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  • Car Security: Three Essentials Every Car Owner Should Have
    Uploaded 1 year ago

    Car Security: Three Essentials Every Car Owner Should Have

  • Things To Check On Your Vehicle Every Six Months
    Uploaded 2 days ago

    Things To Check On Your Vehicle Every Six Months

  • Winter Savings: Buy A Car & Boost Your Deal
    Uploaded 6 days ago

    Winter Savings: Buy A Car & Boost Your Deal

  • How To Find The Best Used SUV For Sale For You
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    How To Find The Best Used SUV For Sale For You

  • Your Guide To Used Kia For Sale Car Dealerships in SA
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Your Guide To Used Kia For Sale Car Dealerships in SA

  • Find the Right Fit for the Family: Top Demo Cars For Sale
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Find the Right Fit for the Family: Top Demo Cars For Sale

Car Security: Three Essentials Every Car Owner Should Have

Uploaded 1 year ago

Car Security: Three Essentials Every Car Owner Should Have

Car Security: Three Essentials Every Car Owner Should Have

Being a proud car owner, you do your best to keep your car clean, safe and running smoothly. Unfortunately, there are times in life when the unforeseen happens, leaving you either having to fork out money for repairs or insurance excess from a claim, or perhaps even being in an accident where you are not the responsible party. Aside from being a responsible driver and car owner, there are a few extra things you can do to keep yourself safe on the roads or even while you're away from your parked car. Here are a few things which will give you even greater peace of mind when it comes to car security on and off the road:

Get A Dash Camera

While they were initially not so commonplace, having an onboard camera in your car to record everything while you drive is fast becoming a very wise investment and precautionary measure in South Africa. Most countries in Europe have entirely banned the use of dashcams in vehicles due to extremely strict data protection laws, but locally there hasn't been any such development - and this means you'll benefit from having one, while it's still legal here. Car accidents, fender benders, collisions with pedestrians or any other road incidents where your car is involved always carry the possibility of being implicated in an offence you weren’t involved in or were not responsible for. Having footage of the incident can be of immense value to help you prove your innocence, contest a liability claim or be irrefutably excused from having involvement in the incident. Dash cameras aren't very expensive to buy, but they could potentially save you a huge amount of money and inconvenience in future.

Tracking Devices

Our country is equipped with a network of very advanced vehicle tracking and recovery services that are able to constantly keep an eye on your car, even when it's not in transit. Having a tracking device installed will give you complete peace of mind that you'll always know where your car is and if there's any tampering or suspicious activity happening to it while you're not there. Another bonus benefit of having a tracker is that it will bring down your car insurance premiums quite significantly. 

'Smash-and-grab' Window Film

A security investment that South Africans have trusted for many years, getting your car windows coated with the protective smash-and-grab film will help prevent unexpected attacks while on the road, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Most glass installation companies offer this service and after application of the treatment, you can drive with the confidence that your windows will not shatter if impacted and you are much less likely to suffer theft or hijacking. Because the film coats both the inside and outside of your car's windows, you won't suffer injury from glass shards because the film keeps the glass contained even if it shatters.

We hope these tips on how to improve your car security features will help guide you towards making improvements to ensure your own safety on the road. For more information on car security or used cars for sale at Motus Select, contact us today. 

Uploaded 2 days ago

Things To Check On Your Vehicle Every Six Months

Things To Check On Your Vehicle Every Six Months

So, you’ve enjoyed many months of driving bliss. No squeaks. No blowouts. No leaks. No nothing. However, this doesn’t mean that your car, and its many parts, are fine. Neither does it mean to continue adding miles to those tyres without checking your vehicle in for a car service at the best car repair workshop. And when you do check your car in for a check-up, which is the right and necessary thing to do, be sure to check the following things.


Your Tyres Look Fine, But Are They?


Not all of us can differentiate between the good tyre tread and bad tread. Not all of us can look at our four wheels and immediately know that the depth is still good. So, with this in mind, don’t look at your tyres and think they will get you from A to B. Instead, contact your expert car mechanic or service team so they can check the tread depth.


 You might find that your tyres have a shallow tread which could lead to aquaplaning. You may also find that your expert has found a new tyre bubble or spotted that small puncture which you have been covering up temporarily. You may find that your tyres have more wear and tear than you previously thought, and you’re actually in need of a new set. Either way, whether your tyres are good or bad, get them checked.


Even If Your Brakes Don’t Grind, They Could Still Need A Change 


Relying on hearing alone, and waiting for the inevitable grinding noise, does not make for good brakes. After all, they do a lot for the vehicle and are put under pressure constantly. So, getting your brakes, as well as your shocks checked every six months, is detrimental to your vehicle’s overall health. And, while you’re at it, get your wheel alignment checked as well.


