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  • Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale
    Uploaded 1 year ago

    Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale

  • Summer Car Care Checklist
    Uploaded 2 days ago

    Summer Car Care Checklist

  • Petrol Smarts: How To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency
    Uploaded 4 days ago

    Petrol Smarts: How To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

  • Why South Africans Are Opting For SUVs
    Uploaded 6 days ago

    Why South Africans Are Opting For SUVs

  • Kia: The Smart Car Choice For University Students
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Kia: The Smart Car Choice For University Students

  • The Pros Of Buying A Demo Car
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Pros Of Buying A Demo Car

Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale

Uploaded 1 year ago

Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale

Go To A Professional Dealer To Buy Demo Cars For Sale

Demo cars are a great option for buyers looking for a newly released car on the market at a less-than-new-car price. You get to enjoy a set of wheels that is essentially a newcomer and very on-trend, still looks brand spanking new, offers you all the newest features available, and not pay quite as much as you would if you had to buy it off the showroom floor. In case you aren't familiar with this buyer's option yet, keep reading and we'll explain what demo cars for sale mean and why you should only trust a reputable dealer when choosing to buy one. 

These days the options available to a prospective car buyer are a little broader than before. You're no longer confined to choosing between a brand new car or going on the hunt for a pre-owned model that is still in good condition and within your price bracket. Cars are now available through leases, or 'rent to own' offerings, which essentially allows you to lease the car for a specified period and then decide if you want to keep it or exchange it for another, newer model. Then there are demo models. They're the physical poster children of their flashy marketing ads and television commercials and the first introduction people get to a brand new car that's fresh off the boat and hasn't been seen before in the country. If you've ever sat in traffic and, from the corner of your eye, a shiny and unfamiliar looking car catches your eye and attention, that's what demo cars are and do. They entice prospective buyers - and even those who hadn't even considered getting a new car at all, until they set sight on this showoff. Aside from making an appearance on the streets, they are used by dealerships to allow interested potential buyers to see and interact with it up close and personal, by taking a look at the exterior and interior and going for a test drive. Because they're the biggest factor in whether or not the dealership will sell many more of this variant, demo cars are kept in pristine condition, to show off the model as brand new, even if it's been around the block a few times. 

So, why are they put on sale then and what can you expect if you manage to find one available to buy? There's a lifespan on demo models and typically, dealerships don't keep them around if they've clocked more than 5000km. Once the car either reaches that mileage or there isn't need for as many demo models because initial interest and need for test drive models drop a bit, it's put on sale as a demo model. Because it has been driven and has a few thousand km on the odometer, it will be sold for less than that of a new model. A great bonus of buying a demo car, however, is that it's typically packed with extra features that don't come standard, as it's meant to show off all the bells and whistles you can enjoy if you upgrade your package or variant of the model. That means you could probably get leather seats or upgraded upholstery, an upgraded paint job and better audio system for a price that's not far from that of a stock standard new model. 

Although demo models have been driven for quite a while, a good dealership will ensure that they're maintained with exceptional care both mechanically and aesthetically. These vehicles are serviced and inspected often, to give prospective buyers a driving experience that stays as true to that of a brand new car as possible. This means you won't have to worry about ending up with a car that has been worn down and will need services and repairs all of a sudden. However, this is only the case if the dealership maintains high levels of quality standards and ensures that their vehicles are thoroughly inspected and prepared before being made available to buy. 

Unfortunately, there are always chances that you may not be getting what you thought you were paying for, and this is no different when it comes to buying a demo vehicle. There are several things to be aware of and be cautious about when considering buying a demo car from a smaller dealership or one that isn't well-known for its customer service and satisfaction. A dealer could claim that a car is a demo model but omit the extra details that will quickly make the car seem a lot less appealing and worth the price. Things like setting back the kilometres on the odometer, never having serviced or maintained the vehicle, or even hiding the fact that the car has been involved in an accident and had been patched up, are all very possible scenarios that customers have had the misfortune of encountering. And, unsurprisingly, such dealers aren't forthcoming or helpful if issues arise after they've sold the vehicle to you. 

