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  • 5 Car Trends to watch out for in 2020
    Uploaded 2 years ago

    5 Car Trends to watch out for in 2020

  • Answering The 3 Most Common Car Questions
    Uploaded 4 days ago

    Answering The 3 Most Common Car Questions

  • Your Guide To Car Valuations On Second-Hand Cars For Sale
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Your Guide To Car Valuations On Second-Hand Cars For Sale

  • Quick Comparison: Renault Captur vs Nissan Juke
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Quick Comparison: Renault Captur vs Nissan Juke

  • Why The Kia Sportage Is A Standout Car
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Why The Kia Sportage Is A Standout Car

  • Six brands, one location
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Six brands, one location

5 Car Trends to watch out for in 2020

Uploaded 2 years ago

5 Car Trends to watch out for in 2020

5 Car Trends to watch out for in 2020

It's 2020, and we are living in the future that seemed so far away not too long ago. The new decade promises to deliver huge technological developments to further improve how we are connected to the web and each other. The automotive industry is keeping up with these developments the entire way, and we are excited at the previews of what's in store in coming months. Of course, many of us still drive a used car in Johannesburg, but it's good to keep abreast of what the future holds. 

The big word in upcoming trends for 2020 is definitely ‘automation'. You can expect to see a lot of effort from all manufacturers to roll out cars with more convenience-focused features and access to the very latest in technology so that you can stay connected to your world while you drive. We take a look at some of the main innovations to look out for, below.

Stay Connected, Wherever You Go

We've seen Bluetooth becoming a fairly standard feature in cars of recent years, but the next big development will be seamlessly continuing what you were listening to, working on or watching from your work, school, home or any other location with Wi-Fi facilities. You can look forward to your car being just as connected as your home, so you can take your online life with you whenever you drive.

Comfort And Convenience

In light of the current focus to develop and roll out self-driving cars as a standard for transport worldwide, car manufacturers are looking ahead and figuring out what they could offer you to make your ride better. Since you, especially as the driver, will have ample free time on your hands, cars will become more like lounges. Family members can watch a movie together, make a video call to friends to let them know you're on the way, or every passenger can connect their own device to the network and entertain themselves as they choose. 

Another big convenience focus point is that seats are now being transformed from typical car seats to being more like comfortable loungers or sofa chairs. With the aim to make your travels as enjoyable as possible, you can expect to feel quite at home in your car in the coming years.

Voice Recognition And Control

Many modern cars already have voice recognition software to help you make calls, send basic instructions or set a reminder while you're driving. Mostly connected through your phone, this technology will be upgraded to onboard AI assistance in coming years. If you're familiar with Alexa, Google Assistant, or even Siri, you'll have an idea of what to expect your car to be like in future. It will be able to advise you if upcoming traffic is slow and suggest an alternate route, read the news to you while you're on your way to work, and essentially function just as the at-home technology you have does.

Remote Maintenance And Servicing

Have you seen how doctors can now consult with patients from anywhere, through video call appointments? In the same way, computer technicians can connect with your laptop or computer and take it over to fix the problem you're having - no more waiting for a house call or having to take it into a car repair workshop. This is a trend that will also roll into the automotive industry, with intelligent control systems that can diagnose your car and send a report to technicians, who then, in turn, can make corrections to your vehicle remotely, wherever and whenever it's needed. Of course, this isn't possible for physical, mechanical work, but since cars are essentially transforming into computers on wheels, a lot of how it functions will be digital and therefore accessible from anywhere.

Shorter Life Cycles

If you know anything about technology you'll be all too aware that the flashy new phone you just got a week ago will suddenly be upstaged by an even better new model in just a few weeks or months. With technology, things become outdated very quickly. So much so that you can't actually keep up the pace unless you're a bona fide millionaire. We're going to see this transition happening with cars as well. 