Working Today, Gone Tomorrow - Check Your Lights Before They Stop Working 


Like your wipers, lights may not seem to be first on the list of your priority check-ups, but they should be. At a moment’s notice, you could be left driving in the dark. With this in mind, getting your friendly car repairman to check your wipers and lights means that you’ll be able to drive safely at night time and in bad weather because of your hazard lights, headlights, flickers and reverse lights, as well as your wipers will all be in good working order. 

When Dry And In Doubt, Get An Expert To Get Your Fluids Out 


Yes, you should always ask the petrol attendant to check your oil and water, but other fluids in your vehicle need to be checked every six months. From your brake fluids, coolants and oil, have an expert eye check that all fluid levels are where they should be.


Book Your Car In For Your Check-Up Now


At Motus Select, we want you to have many months of driving happiness and safety. To avoid those squeals, blowouts, leaks and being stuck on the side of the road with a non-working car, book your vehicle in for a professional, affordable service at the best car repair workshop. Our experts will be sure to check all of the above and much more.

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Winter Savings: Buy A Car & Boost Your Deal

Winter Savings: Buy A Car & Boost Your Deal

Buying a car is one thing. Buying a poor quality car that will see you forking out the green bills time and time again is another. At Motus Select, we know the burden that comes with buying a faulty second-hand car or a cheap quality new car and we know, in Covid-19 times, how money is short but the need for a vehicle is high. With this in mind, we’ve put together some useful tips on how to buy the best car at the best price for the best savings - and one that offers good fees on car service and repair sessions.


Choose The Best Make That Promises Quality And Fewer Repairs


Going skint on your new or secondhand vehicle purchase is sure to set you down the expense pathway very soon. You don’t want to spend little on a cost that requires a lot of work and repairs. Rather spend a little more and opt for a trusted car brand, car make and model that won’t set you back with high repair costs thereafter. 


You need a car that will send you on many trips without faults popping up. Furthermore, doing thorough research on car parts and service fees will help you not buy above your means and land you with a car that you can’t service regularly or repair when needed. Then when choosing the right car repair and service workshop, be sure to go with a trusted expert who does the job right but does not overcharge you.


Look For Deals And Specials


When buying a car, look for special deals, in particular, look at our deals at Motus Select.  Currently, we offer a ‘Buy A Car & Boost Your Deal Special’ which offers new car purchases with no deposit or delay payments or cashback or trade-in settlement. With these deals, terms and conditions apply and vehicle images and features may differ from the offer.


Pay Cash And Always Save


When buying your first brand new car, or quality second-hand vehicle, be sure to pay as much cash as possible as this can surely lessen the purchase fee. Also, don’t buy above your means and be sure to allocate enough for savings as well as services and unforeseen repairs that may come up. 


Take Advantage Of Our ‘Buy A Car & Boost Your Deal’ Special


At Motus Select, we’re always looking for ways to help motorists to boost their deal, save money and enjoy safe miles on the road without the heavy paycheck that sometimes goes with it. Whether it’s an affordable car service and repair or whether you’re looking to buy a secondhand or new vehicle that is sure to not require frequent, costly repairs, contact our team today.

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How To Find The Best Used SUV For Sale For You

How To Find The Best Used SUV For Sale For You

Buying a car these days comes with many considerations. From finances, safety, eco-friendliness, interior features, boot space, seats, aesthetics, two-wheeler, four-wheeler, fuel-consumption, services - and the list goes on. So, how do you know which car to choose for your lifestyle, your family, your needs and your budget? And, even if you know of the car type you want, how do you know which model to choose when there are so many? Even if you’re certain you’re looking for an SUV, how do you know which is the best-used SUV for sale for you? How do you know you’re getting the best SUV deal? Read through these steps and be guided through the journey of buying the perfect used SUV for you.   


Assess Your Lifestyle Needs First


Known for their functionality, SUVs offer much space and practicality for daily duties and long trips. With this in mind, it's important to assess your daily needs, your family needs as well as other lifestyle wants and ask the following questions that can guide you to find the optimal SUV. 


  • How many passengers do you need to carry in your vehicle?
  • What type of driving do you do? Is it on highways, tarred roads or off-road driving?
  • Are your journeys short or long? If long, fuel economy is an important factor. 
  • What features do you need in your car? This includes safety features as well. 
  • How big do you need the boot space? Do you normally have a large or small cargo capacity? 
  • Do you have children? Do you need enough space for car seats? How many car seats?
  • Do you sometimes have to do towing? Do you have a caravan or a trailer? 
  • Do you have a single, double or triple garage space? Where will your car be parked?