If you want to buy demo cars for sale with an absolute peace of mind and confidence, go to a reputable dealership that offers stringent quality standards and is known to have excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Our team at Motus Select pride ourselves on stringent quality standards and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Contact us today for reliable, quality service.

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

Uploaded 2 days ago

Summer Car Care Checklist

Summer Car Care Checklist

Temperature changes can have a big impact on vehicle performance. Cold weather tends to cause battery failure, while hot summer months can result in overheating and other issues. It’s always a good idea to take your car to a car repair workshop for a quick checkup at the start of a new season to ensure that everything is still in good working order. Here are a few quick things to check on if you want to keep your car running smoothly this summer.

Keep It Clean

Take advantage of the great weather by washing and cleaning your car thoroughly. Dirt and dust that build upon the exterior start to degrade the quality of the paintwork and can cause rust to form without being immediately visible. Remember to apply car polish in a shaded area to prevent it from drying up and forming smudges. 

Refill Your Air Conditioner Gas

Nothing puts a damper on your day like your air conditioner dying as you’re sitting in traffic during a summer heatwave. Take your car to a specialist to check your gas levels and get it topped up. And remember to clean your air ducts.

Rotate Your Tyres

Your car’s tires don’t wear down at the same rate, which is why it’s a good idea to have them rotated every now and then. This will ensure a smoother driving experience and you won’t need to have them replaced as soon. 

Clean Or Replace Air Filters

Air filters take extra strain during the warmer months and clogged or old air filters will prevent your air conditioner from working properly. They’re relatively inexpensive and can be easily removed and replaced. 

Keep Your Car Away From Direct Sunlight

Whenever possible, park your car under cover or in the shade. Direct summer sunlight wreaks havoc on your paint and will cause fading, flaking, and peeling over time. 

Check On All Your Fluid Levels

Summer heat can cause some vehicle fluids to evaporate faster, which is why you should check on everything from your engine oil levels to your coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid. If you haven’t replaced your engine oil in a while, consider having your oil tank cleared and refilled with fresh oil. 

For total peace of mind about your car’s condition this summer, book your car in for a quick checkup at Motus Select’s car repair workshop.

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Petrol Smarts: How To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Petrol Smarts: How To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

With petrol prices skyrocketing in recent months, South Africans are now faced with having to fork out almost double the amount they used to pay for a full tank of petrol. While trading in your fuel guzzler for a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle is one of the best ways to reduce your petrol costs, there are a few basic tips and tricks that any car owner can use to reduce fuel consumption. One important habit is getting your car routinely maintained and taking it for car service and repair work. Here are a few others:

Drive At A Steady Pace

If your driving habits involve rapidly accelerating and braking, you’ll burn through petrol at a much faster rate. Try to maintain an even driving speed and gradually accelerate instead of putting foot when pulling away.

Check That Your Petrol Cap Is Closed

Petrol evaporates very easily, and an open petrol cap or one that isn’t screwed on tightly can cause your tank to empty much quicker, even when you’re not driving. 

Keep Your Windows Closed

While driving with the windows down on a warm day may provide a bit of relief, it also increases drag and reduces the aerodynamics of your car. It doesn’t have as much impact when driving at slower speeds, but as you accelerate, the amount of resistance increases, forcing your car’s engine to use more petrol to maintain speed.

Remove Unnecessary Weight

Extra luggage, passengers, and contents in your car add weight, which causes your engine to have to work harder and use more petrol. Get rid of any unnecessary items you may have to lie around in the car. 

Keep Your Tyres Properly Inflated

Even when they’re just slightly deflated, tyres can cause a significant increase in petrol consumption. Check on your tyre pressure weekly and watch out for slow punctures. 


