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  • Bakkies: Brand New vs Used And What To Consider
    Uploaded 2 years ago

    Bakkies: Brand New vs Used And What To Consider

  • The Best All-Round Cars For Sale In Gauteng
    Uploaded 8 hours ago

    The Best All-Round Cars For Sale In Gauteng

  • The Renault Kiger And Other Affordable French Cars
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    The Renault Kiger And Other Affordable French Cars

  • Quick Comparison: Hyundai i10 vs Kia Picanto For Sale
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Quick Comparison: Hyundai i10 vs Kia Picanto For Sale

  • Rating The Renault Duster For Sale
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Rating The Renault Duster For Sale

  • Renault Captur: Your Road Trip Ready Companion
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Renault Captur: Your Road Trip Ready Companion

Bakkies: Brand New vs Used And What To Consider

Uploaded 2 years ago

Bakkies: Brand New vs Used And What To Consider

Bakkies: Brand New vs Used And What To Consider

In South Africa, bakkies are consistently the best-selling vehicles on the market, with high sales demand for both new and used models across the country. There are ample brands, models and variations available to choose from but if you're looking at buying a bakkie such as a used Nissan for sale, you'll need to consider whether you should go for a brand new model or whether a used car in Johannesburg is a better option according to your needs and budget. Unless you have the cash to spend and absolutely must have that new model (and new price tag), it's worth doing a bit of research on what your options are. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

Mileage And Age Aren't The Biggest Factors

A rare benefit that's applicable across the board with bakkies is that their resale value barely depreciates over the years, unlike how it does with other vehicles. Even if a bakkie has racked up 100 000kms on the clock, it will still have many years and kilometres of unfailing service ahead of it. Designed to be rugged and durable under the most extreme conditions, a used bakkie will have far greater tenacity than a used car with the same mileage or production year. Unlike when considering a new or used car, this means you shouldn't let mileage be the main concern when deciding whether you should go the new or used route. Instead, look at the physical condition of the bakkie as there may be a need to patch up the bodywork, paint or even interior features. 

Consider Your Purpose For A Bakkie

People own bakkies for a variety of reasons, from living in rural areas to frequently going on adventure drives, or regularly needing to transport items. It's also a popular family vehicle as it is versatile, provides safety and, thanks to their typically elevated cabin, ensure a much better view of the road and surroundings. When looking at potential options, make a list of what you're going to need the bakkie for, how often you'll be using it, as well as features you need it to have. Bakkies are generally quite similar in terms of features and most models will feature airbags, ABS and stability control as standard, so you won't be lacking in features if you opt for an older bakkie. You may need to have features such as Bluetooth installed if it is a slightly older model, but the cost of upgrading the technology is likely a fraction of the alternative price of buying a new model with those features. 


Benefits Of A New Bakkie

As we mentioned, you won't lose out on performance, durability or features if you buy a used bakkie, but there are some benefits to purchasing a new one which an older bakkie may not offer. 

Firstly, regular testing and improvements being made to vehicle engines mean that each new model delivers better performance and improved fuel consumption than the last. With a new bakkie you'll probably find there are some clear improvements, compared to an older model. 

Secondly, a new bakkie comes with a warranty and the option to add a service plan to your purchase, which will give you complete peace of mind and less maintenance costs for the first few years of ownership. 

If the latest technology is a key factor for you, you'll find the latest in smart technology and user interface control with new bakkies which simply did not exist only 4 or 5 years ago. You could upgrade a used bakkie, but a new one will have everything designed to work perfectly together and provide you the best overall experience in terms of user comfort, voice control and other smart features. 

And Finally…Whatever You Decide

Two factors to keep in mind whether you buy new or used bakkie, are insurance costs and fuel consumption. An older bakkie will cost less to insure but may be heavier on petrol, while a new model will essentially be the opposite. There are a range of power classes for bakkies, which is why it's important to determine what you'll be needing a bakkie for. If you aren't going to be dealing with rough terrain or very heavy-duty work, you won't need to buy too powerful a model as it will consume a lot more petrol than a model with less power. 