Assess Your Finances And Plan Your Budget


Assessing your finances is an important, if not the most important, step to buying that perfect SUV for you. To choose the perfect SUV for you, and one that you can afford, you need to work out how much deposit you can make, how much is in your budget to allocate to monthly payments and how your current car, if you have one, will affect the overall cost. Assessing your finances will also allow you to work out how you will be able to afford service payments and one-off repairs. Knowing your finances will help you find a financially suitable SUV for you. On the topic of finances, have you researched all the current specials and deals out there that can help you afford the SUV of your dreams?


Assess All SUV Models And Classes 


Your journey of buying the perfect used SUV for you shouldn’t be a quick one. There are loads of SUV makes and models available on the market - from used to secondhand. Now that you know your needs and finances, you’ll be able to review all the models and classes and find one that is suitable for you. In this stage of your SUV buying journey, now is the time to compare different SUVs, their appearance, features, price, etc. Ensuring you have browsed through the selection sufficiently will ensure you don’t miss out on a possible SUV goldmine.


A proper search takes note of multiple sources - whether offline or online. Whether on online sites or different dealership locations, there are many sources to find your perfect used SUV for sale.


Book A Test Drive And View Your Vehicle Firsthand


Be sure to contact dealerships directly after browsing their website and getting a few quotes to compare. Visit the stores in person and also book a test drive, if it's possible. By making a test-drive appointment. By making a few test drives back to the back of different SUV options with your local dealerships, you ensure that the car will be waiting for you when you arrive as well as the fact that you’ll know how it drives. Why not test-drive a few different SUV vehicles as well?


Search Done, Test Drive Done, Now Think About It


Rushing into a car purchase is not ideal. Now that you have followed all of the above steps and ensured you have the best-used SUV for sale for you, it’s time to sleep on it and think a little more before you sign on the dotted line. The last thing you want is buyer’s remorse, be sure to sleep on everything and then make the right decision.


Make A Deal With Your Trusted Car Dealership


When all is said and done and considered, it’s now time for you to make that purchase. 

Even if you’re certain of the SUV you want and are ready to buy the best-used SUV for sale for you, contact us at Motus Select. If you are still uncertain and need further help on your car purchasing journey, we’re happy to help with more tips and make your new car purchase as easy as possible.

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Your Guide To Used Kia For Sale Car Dealerships in SA

Your Guide To Used Kia For Sale Car Dealerships in SA

Whether you’re looking to buy a used Kia for sale or buy a new car in Johannesburg, sometimes your focus on actual cars may overshadow the need to focus on choosing the right car dealership. From traditional dealerships to online car dealerships, there are as many of these dealerships as there are car models and types available on the car market currently. Unfortunately, this sheer choice of car dealerships, along with the increase in scams and untrustworthy car dealerships, makes the process of searching for your dream car that much more difficult. However, as a trusted dealership to many, many motorists, we have the top tips featured in this brief guide below to help you find your perfect used Kia for a sale car dealership.


Online Or Offline Dealerships? What You Should Know!


As we are sure you already know, there are different types of car dealerships. You can choose an onsite/offline dealership, or you can choose an online one. As its name suggests, an online dealership is online. It’s a website that allows motorists like yourself to browse through the long list of car makes and models. On these websites, you will be able to find the new, demo and used vehicles. The benefits of online dealerships include: 


  • Search online in the comfort of your own home without having to trek between different onsite, physical car dealerships. 
  • A wide selection of specials and online deals are made available to you that are otherwise not only offered to offline, in-store customers. 
  • The ability to clearly define your online car search according to your preferences, tastes, mileage, personal budget etc.
  • A wider selection of vehicles in different selections that are not found in their numbers on showroom floors.


Offline, in-store car dealerships are common, traditional showrooms where the different car makes and models are shown on the floor, and car salesmen and women are able to talk face to face with you. The benefits of searching for your dream car at these offline dealerships include:


  • Having the ability to see different cars upfront - from the exterior or the interior. 
  • You can get a better overview of the car from the salesman, do close-up inspections, get answers to all your questions and get even more valuable advice from trained car experts there and then.


Some car dealerships are offline but boast an online website, and with these car dealerships, you receive the benefits from both worlds.


When You’ve Chosen Your Used Kia For Sale, How Do You Choose The Best Car Dealership For You?