Replace Dirty Air Filters

Your car’s engine takes a lot more strain when air filters are clogged up with dirt and dust, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Have your air filters checked and replaced routinely to save on petrol costs and keep your car running smoothly. 

Keeping your car in good condition by checking on your parts and liquids often will reduce the chances of unnecessary fuel consumption, so be sure to make car service and repair a priority if you want to get the most out of every liter of petrol.

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Why South Africans Are Opting For SUVs

Why South Africans Are Opting For SUVs

SUVs have steadily risen in popularity and are now one of the most preferred and in-demand types of vehicles in South Africa, besides bakkies. Over the past twenty years, we’ve seen a surge in manufacturers releasing their own variants of SUVs and developing many subtypes, including crossovers and mini SUV models to cater to various consumer needs and budgets. Thanks to this, being able to afford a used SUV for sale has become more achievable than ever, and there’s no better time to upgrade to one of these models than now. Here are just a few reasons why SUVs are so popular in South Africa.


If you have a large family, plenty of pets, or just enjoy knowing that you’ll have ample space available to go on a road trip, transport large items and help move house if needed, there’s no beating an SUV. Most models can very comfortably seat up to seven adults and have impressive boot space. Car manufacturers focus on comfort and practicality when designing SUV models, and you’ll find a host of storage options around the interior cabin, as well as modular seats that can be moved or collapsed to almost double your boot space when needed.


SUVs come equipped with some of the best safety features available as a standard. And because of their sheer size, they are generally more respected and visible on the roads. Elevated seating also provides much better road visibility for the driver, which helps to better identify potential obstacles or oncoming traffic. You can expect to find the standard safety features like brake assist and electronic braking distribution on all models, but most of them are also equipped with parking sensors, rearview cameras, and a monitoring system that alerts you of any dangers or obstacles around your vehicle. Airbags come standard and can vary from four to eight or more, depending on the model. Because of how SUVs are built, their roll cage makes for a much more secure frame that’s much less likely to take serious damage than that of other cars. You could also fit a bullbar to your SUV for even greater protection. 

Comfort Features

Although features will vary from model to model, most SUVs are equipped with a host of features to provide a truly enjoyable driving experience for the driver and passengers alike. Air conditioning is standard, with some models even having sectioned temperature control and extra vents for the back row of passengers to stay cool during the hot summer months. You’ll also find infotainment systems built into most models, featuring radio, Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls, and – in more recent models – a touchscreen unit to quickly navigate between music, stats about your car, selecting driving modes, and taking calls while driving. 

Ready To Take On Any Terrain

Since they’ve become such popular vehicles among urbanites, many SUVs will probably never see mountain trails and dirt roads. Despite this, most models are still built with the capacity to traverse difficult terrain, steep hills, rocky landscapes, and muddy roads. With road and offroad conditions varying so greatly in South Africa – and the reality that potholes are a frequent feature wherever you may find yourself – it’s sensible and reassuring to drive a vehicle that’s able to handle the challenges of the elements better than anything else out there. Depending on which SUV model you own, you’ll either be able to comfortably hop over sidewalks and deal with flooded roads, or if you opt for the more expensive models that feature full all-wheel drive and traction control, you’ll be ready to take on 4x4 trails and journeys far into our country’s most untouched landscapes. 

Steadier On The Roads

Because of their scale and weight, SUVs are a lot more stable than many other cars, especially in rougher weather conditions. They hold better to the road and won’t be affected by strong winds or wet terrain as much as what a smaller vehicle would be faced with. Overall, the driving experience in an SUV will give you a sense of confidence and mental reassurance that you’re as safe as you could possibly ever be in a vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

Back when SUVs were still cemented as vehicles only used by hunters, farmers, and game rangers, owning one of these vehicles meant dealing with a hefty fuel consumption rate to power those powerful engines and heavy bodies. Since they started becoming more commercially popular, manufacturers have worked hard on optimising performance and improving fuel efficiency. Today’s SUVs are surprisingly fuel-efficient, and their engines have been optimised to still perform with power while no longer guzzling fuel in the way that Hummers are notorious for. 