Whatever your choice, we have a range of used Nissans for sale on our website, so remember to keep checking in if you're looking for a specific model.

Uploaded 8 hours ago

The Best All-Round Cars For Sale In Gauteng

The Best All-Round Cars For Sale In Gauteng

These days, consumers need to buy cars for sale in Gauteng that do it all for it to be an economical investment. An all-round car is not just another way of saying MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). It truly is a car that consumers can use across varying road conditions, low and high traffic environments, and for their particular requirements. With soaring fuel prices impacting the cost of living, many of us do not have the luxury of affording multiple vehicles for different uses. Our car has to do school runs, grocery errands, driving through traffic daily, and off-roading on the weekend affordably. 

In this article, we explore just a few of the best all-round cars for sale in Gauteng right now to help you make the best buy. 

Suzuki Vitara Brezza 

An affordable SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), the Suzuki Vitara Brezza is an ideal choice to fit the whole family with room to spare. It has a 1.5l petrol engine and comes in a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic. Consumers can budget R275 900 and upwards, depending on which variant they choose. 

Chery Tiggo 4 Pro 

Chery is one of the newer car manufacturer brands to reach our shores and with it, they have brought their stand-out SUV, the Tiggo 4 Pro. It has a 1.5l engine, available in CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and automatic gearboxes. At 8.8l/100km fuel consumption rate, the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro is a heavy guzzler, but the affordability of the vehicle still makes it a feasible option. This all-round SUV will set you back R309 900 for a basic model. 

Nissan Magnite

A reputable brand renowned by South Africans is Nissan and their release of the Magnite. It has a conservative engine size of 1.0l but still performs well under pressure. Much like its competitors, it is available in a 5-speed manual or CVT. The show-stopper SUV has a 5.3l/100km fuel economy rate, spacious interiors, and boasts a stylish exterior too. All of this starts at R314 300 and goes up according to which variant you choose in the range. 

Kia Sonet 

South Korean Kia has incorporated power and innovation once again with its Sonet range. It has a luggage capacity of 392 litres which is on the smaller side of all-round vehicles, but it does have a more compact exterior design, making it easy to drive on crowded roads. The 1.5l petrol engine is available in 6-speed manual transmission or CVT and ranges from R311 995 upwards. 

Ford Ecosport

The Ford Ecosport has grown in popularity as one of the most reliable SUV vehicles on the market at the moment. It is available in both 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission, powered by a 1.5l petrol engine. At R331 800, it's a reasonably priced contender and can carry a load capacity of almost 705 litres when cleverly packed. 

The Renault Kiger 

The Kiger is one of the cheapest all-round vehicles on the market, at the base price of R234 900. Both variants come in automatic transmission and have a 5.4l/100km fuel consumption rate. Load capacity reaches up to 800l on this SUV, making it a good choice for consumers after more space. 

The Jeep Renegade 

Jeep has built a brand synonymous with reliability, and the Renegade is no exception. Although it is more expensive than most in the segment at R403 646, it does have much to offer the consumer. It has a 5.9l/100km fuel economy rate and is available in a 1.4l engine. The features such as cruise control, stability control, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), and hill-hold assist support drivers through various environments. 

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

This compact SUV starts at R460 000 and gives consumers an elevated driving experience with its convenient additions of a 2.0l engine. The fuel economy is higher than expected at almost 9.2l/100km, but the safety features are worth the price. Several airbags are located within the front end of the cabin, including one to protect the driver’s knee. The side-impact protection bars are also a good selling point to consider. 

There are several considerations when looking for an all-round vehicle for your specific needs. This can include aspects such as seating ratio, cabin spacing, loading capacity, towing and driving capabilities (2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive). 