Now that you fully understand the different types of car dealerships there are, now it’s about choosing the right one that suits you and your car needs best. To choose the best car dealership for you, you have to consider many factors and consider the dealership itself. The following will help you do just this:


  • Check customer reviews as this can be a beneficial way to avoid untrustworthy, sketchy dealerships and be able to point out the good dealership to go with easily. Speak to family and friends and others in your network and ask them for their opinions. Seek online reviews and testimonials from different online sources. Check on customer complaint sites and review sites, as well as the dealership website as well. Be objective when checking reviews about the car dealership, and be sure to review ones that can help you identify issues and car dealership ratings. 
  • Find out how long the car dealership has been in business. Checking longevity means you will be able to get to know the reputation of that dealership. With this in mind, always go to a car dealership that boasts longevity when buying a used Kia for sale.
  • When looking for your used Kia for sale, check out the car dealerships facilities and whether or not it has a showroom to which you could visit and check out the used Kia you’re interested in.
  • When choosing the optimal car dealership to go with, see how the staff treat you. Check whether they are trained and professional too. Furthermore, we recommend you not purchase a used Kia for sale if you do not receive only the best service from the get-go.


Need The Best Car Dealership; Look No Further Than Us


At Motus Select, we hope this short guide has helped you to find your ideal car dealership. And if you have had no luck yet in finding a reliable, trustworthy car dealership, look no further than Motus Select. Whether you’re looking to buy a used Kia for sale can

 or buy another hot new car in Johannesburg, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our new, demo, used, and second-hand cars come at high quality and affordable purchase costs. Check out our current specials and deals as well on our website.

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Find the Right Fit for the Family: Top Demo Cars For Sale

Find the Right Fit for the Family: Top Demo Cars For Sale

When it comes to buying the best demo cars for sale - whether it’s a demo Kia for sale; a demo Mitsubishi for sale; a demo Renault for sale, or a demo Tata for sale - it’s important to know the difference between different demo models as well as to compare and breakdown the specs, onboard tech, safety features and available extras. With the following bullet point chart, we hope to help you decide on the right fit for your family.  


Hyundai Atos


Before you think this is not fit for families, as it’s a smaller car, the Hyundai Atos is a great car for families. These days, the cost of living is skyrocketing, and families are becoming more and more burdened with the cost of living. Not only affordable but light on fuel and inexpensive to service and repair, this vehicle is great for families to get around on a budget and safely. 


  • Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear with 60/40 split rear seatback
  • Boot Space: 235-litre boot capacity
  • Safety Features: ABS Brakes; Driver & Passenger Airbag; ISOFIX Child Seat Attachments
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.5 L/100km


2021 Triber 1.0 Dynamique


This Renault Triber 1.0 Dynamique is another perfect, stylish option for families looking to purchase a quality demo car. This hatchback comes in manual drive and boasts a petrol engine. 


  • Seat Configuration: 7 seats
  • Fuel Consumption: Great 
  • Interior space: Ample
  • Safety Features: Central locking and great ground clearance 
  • Extra Features: Touch screen radio, Bluetooth, onboard computer


Kia Picanto 


Another smaller vehicle, like the Hyundai Atos, the Kia Picanto, is perfect for families looking to get from A to B safely and without the hefty petrol fees. Small in size, this demo car can move from the shops to school, to the office easily with ease of parking to boot. 


  • Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear 
  • Boot Space: Sufficient
  • Safety Features: Airbags, central locking
  • Extra Features: Air conditioner, power steering, USB port


2021 Sandero PH2 EXP 66KW Turbo 


Another popular demo car fit for most families is the 2021 Sandero PH2 EXP 66KW Turbo. Small in size but large in stature, this manual hatchback is the perfect, affordable car to get you from school to the office quickly and safely. 


  • Seat Configuration: 2 front & 3 rear 
  • Boot Space: Sufficient
  • Safety Features: Airbags, central locking
  • Extra Features: Air conditioner, power steering


2021 Triber 1.0 Expression


This sporty looking manual hatchback is as comfortable as it is on fuel consumption and purchase price! So whether you’ve got one child or three, the whole family can comfortably fit in this surprising spacious demo vehicle. 


  • Seat Configuration: 7-seater
  • Boot Space: Ample
  • Fuel consumption: Excellent
  • Safety Features: Airbags, central locking
  • Extra Features: Air conditioner, power steering

2021 New Kwid Dynamique AMT


Most families who have opted for this attractive demo car for sale enjoy all the driving pleasure this petrol, hatchback, automatic demo has to offer! With this demo car, you can expect great features, compact SUV looks and an economical 1.0 engine.


  • Seat Configuration:  2 front & 3 rear
  • Boot Space: Sufficient
  • Fuel consumption: Good
  • Safety Features: Airbags, central locking


With the above list of demo cars fit for families of any size, as well as a vast selection of other demos listed on Motus Select’s website, you’re sure to find the perfect demo car for you and your family. When it comes to buying the best demo cars for sale - whether it’s a demo Kia for sale; a demo Mitsubishi for sale; a demo Renault for sale, or a demo Tata for sale, our car experts and friendly sales team will be sure to help you make the right decision on the right fit for your family.

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