High Resale Value

Because they are so in demand, the market value for a used SUV remains fairly high, and you won’t have any trouble selling it at a later stage if you choose to do so. Although you won’t ever get the full amount back that you paid for your SUV, it’s reassuring to know that you won’t be left stuck with a vehicle that nobody wants to buy from you or that you’ll have to let go of it for a disappointing amount of money in future.

If you’re considering buying a used SUV for sale, there’s a world of options available to suit your needs, style, and budget. Motus Select has many models available, all of which have been carefully checked and prepared to ensure absolute buyer satisfaction.

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Kia: The Smart Car Choice For University Students

Kia: The Smart Car Choice For University Students

Time flies and before you know it, the little kid that was running around your house is all grown up and ready to set foot into the world as an adult. As a parent, you want to provide them with the best support and means to make their transition into an independent adult as smooth as possible. One giant step in that direction is helping them get their first car and ensuring that it’s a solid investment that won’t break down or unexpectedly leave them stranded somewhere. While there are hundreds of affordable used cars available on the market at any time, they are not all of the same standard. If you want to ensure that they get the best head start in life, consider buying them a used KIA for sale

Superior Quality At A Very Affordable Price

KIA cars have long been praised for being impressively well-priced, especially if you look at all the extra features and careful details that go into the production of all of their models. The company focuses heavily on safety, affordability, and technological innovation while also maintaining its position as a leader in design innovation and visual appeal. Everything, from the bodywork to the finest details of the trim and stitchwork, reflects a quality standard that you would never expect to find in such an affordable price range. 

Exceptional Warranty

KIA offers a much more generous warranty period than many other manufacturers, which clearly reflects their confidence in the quality and reliability of their vehicles. If you look at used models released in the past two or three years, you’ll find that they are still covered by the standard warranty – something that should instill great peace of mind.

They Retain Market Resale Value Very Well

KIA has become one of the most popular and sought-after car brands in the world in the past decade, and their reputation and popularity just keep climbing year after year. This is great news for anyone who wants to invest in a car that will still hold a decent resale value after a few years. In addition, you won’t have any trouble selling a KIA if you decide to change to another vehicle at a later stage.

The Latest In Technological Innovation

KIA is a frontrunner in the automotive industry when it comes to releasing innovations and keeping up with technological trends. All of their models come standard with an interactive entertainment/infotainment system that includes a crystal-clear touchscreen display, Bluetooth integration, voice recognition, and an easy-to-set-up connection that links your phone to your car.

Excellent Fuel Economy 

KIA is continually working on further optimising their engines and performance levels that can be achieved with smaller engines that consume less fuel. Because of this, their vehicles deliver a very smooth and responsive driving experience while making optimal use of fuel dispersion. They are consistently featured at the top of lists that rank the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient cars worldwide.

Simple, Intuitive Driving

A KIA is a perfect vehicle for students and people who are new to driving as it provides a very smooth and stable feeling that reinforces confidence and makes the driver feel completely comfortable and in control at all times. With the vast array of safety features and electronic assistance to simplify the driving experience and support the driver at all times, you will struggle to find another brand of car that offers all these benefits within the same cost bracket. 

Accolades And Awards

KIA is one of the few manufacturers that have achieved the highest international rankings for such a broad array of categories. Everything from visual design aesthetics to safety, technological innovation, customer choice awards, and customer service satisfaction has repeatedly been claimed by KIA as one of the top five winners for several years in succession.

A Model For Every Personality And Need

The range of KIA models available at any time is extensive and all-around impressive, allowing people from all walks of life, ages, and lifestyle types to find a model that perfectly slots into their lives and enhances their driving experience for many years. 