Consumers also need to consider the type of vehicle they purchase, whether it is 

new or pre-owned. With all-round vehicles such as the ones listed in this article, most people have misconceptions about buying second-hand. Motus Select only brings the highest quality used cars to the market, assuring every customer that they are making a safe, reliable investment. 
Owning an all-round vehicle today is not only a sensible financial decision, for now, but it benefits you in the future too. A secondary vehicle comes along with its own insurance premiums, service fees, and fuel spend. In addition, there’s the hassle of maintaining and storing another car. Shopping for just one of these all-round cars for sale in Gauteng can reduce your expenses and stress levels.

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The Renault Kiger And Other Affordable French Cars

The Renault Kiger And Other Affordable French Cars

When sizing up SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles), French car manufacturers may not make your list of worthy opponents. The standout brands we do have in the South African markets are stylish, affordable, and reliable enough for us to keep returning to. Think about the Renault Kiger for sale, the Citroen C5 Aircross or the Peugeot 2008 SUV. 

Consumers do not have access to all the French brands, models, and variants as the rest of the world. Although it may seem like a limited choice, Motus Select believes these contenders are true all-rounder vehicles that you will enjoy driving for years to come. 

With these three SUVs below, one would not have to look any further. 

The Renault Kiger 

The Renault Kiger is more than just a beautifully designed hatchback SUV. It exudes a sporty look with fine accents and finishes that makes the vehicle stand out.

The Renault Kiger is available in the following variants: 

  • Renault Kiger 1.0L Life
  • Renault Kiger 1.0L Zen
  • Renault Kiger Intens Turbo 
  • Renault Kiger Intens Turbo CVT
  • Renault Kiger Zen Turbo 
  • Renault Kiger Zen AMT

Newly priced, the Kiger can start at R204 900 and go all the way up to R299 900. It is one of the less expensive SUV ranges on the SA market, providing consumers with economical and attractive vehicles at a fraction of the price of other brands. 

The Kiger comes in a 1.0-litre engine but also boasts a multi-sense driving mode system. This allows drivers to switch between Eco, Sport or Normal modes depending on the road conditions. With a 40-litre tank, Renault notes that the Kiger has a 5.4l/100km fuel consumption rate, but this does come down to personal driving style. All model ranges have ABS (Anti-Locking Braking System and EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) systems as a standard. 

Renault does ergonomic design well. They hone in on comfort and convenience without feeling forced. And the Kiger is no exception, with innovative features that update the cabin space. There is an 8-inch touchscreen, a wireless phone replication, and an intuitive audio sound system. The Kiger also focuses on practical driving tools with ingenious ambient lighting and intelligent hands-free smart access. 

On the safety side, consumers can rest easy knowing that Renault maintains their European standards with the Kiger. There are front and side dual airbags for the driver and front passenger. The speed sensing door lock and impact sensing unlock are also helpful features of the vehicle to have in the event of a collision. 

The Citroën C5 Aircross 

The Citroën C5 Aircross is currently the most expensive French SUV available to South Africans. However, consumers still find it a viable option when car shopping because of how much value all the extras give them. 

One can purchase one of two options available: 

  • Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Feel 
  • Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Shine

Both variants have a 1.6L Diesel engine; at 121kW it’s more powerful than the alternatives. However, the Citroën C5 Aircross is available only in a 6-speed automatic transmission. This can deter buyers who prefer manual gearboxes. There is also a higher consumption rate impacting fuel economy at 7.9L/100km. 

The exteriors of the Aircross are bold and dynamic while maintaining carefully crafted trim lines to enhance the polished look. One of the most attractive features is the panoramic sunroof, which adds to the cohesiveness of the SUV rather than standing out on its own. The conservative luggage capacity has also increased on newer models to 720litres. 

There is a much larger touchscreen available to the driver and front passenger, at 12,3 inches. It provides the driver with useful information in their field of vision, emphasising how intuitive the SUV is. Another impressive feature is that the Aircross focuses on road noise reduction. The cabin is soundproofed, with minimal interference from its surroundings. 

Some of the safety features included in this SUV are the coffee break assist and driver attention warnings are useful tools to alert drivers who begin to feel fatigued on the road. The lane departure warning and blind-spot warning are also standard but practical additions on the Aircross. 