Since cars will be highly technologically driven, their tech will become outdated, and you'll end up owning a car that will be old news in a matter of two or three years. This could have many implications for car owners because there won't be such a thing as having the same car for ten or twenty years. Experts speculate that buying cars may entirely fall away and be replaced by leasing models. When cars become outdated, they could then be returned to the manufacturer to be upgraded or used as materials for new vehicles. However, for the foreseeable future, we anticipate a still rapidly vibrant used car market in South Africa. 

Are you looking forward to the future of driving and transport? We hope these car trends that 2020 promises to kick-off will see us creating an even better, smarter transportation solution in future.

Uploaded 4 days ago

Answering The 3 Most Common Car Questions

Answering The 3 Most Common Car Questions

If you’re currently in the market for your first car, there may be a few things you’re still wondering about when it comes to car ownership. These questions may even remain unanswered if you’ve been driving for years, as many car owners never learn about these basic facts. Whether you’re looking for a Kia Rio for sale, or any other vehicle, knowing these three basics will always be important.

Does The Type Of Petrol I Fill Up With Matter?

Essentially, no. As long as you fill up a petrol engine with petrol and diesel in a diesel engine, you’ll be fine. The two available petrol variants are 95 unleaded and 93, both of which will work fine in your car and won’t do any damage. You will find that your car runs a bit more sluggishly on 93, and 95 yields a better performance due to its sophisticated formulation. In terms of which petrol stations to fill up at, this makes no difference either, although you may find a small price difference per liter when filling up at the coast versus further inland.

How Often Should I Have My Oil Changed?

Oil is critical in ensuring that your car runs properly, which is why keeping an eye on your oil levels is important. Although it varies somewhat between manufacturers, the general rule is to have your oil changed every 4000 kilometers, with top-ups as needed. Remember always to check your oil levels when your car has been standing parked for a while to get an accurate reading. Your car’s motor oil will get old over time and become less effective in lubricating and protecting the engine. Having the oil drained from your tank and completely replenished every 4000 kilometers will ensure that your car functions at its best.

What Is The Correct Tyre Pressure For My Car?

Keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressure will provide you with a smoother and safer driving experience, and your tyres will last longer. Even slightly deflated tyres wear down much quicker because of the increased drag and friction. Each car model has its own optimum inflation level, which is determined by the overall weight of the vehicle and the type of tyres it uses. To know your recommended inflation level, check for the sticker on the inside of the driver's door panel when you open the door. You can also consult your owner’s manual for this information.

Following basic steps like checking essential liquids and tyres will ensure that you get many years of driving pleasure out of your vehicle while keeping yourself and others safe. For the best prices on a pre-owned Kia Rio for sale, view our inventory on the website.

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Your Guide To Car Valuations On Second-Hand Cars For Sale

Your Guide To Car Valuations On Second-Hand Cars For Sale

If you’re currently on the hunt for second hand cars for sale, it’s important to be aware of the market value of the vehicle you’re looking at to decide whether you’re looking at a fair asking price. Fortunately, thanks to a wealth of online resources, it’s much easier to quickly get an idea of how the car in question compares with your working budget and how well it fits your vehicle needs. Here are a few tips to help guide you to making an informed decision. 

What Determines A Car’s Sales Price?

Several factors can affect the sales price of a used car. The two main aspects are the year of manufacture and the total mileage on the odometer – but those aren’t the only things you should be looking at. Cars with higher mileage will require more costly services as larger parts need to be replaced after a while. Older cars with higher mileage are also more likely to need replacement parts and fixes, but the condition of the car and how well it has been looked after to date is also important. 

Find out whether the car has been in any previous accidents and if any modifications had been done to the engine or bodywork. Previous damage tends to be a significant indicator of future problems, which is why cars that have been repaired will lose a lot of their retail value. Smaller faults may be easy enough to repair, but be wary of cars that have been in serious accidents and those that show any sign of rust damage.

