes and find new careers. 

If this is the case for you and a new car has been something you have had your mindset on for a while, this is probably the best time to buy one, as prices are still competitive. Before you do take that leap, though, it’s important to know the important details of car financing so that you’ll be ready to manage to own that new car financially.

Preparing For Financing: What You’ll Need

If you’re an organised person who has their bank and other documents in order, this part of the process shouldn’t be too difficult to get through. Any financial credit provider, whether a bank or dealership that arranges finance for you, will need proof of identification, proof of residence and proof of income first of foremost. You will also have to have a great credit score, which means you’ll need to have an existing credit history indicating you’re a reliable lender who repays their monthly accounts on time. Without any credit history, or if you’ve fallen behind on payments and currently have a bad credit score, you’re highly unlikely to be approved for vehicle financing. 

You’ll be guided through the application process and will be informed of how much you can get financing for, depending on your income and expenses. It’s also a good idea to shop around a bit and get quotes from various credit providers, as they do tend to vary a bit in what they’d be willing to offer you and what the interest rates are.

The Extras: Because It’s Not Just Loan Repayments

Owning a car is a commitment that will always incur extra expenses. Whether it’s petrol today or a new set of brake pads every so often, all of these factors should be looked at before making your decision on which car to buy. Look at what service costs and parts are for the particular make and model you’re interested in and research parts availability. That aside, factor into your calculations the cost of car insurance and routine maintenance and replacements like car tyres.

Once you have all the above aspects worked out, you’ll have a fairly solid idea of what to expect when buying a car and how much it will cost you monthly or annually. With proper planning, you’ll be much better prepared for the bill after visiting a car repair workshop or service centre.

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Know Your Replaceable & Repairable Car Parts & Systems

Know Your Replaceable & Repairable Car Parts & Systems

Car ownership comes with many responsibilities, one of which is keeping your car in good condition by having parts replaced, serviced or repaired as needed. If you’re looking at saving on these expenses when going for a car service and repair, it is worthwhile knowing which parts can be repaired and which will have to be replaced. Some systems have components that can be repaired without replacing the entire unit, but some smaller parts and components have a short lifespan and are meant to be entirely replaced when they’re worn out.

Here’s a list of the parts you need to replace entirely, and those you can give a bit of a longer lifespan through repairs.

Parts That Need To Be Replaced

  1. Spark Plugs. Typically, spark plugs last for anywhere between 16 000 and 32 000 kilometres, but they can stop functioning properly if dirt and grime have collected around the terminals or if the terminals have become corroded. They’re fairly cheap and should rather be replaced entirely when worn out. Signs that your spark plugs are failing include heavier fuel consumption, the car struggling to start and idling feeling rougher than usual.
  2. Air Filter. This part ensures that dirt and dust don’t get into the engine by filtering and trapping them. The main sign that your air filter needs to be replaced is that it is visibly very dirty and clogged. Other signs include your check engine light coming on, less horsepower, petrol smell when your car starts or black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.
  3. Car Battery. While your car’s battery could still have a good while left to go if you charge it or jump start it, at some stage, it will reach the end of its lifespan. Batteries tend to last between three and five years, but they can vary based on many factors, including extreme temperatures and only driving short distances with your car.

Parts That Can Be Repaired

  1. Starter Motor. A much costlier part to replace but one that generally can be fixed by a specialist, your car’s starter motor isn’t likely to break down as easily as the other parts mentioned above. Signs that your starter motor is defective includes hearing a loud click or several clicking noises when you try to start the car. If this does happen, you need to check your battery first and foremost, as that could also cause the sound.
  2. Alternator. Another part that can be repaired, the alternator, causes electrical accessories to malfunction as it produces energy to turn lights on and power electric windows.


Getting your parts repaired or replaced as soon as possible will prevent further damage to your vehicle and can bring down your petrol expenses significantly. If you’re unsure of whether your parts can be repaired, it’s best to take your car to a car service and repair specialist.