The Peugeot 2008 

The Peugeot 2008 SUV is a superb, multi-purpose vehicle that was voted 2021’s South African Car of the year. It’s a notable achievement, and the SUV has much to offer the everyday consumer. 

Peugeot currently has three variants in the range:

  • Peugeot 2008 SUV Active 1.2T 96KW 
  • Peugeot 2008 SUV Allure 1.2T 96KW
  • Peugeot 2008 SUV GT 1.2T 96KW

Even though the car is a popular buy, it is more expensive than other brands on the market. The base price of the Peugeot 2008 starts at R439 900 and increases by variant. The French car manufacturer offers the smart SUV in two engines across the world ‒ a 74kW unit or a 96kW unit. South Africans can drive the 74kW petrol engine in either a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox or 6-speed automatic. The fuel consumption rate is slightly higher than other SUVs on the market, 6.5l/100km. 

Consumers also have a variety of safety features to assure them. With the active blind-spot monitoring system, active safety brake, and distance alert, drivers can feel more secure on roads. Additional features such as the active lane departure system work hand-in-hand with the lane keep assist and roadside alert. 

The interior of the Peugeot 2008 is the true seller of the SUV. The cabin is almost futuristic, with a sense of exclusiveness inside. The 10-inch HD touchscreen is voice-activated and is your central multimedia system which can easily integrate with most smart devices. Drivers can also enjoy the hands-free start function, a must-have for the busy individual, and a convenient unlock/lock feature that allows one to enter and disembark with the key in their pocket. 

In your search for a robust, hard-driving SUV, consider what value each brand can offer. French car manufacturers are renowned for having stringent safety standards, but they also bring inventive, attractive car designs to life, such as the Renault Kiger for sale.

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Quick Comparison: Hyundai i10 vs Kia Picanto For Sale

Quick Comparison: Hyundai i10 vs Kia Picanto For Sale

Affordable hatchbacks do well with consumers, not just because of their price points but also their economic efficiency and agility. And two competitors who are renowned brands with consumers in the hatchback market are the Hyundai i10 and the Kia Picanto for sale

Here’s a quick, comprehensive comparison of both to help you make an informed decision when car shopping. 

The Hyundai i10 

The i10 has been a reliable model with South Africans since its introduction to the market in 2014. It’s a compact hatchback with innovative updates over the years with each generation. 

The Hyundai i10 Range 

The current Hyundai i10 range includes both manual and automatic transmission options. The base price of a new model starts at R204 900 and goes up to R279 900, depending on one’s purchase and desired extras. 

  • Hyundai i10 1.0 Motion MT
  • Hyundai 1.0 Motion AT
  • Hyundai 1.2 Fluid MT
  • Hyundai 1.2 Fluid AT

How Does The Hyundai i10 Perform? 

The Hyundai i10 performs reasonably well even as a small hatchback. The 1.0 Motion MT has a top speed of 155km/h, and the automatic variation does 146km/h. The affordability of the Hyundai i10 extends to its fuel economy as well because it has an impressive rate of 5.4l/100km on the manual variants and 5.9l/100km on the automatics in the 1.0-litre options. On the 1.2-litre models, the manual is at 5.9l/100km, and the automatic sits at around 6.9l//100km. 

What Does The Hyundai i10 Offer Consumers? 

Space is limited, but this is expected in a hatchback of this size. The current new model i10 gives consumers 256 litres and a further 1202 litres when seats are folded in the rear. 

The Grand i10 is fitted with 2 airbags for the driver and front occupant. There is also ABS (Anti-locking Braking System). Unfortunately, the i10 does not have ISOFIX child seat fixtures, which can affect your decision if you have small children to consider. 

Most hatchbacks these days focus on the driver’s and passenger's comfort and the Hyundai i10 is no different. The infotainment centre is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and an additional navigation card feature is on offer. Drivers will find the keyless entry and foldable wing mirrors rather useful. Standard features include air conditioning, electric heating, central locking, and steering wheel remote controls for audio functions. 