Car brands and models also determine their resale value and how well they retain their initial selling cost, as more popular and reliable brands tend to remain high on the buyer interest list. Although they tend to be more expensive than other cars, it is a good indication that you’ll be investing in a solid vehicle that will continue to serve you well in the long run.

Check Car Sales Websites

If you have a specific make and model in mind, scouring through a few car sales websites for similar models will give you a good idea of how much they sell for on average. You can also consult online valuation websites, where you can enter the details of any car and get an instant estimated market value. Bear in mind that the condition of the car you’re interested in can greatly affect the price, as cars that have visibly undergone a lot of wear and tear in terms of the bodywork and interior will lower the sales price.

While you can buy from a private seller, it’s always wiser to look at second-hand cars for sale from a reputable dealer like Motus Select, which offers a warranty and has a good track record. After all, buying a car is a big decision, and you should be completely confident that you’ve made the right choice.

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Quick Comparison: Renault Captur vs Nissan Juke

Quick Comparison: Renault Captur vs Nissan Juke

If you’re currently in the market for a vehicle that offers affordability, ample space and versatility, a crossover or mini SUV might well check all the boxes for what you need. Today, we look at two very popular models in the pre-owned car segment: the Renault Captur and Nissan Juke. While the Juke is no longer being sold since its discontinuation in South Africa in 2019, several of these models are available that are in great condition. The Captur, in turn, has been a firm favorite and one of Renault’s best sellers for several years, and a recent facelift edition was introduced to the market in 2021.

Interior Space

While both the Captur and Juke are about the same size overall, the Captur offers a more spacious cabin and more vertical elevation for taller passengers. The starkest contrast between the two models becomes apparent when comparing the rear seats. The Juke’s rear row of seats is quite cramped due to the raked roofline. Smaller rear windows also create a more confined feeling than what the Captur offers. 

When it comes to storage space and flexibility, the Captur wins hands down, thanks to the 377-liter boot that can be expanded to 1235 liters when the rear seats are collapsed. The Juke has a standard boot space of 352 liters, which can be maximised to 1189 liters when the rear seats are folded. Both vehicles feature stylish interiors and quality trim, with very similar layouts of the dashboard and driver-side steering sections. 


In terms of fuel efficiency and performance, the two are fairly evenly matched when it comes to their petrol variants. The Captur averages at 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers, while the Juke comes in at an average of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Both models are available in petrol and diesel options, and both offer a turbocharged variant for buyers looking for a bit more power under the bonnet.

General Appeal

Overall, the Renault Captur has always been the favorite of the two among car buyers. It features a more modern, fun, and sporty appeal, while the Juke has traditionally been more of an unusual choice because of its stocky and somewhat clunky design exterior.

If your mind is set on getting a Renault Captur, be sure to check out our online inventory of pre-owned vehicles. We frequently have models in great condition at unbeatable prices on offer.

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Why The Kia Sportage Is A Standout Car

Why The Kia Sportage Is A Standout Car

SUVs have undoubtedly become all the rage among local car buyers of all ages and lifestyles and it’s easy to understand why. They’ve become a lot more affordable in recent years, are incredibly versatile and spacious, engines have become significantly more efficient in terms of power and fuel consumption, and you have a huge range to choose from. 

In spite of the ever-increasing competition between car manufacturers to gain the top-selling position for their SUV offerings, one model, in particular, has risen above the rest and taken a stronghold of the local and international best selling status: the Kia Sportage

After nearly two decades of existence – since its launch in 2004 – the Sportage has climbed in popularity year after year, and every new generation unveiled to the world springs forth newfound admiration and desire in car buyers. Here are just a few reasons you should consider Sportage one of the best candidates on your shopping list.