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The Best KIA Used Car Models For Family Road Trips

The Best KIA Used Car Models For Family Road Trips

With the year nearly halfway through, we’re all longing for a bit of a break from the routines of everyday life. While you may not be able to take a long holiday until the end of the year, there’s always the option to break away for a weekend and go somewhere different with the family. Now that we’re finally free from lockdown restrictions, the possibilities of where to go are virtually endless, so why not plan a little road trip and make it extra special with a spacious SUV that everyone will enjoy? You’ll love every moment of exploring and driving with ample space for everyone to relax in comfort and style, and with the various features most modern SUVs have, there will be nothing you’ll lack. 

There are various pre-owned SUVs on the market at great prices, and we’re going to cover a few of our favourites on sale if you’re currently looking for a used SUV for sale

2015 Soul 1.6 CRDi Smart – Automatic Transmission

The Soul is made for people who are fun, young or young at heart, and unapologetically unique. Upon its release, it immediately captured the attention of people around the world for its quirky shape and fun ad campaign featuring animated hamsters and other animals. It became loved by many owners for its ample space and incredibly smooth driving experience – and it doesn’t lack in performance or features either. This particular model is white with bright red detailing and comes with a fantastic sound system, Xenon lights, keyless entry system, bucket seats, Isofix rear seats, park distance control, traction control, electric mirrors and smash & grab.

It’s still in immaculate condition and has only 87 355km on the clock. Available now for R199 900 or R3564 per month for 72 months with a car finance plan. 

2019 Sportage 2WD 1.6GDI AT Ignite – Automatic Transmission

The Sportage has always been a stylish and desirable SUV, and the latest generation definitely continues the legacy with flying colours. Globally and nationally, the Sportage has raked in accolades and awards for safety, features and customer satisfaction, and it has been no different for the latest range on the market. This 2019 model is brimming with features and extras, including a great infotainment system with crystal clear sound to take phone calls or listen to your favourite music, curtain airbags, remote central locking, rear parking sensor, front electric windows, USB and AUX ports, and steering wheel controls. A nice bonus is that it’s still covered by a 5-year unlimited kilometres warranty, so there won’t be a need to worry about unexpected expenses arising anytime soon. 

It’s extremely spacious, and seating is comfortable throughout the cabin, so your family members will all love the journey as much as the destination. This model has 37 187kms on the clock, comes in sparkling white, and barely looks a day old. Get it for R309 899 or R5105 per month for 72 months if you opt for a car financing solution. 

2021 New KIA Seltos 1.6 MT EX MY21 – Manual Transmission

If you’re looking for something practically brand new and very eye-catching, this might just be the perfect match for you. Space will never be a problem in this Seltos, as it beats most competitors in its class when it comes to cargo volume and spaciousness for all passengers. It can very comfortably accommodate adults in the rear seating area and boasts very sophisticated and appealing interior styling. 

Considered as one of the upper-end luxury variants in KIA’s SUV range, you’ll find premium features like an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, rear camera with dynamic parking guidance, tyre pressure monitoring system, remote keyless entry, and a total of six airbags throughout the cabin. You and all your family members will love the impressive 6-speaker sound system and ample storage space for cups and other items in the front and rear seats. 

This model is practically brand new, with only 4935kms on the clock and comes in a captivating electric blue. It can be yours for R383 995 or R6345 per month for 72 months with a financing payment plan. 

2020 Sorento AWD 2.2D 8AT 7 SEATER EX – Automatic Transmission

If style and stature are just as important to you as space and function, this executive-level SUV will tick all the boxes for the discerning buyer. You’ll also have absolute peace of mind regarding vehicle safety, as the Sorento has a long track record of winning several awards for safety around the world, as well as receiving a five-star rating in Euro NCAP tests. 

It’s also smart: the Sorento comes equipped with intuitive driver assistance safety features, including automatic braking when an unexpected obstacle, animal or pedestrian appears in its path. Blind spots won’t ever be a concern as the Sorento scans moving traffic all around the vehicle exterior and warns you of sudden changes like a driver swerving or pulling out of a parking spot without warning.