The Kia Picanto 

The Kia Picanto is another starter car for consumers to consider when weighing up their options. It may be a smaller hatchback, but it has some serious selling points, such as increased cabin space and dynamic features to rival every other hatch on the market. 

The Kia Picanto Range 

The vast range has a variant for almost everyone, ranging in both manual and automatic transmission. 

  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Start Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Start Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Street Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Street Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 Street Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 Street Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Style Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 Style Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 Style Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 Style Automatic 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 X-Line Manual 
  • Kia Picanto 1.2 X-Line Automatic 

The cheapest Kia Picanto starts at a base price of R198 995 and goes up to R262 995. 

How Does the Kia Picanto Perform? 

The Kia Picanto holds about the same power as its counterpart, the Hyundai i10. The average fuel economy in the range is 5.8L/100km, which is useful today with high fuel prices. The two engines boast variants with automated and manual gearboxes. However, it is important to remember that the Picanto is not as nifty as the Hyundai i10. It is much slower, with top speeds reaching 107km at most. 

What Does The Kia Picanto Offer Consumers? 

Space is designed for comfort and ease, with a functional tray placed in the central dashboard to keep items within reach of the driver and front-seat passenger. 

However, the Kia Picanto 1.0 Start does not offer consumers a 2 airbag option, with only the driver protected. However, this is the only variant, as all other ones offer 2 airbags as a standard safety feature. Unlike the Hyundai i10, it also offers consumers ISOFIX points across the range. 

The 8-inch multimedia colour screen is more than an infotainment system. It features a rear-view parking camera to support the driver’s accuracy. The AUX and USB ports enable drivers and passengers to connect devices according to their preferences. There are also audio controls on the steering wheel for enhanced convenience. 

The Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto for sale are both feasible, with their own strengths to consider. It all comes down to personal preference and budgetary constraints on your part.

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Rating The Renault Duster For Sale

Rating The Renault Duster For Sale

When many of us think of the French car manufacturer Renault, we associate their product lines with sportier, nifty cars designed for city life. The brand seems to appeal to young go-getters who are always on the move. It’s not a name we often associate with winding roads and long stretches. However, the one superior vehicle they have brought to market is their Renault Duster for sale. It’s a compact and reliable SUV made for one’s daily driving needs but also for venturing out into the unknown. 

In this article, we review the Renault Duster, exploring its specifications, style, and additional features, which make it a great buy. 

Specifications And Performance 

Like its competitors, the Renault Duster is available in a few options ranging from 2-wheel drives and 4-wheel drives and 3 specific engine options. Having options allows the consumer to assess their needs and have a sufficient selection to choose from when deciding between variations. With new models on the market starting at R342 900, it’s similarly priced to Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. 

The current range includes:

  • Renault Duster Zen 4x2 
  • Renault Duster Zen 4x4 
  • Renault Duster Intens 4x2 

Reaching average top speeds of 155km/h, the Duster is available in a manual and automatic transmission, with a dual-clutch gearbox. New Renault Dusters also have a useful transmission mode selector function. Fuel consumption varies across their Urban Cycle, Extra Urban Cycle, and Full Cycle. Consumers can reach 4.9L/100km on specific models, which is a notable feature considering today’s price of fuel. 

Design And Style 

Even as a more compact SUV, the Duster does not compromise on the cabin space. It gives both the driver and passengers a more comfortable ride without feeling confining. The seats are superbly designed with refined details added to elevate the look of the interior. 

Renault has placed more emphasis on the Duster's ergonomic design throughout the interior, a rarity in SUVs. One feels as if they are in a car rather than a high-riding all-wheel drive. 

Functional Features 

The interiors boast an updated 8-inch touch screen for multimedia use. An interesting feature that enhances the driver’s experience is the backlit steering wheel controls. It makes for easier handling and less fidgeting on the road. For added space, the rear seats fold to increase luggage capacity, but Renault has also cleverly placed storage compartments all over the interior. There is no shortage of space with this SUV. 