To top all of this off, KIA is a popular, young, and trendy car brand that most young people would be proud and excited to drive around in. So if you’re searching for the perfect used KIA for sale for your child, a loved one, or yourself, be sure to buy from a reputable dealership with a successful track record.

 Motus Select is South Africa’s leading car dealership and motor vehicle services provider, and we’re continuously expanding our service offerings to help South Africans make their dreams of owning a car a reality. All our pre-owned cars for sale are carefully inspected through several quality-control tests and prepared before being made available for purchase. We also offer a range of financial assistance services to help finance your vehicle at an affordable repayment rate.

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The Pros Of Buying A Demo Car

The Pros Of Buying A Demo Car

If you’re busy shopping around in search of a car for yourself or a loved one, you’d be missing out on great savings and opportunities by overlooking the demo car market. While not as highlighted an option as buying brand new or pre-owned, there is a substantial sector that features demo vehicles at great prices in South Africa. While you may have your heart set on a brand new vehicle that’s just arrived on the market, there are significant downsides to bear in mind before making this choice. For one, new cars rapidly depreciate in value and can lose up to 30% of their resale value within the first year alone – that’s a lot of money for one year’s ownership. 

If you want to enjoy all the joy and benefits of a new car without suffering an unnecessarily large financial blow, demo cars for sale make for an excellent alternative. Here are just a few benefits of buying a demo car.

Low Mileage

Demo cars are typically sold off by the time they’ve reached the 5000-kilometer mark, if not sooner. Depending on when it was manufactured and released, that means you could quite likely still gain the benefit of getting the remainder of the service plan and warranty. 

They Are Still Very New To The Market

Because demo cars are used to promote and sell the latest models by a manufacturer on the market, they’re always very current in terms of trends. Most manufacturers release updated or facelift versions of their cars every four to five years, and many demo cars are sold by the time they are three years old. This can either be due to the dealerships making room for a new edition that’s on the way or because the initial interest and demand for test drive models decline after the first two years and they have extra demo models that aren’t needed to keep promoting the model. Whatever the case, buying a demo car means you will still be able to own the latest model and could quite easily convince anyone that it’s bought brand new.

It Is Better Looked After Than Any Pre-Owned Car

Although a demo car may have been on the roads and in use for a few years, you’d be very hard-pressed to find any other used car of similar age and mileage that would be in such pristine condition. Since they are the mobile billboards and ambassadors for the entire fleet and because sales depend heavily on making the best impression with prospective buyers, dealerships go through every effort to keep demo models looking and operating like brand new at all times. These cars are routinely cleaned, inspected, serviced, and maintained on every level, which means they are kept in a condition that is as close as possible to a brand new vehicle.

You Completely Avoid That Initial Value Depreciation Phase

Because demo models have already passed their initial depreciation period, you will immediately cut thousands off the cost when buying one. After that sharp drop in value within the first year or two, most cars maintain a fairly steady and slow decline in their market value ‒ if they’re well looked after. This means that if you do decide to sell or trade-in your car at a later stage, you’ll get back more of your initial investment money than if you had to sell one that you bought brand new. 

Insurance Costs Will Be Reduced

Brand new cars tend to come with much higher insurance rates that only start to go down after the first few years. If you buy a demo car, you’ll be able to secure a more affordable insurance premium that will save you even more money in the long run. 

It May Come Fitted With Extra Features

Since dealerships want to showcase the full array of features and extra add-ons available for a model, many demo cars have been equipped with upgrades that are not included as a stock standard. These can include upgraded paintwork, a better sound system, or the premium-specification upholstery option. Buying a demo car not only costs less than a new model, but even with these extras, it’s likely to cost less than a brand new one.

If you’re now convinced that they are worth a look, we have several demo cars for sale at all times, and our inventory is constantly being updated with new stock. Motus Select has dealerships all around the country and will happily arrange to transport and deliver the car you purchase to your location from anywhere in South Africa.

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