This model comes in a very dark brown and has only 3935kms on the clock. It’s available now for R559 500 or R9507 per month for 72 months on a finance plan.

For these and many more used SUV for sale offers available at the moment, keep checking our website as we update our stock daily.

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Used KIA For Sale: Winter Specials

Used KIA For Sale: Winter Specials

As a car manufacturer, KIA has made tremendous headway over the past two decades. They’ve gone from a fairly unknown foreign brand to progress rapidly and become internationally recognised as a strong contender with much more established global companies, and their hard work continues to pay off. 

Today, millions of car owners trust KIA as a reliable brand and know it for its high standards of quality and innovation at prices that are affordable for the average person. If you’re in the market for a car at the moment, you shouldn’t overlook KIA as the main option to consider. 

Here are a few of our currently available favourites if you’re looking for a used KIA for sale this winter. 

2015 KIA Cerato 2.0 Manual SX Hatch

The Cerato is a great hatchback model if you’re looking for style, performance and a decent amount of storage and cabin space. It has a 385-litre boot, allowing for plenty of luggage to fit without needing to play Tetris every time you go on a weekend away. Ride and drive comfort is exceptional with this model, and the cabin is surprisingly quiet, even at higher speeds. 

The Cerato. It features an integrated infotainment system, air conditioning, airbags, central locking, electric front windows, high-quality leather and fabric upholstery, steering wheel controls, and a six-speed gearbox. This model comes in silver and has 97 496kms on the clock. It’s available now for R164 995, or R2942 per month for 72 months on a payment plan. 

2018 KIA Picanto 1.2 Start

Are you looking for something zippy, small and very fuel-efficient? The Picanto is the perfect city car, and another great benefit of owning one of these models is that they’re quite affordable to maintain in terms of parts and servicing costs. It’s pleasantly light on petrol, with an average consumption rate of 5 litres per 100 kilometres. 

Features include central locking, air conditioning, infotainment system with Bluetooth as well as USB and auxiliary ports to enjoy your music in any format, daytime running LED lights, brake assist, dual front airbags as well as head airbags, electronic stability program, cruise control and more. 

This model is available in a deep cherry red and has 60 903kms on the clock. It’s available for R129 900 or R2072 per month for 72 months if you opt for car financing. This is just one of the dozens of similar Picanto models we have available.

2017 KIA Rio 1.4 Manual Hatch

If something sporty is what you’re after, you should check out the KIA Rio. Positioned as a direct competitor to other models like the Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz, the Rio is a very affordable, decent-spec hatchback that checks all the boxes for young and older consumers looking for quality and good performance. 

In terms of fuel consumption, the company claims an average of 4.8 litres per 100 kilometres, which makes it exceptionally light on petrol. This particular model comes in glossy, deep charcoal and has 44 915kms on the clock. 

Features include steering wheel controls, central locking, electric mirrors, Bluetooth functionality, USB port, air conditioning and front airbags. You can snatch up this model for only R189 900 or R3386 per month on a 72-month car financing plan. 

2021 KIA Sportage 2WD 2.0P AT EX+

Are you looking for something bigger and practically brand new? This KIA Sportage has barely touched the road yet, with only 25km on the clock. It’s an automatic model and comes in frost white with beautiful black and silver trim, rounded off by sophisticated alloy wheels. 

Perfect for the busy executive who enjoys taking long getaway breaks over weekends or busy families that need a lot of space and functionality without sacrificing style and features, the new Sportage is out to impress and does so effortlessly. 

The vast array of features will leave you smiling and include automatic rain sensors, park distance control, leather seats, reverse camera, sunroof, keyless entry, great infotainment and sound system, airbags, park assist, air conditioning and airbags, to name but a few. 

Available now for R459 900 or R7815 per month for 72 months if you opt for car financing. We have more than a dozen similar 2021 Sportage models available at the moment, with mileage lower than 3000kms and available in a variety of colours, so you can take your pick! 