Drivers also have access to the hill start assist and descent control, both extremely valuable for off-roading. Additionally, there is a blind spot alert and cruise control features to make for faster handling and response times. 

Final Thoughts

Being comparatively priced to other SUVs is not the only selling point of the Renault Duster. It’s an economical buy suitable to various consumers’ needs. Smaller family units, suburban parents, and even city dwellers will all find the Duster is the ideal vehicle for them. It's an SUV that works as a family car and a rugged vehicle for your weekend adventures. The stylish exterior is modern, and the interiors are well-designed and have handy features that all make for an enjoyable ride. The Renault Duster offers an affordable SUV option for busy intersections and quiet roads. It provides you with safe, spacious, and smooth driving. 

It’s not often that car manufacturers find the right balance when building a multi-purpose vehicle, but the brand has excelled at this with their Renault Duster for sale. This comprehensive review will give you more insight into all the important details and help you decide if it's the next vehicle for you. Browse through our SUV range with Motus Select’s wide variety. 

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Renault Captur: Your Road Trip Ready Companion

Renault Captur: Your Road Trip Ready Companion

With beautiful landscapes, charming towns, and friendly people, South Africans look forward to hitting the open road towards the end of the year. And the car to take you to your next destination in the coming months is the Renault Captur. The robust SUV is a compact crossover that delivers in terms of reliability, affordability, and durability. 

In this article, we explore just why the Renault Captur is the best companion for your road trip. 

Performs When It Matters 

The sporty Captur is available to consumers in four variants and two trim levels. There is also a 5-speed manual transmission and 6-speed EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) automatic option. 

  • 66KW Turbo 
  • 66KW 1.5 dCi 
  • 88KW Turbo 
  • 88KW Turbo EDC 

In addition, Renault brings consumers choice with favourable diesel fuel consumption cycles. With a 45l tank, drivers can reach an efficient economy rate of 6.0L/100km as an average across variants. 

Filling up has become an expensive exercise and with the good fuel economy that the Captur offers you, you can get more kilometres for your money. This is often a deciding factor in one’s travel plans because if fuel exceeds your budget, you may struggle to have a stress-free holiday.

Secure Driving 

On the road, you need a vehicle that you feel safe in. But more than that, you need a vehicle you can rely on with supportive safety features that enhance the driving experience. With the Renault Captur, you are assured of an SUV that meets European standards, and this is key when you’re miles away from the next town on a hot day. 

There is ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), automatic dipped headlights, and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) to help you avoid collisions with other road users, roaming animals, or unexpected objects. But the responsiveness of the Captur, the highlight of the SUV, is the ESC (Electronic Stability Control). Another useful safety addition is the driver SBR (Seat Belt Reminder) alert to keep the driver aware after a long drive. The car's front end has the usual airbags allocated for the driver and front passenger, but there are also side front airbags to reduce the impact in the event of an accident. 

Features For Convenience 

The driver and passengers alike can find several convenient features in the cabin and on the exterior to give them a comfortable ride and plenty of space for all their luggage. For additional storage, you can use the aluminium roof bars and bicycle rack. There is also a helpful tow bar to assist you when the unexpected happens. 

The interiors are just as spacious as you may think. Renault has considered rear-seat passengers' comfort too, making sure that all the seats feel cocoon-like. A practical feature of the interior seats is that the upholstery is removable and washable. Spills are bound to happen on bumpy roads, so it is rather useful having easy-to-clean seats. 

The dashboard and controls have also been well-thought-out to ensure the driver and front-seat passenger needn’t have to stretch to activate simple functions. The multimedia touchscreen is ideal for flipping between playlists on your road trips. The touchscreen also has navigation capabilities, a handy tool to have when you find yourself a little lost in the countryside this summer. 

The warm summer and longer days make for the ideal driving conditions for those looking to cruise from coast to coast. Before you get going with your Renault Captur, ensure you have filled up the tank, mapped out your route, and are ready to have the best trip yet. Browse through Motus Select's large range of this economical SUV at competitive prices. 

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