If you’re interested in viewing all of our used KIA for sale, be sure to keep an eye on our website as we update our national inventory daily. We’d also like to remind you that MOTUS offers a complete range of support services to help you get the car of your dreams, including full financing assistance, extended service plans and warranties, as well as insurance packages. We do our best to provide our customers with a solution that allows them to secure the vehicle they hope to own and provide highly flexible financing and trade-in arrangements to make it a reality. 

Contact any one of our branches in your area for further assistance, and remember that we will happily arrange for the delivery of your vehicle to any part of the country, so you won’t need to travel anywhere to pick up your car.

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2021 Top Demo Deals This June

2021 Top Demo Deals This June

You may have heard that cars lose their resale value the moment they leave the showroom floor, and while it may seem puzzling, it is true. The average depreciation of a brand new car can be anywhere from 15-30% within the first year. Despite this, it’s undeniable that people love new cars. 

People love the perfect, shiny coat of paint, that new car smell, the admiration and even envy that driving around in something that just arrived on the market evokes in onlookers, co-workers, friends and family. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with buying a new car that can’t quite be matched by buying a previously owned vehicle, but it’s a costly investment. Fortunately, another alternative can save you several thousands of Rands if you’re willing to be patient for a brief while. Demo cars for sale offer buyers the opportunity to own a car that is practically brand new but has already undergone that rough initial depreciation drop. They’re typically still very low in mileage – some even have only a few kilometres on the clock – and are extremely well looked after by the dealerships that use them to promote the model. 

Thanks to the recent full acquisition of Renault by Motus, you can expect to see many more great deals on practically brand new Renault cars going forward. This month we feature a selection of some of our favourite demo models from various manufacturers that are currently available at incredible prices that will leave you smiling. 

2021 New Kwid Climber

A very new arrival to the local market, the Kwid Climber is an upgraded variant of the standard Kwid and can be easily identified by its standout colour accents inside and outside the vehicle. Detailing in bright orange beside the standard colour bodywork highlights parts of the roof rack, fog lights and side mirrors, among others. Inside, you’ll find sporty seats in black with bright orange stripes and orange trim around door panels and the infotainment system in the dashboard. 

This model is designed for consumers who want to stand out a bit from the crowd, although it has very similar features to its standard counterpart. It does not lack in features, though – you’ll find everything you want and need in this fairly-priced car. 

Our featured Climber model comes in frost white with signature orange trim, has only 101km on the clock and is available for R169 500. With financing, you will pay around R2801 per month for 72 months.

2021 Hyundai Atos 1.1 Motion MT

The new shape Atos is a far cry from its much boxier predecessor and offers sleek lines and a curvier exterior. Standard features have also seen significant improvements with this recent rendition. The Atos comes with two airbags, electric windows, an infotainment system, steering wheel controls and an onboard trip computer. Designed to be a fun, zippy city car, the Atos is fuel-efficient, with an average of 5.9l per 100km, and is small enough to slip into and out of tight parking spots effortlessly. 

With financial times being quite pressing for most South Africans, this is a great little car at a very affordable price. Our featured model comes in white and has 11 023km on the clock. It’s going for R169 995, or R2809 per month for 72 months with a payment plan.   

2021 Renault Picanto 1.0 MT Start PE

Are you looking for a great little car that’s fun to drive, reliable and fuel-efficient? The Picanto ticks all the boxes as a popular city vehicle and is great for students, young workers and anyone who needs more function than huge amounts of space for a family. You’ll get an average of 5L/100km with this model, and service, spares and repair costs are relatively low so that upkeep won’t break the bank down the line. 

This model comes in bright red and has 2149km on the clock. It’s going for R174 995, or R2891 per month for 72 months if you choose to pay it off through car financing. 

If it’s great demo cars for sale you’re after, remember to keep checking the demo section of our website as we update stocks regularly and will keep bringing you great deals!

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