Extremely Competitive Pricing

It’s long been a mystery how Kia manages to pack so much luxury and functionality into their vehicles and still manage to keep their prices as low as possible. However, don’t let this deceive you into thinking they fall short in any aspect. Kia is now touted as a world-leading car manufacturer with scores of awards and high safety rankings under their belt. The features and build quality you’ll get in a Sportage, coupled with Kia’s amazing 5-year/unlimited mileage warranty and excellent customer service, means you’ll feel like royalty by owning one of these great SUV models.


Kia is ranked one of the safest cars in the world to drive, and its Sportage models have scored full five-star ratings by the IHHS safety ranking evaluation standards. The 2020 variant of the Sportage is fitted with a host of safety features, including lane-departure warnings, rear cross-traffic alerts, automatic emergency braking, and active lane control. That’s on top of the standard ABS, EBD, six airbags, central locking with remote control, rear park assist sensors, downhill brake control, hill-start assist control, and parking assist, all guided and controlled by the integrated touchscreen infotainment system built into the front center console.

Interior Features

While the Sportage is beautiful to gaze at from the outside, the interior is where it gained a great deal of praise and admiration over the years. Along with high-quality seats and detailed trim – either premium cloth upholstery or leather, depending on the model variant – you’ll find an immersive sound system with six speakers throughout the cabin, an interactive infotainment system coupled with steering wheel controls and a touchscreen built into the console, plenty of storage space in the front and rear, along with air conditioning, to name but a few. Storage space won’t ever be a problem, thanks to the 591-liter boot, which can be further expanded to a whopping 1780 liters if you collapse the rear row of seats.

High Value Retention

Resale value is something one should always consider when buying a vehicle. After all, you’re spending a significant amount of money on a vehicle that, even if you don’t keep for years, should provide you with some return on investment down the line. This is definitely not a concern when it comes to the Sportage, as they are known to retain their market value better than most other cars in this segment. Due to their popularity and high demand for new and used Sportage models, you can rest assured that you will always find a buyer for your vehicle if you decide to sell it or upgrade to a newer model later.

A Big Selection Of Model Variants To Choose From

The 2020 range of Sportage models is available in six variants: three automatic, 6-speed transmission two-wheel drive models, two manual, 6-speed transmission two-wheel drive models, and the upper-end 1.6GT-Line model, which features an automatic 7-speed transmission gearbox with all-wheel drive. 

There are four-wheel options, all of which are alloy cast, ranging from 16 inches to 19 inches. The Sportage comes in a range of ten sophisticated colours, including Blue Flame, Infra Red, Casa White, Copper Stone, Cosmo Blue, and five variations of gunmetal, silver, charcoal, and black.

Kia is planning to release their all-new, facelift 2022 edition Sportage later this year, and it’s looking even more impressive than its predecessors on every front. If you can’t wait until then or don’t have the budget to afford the fairly high expected cost of R664 000, you can still get your hands on a pre-owned Sportage model that’s in pristine condition for a more affordable price. 

For the best Kia Sportage prices on used models, be sure to look at the Motus Select online inventory on our website. We update our stock frequently and have dealerships nationwide to assist you.

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Six brands, one location

Six brands, one location

A brand new Motus Menlyn multi-franchise dealership has opened its doors in the heart of Pretoria.

The dealership consists of four new car brands and two pre-owned vehicle offerings as well as a number of shared services. This concept gives customers a wide variety when shopping for new or pre-owned vehicles in one a convenient location.

The four new car brands include Nissan, Renault, Kia and Hyundai.

Nissan currently boasts a revitalised product range which includes the all-new, locally built Navara range as well as the funky Magnite with additional new models expected to be launched in coming months.

Renault offers a wide variety of compact and affordable models with an extra dose of French flair. Visitors can experience stalwarts such as the Duster, Koleos, Kwid and Triber and meet newcomers the Clio 5 and Kiger.

Kia is now an established brand in South Africa and offers a comprehensive range of vehicles, with particular emphasis on SUVs. The Seltos, Sonet, Sorento and Sportage feature modern styling in a SUV package combined with frugal yet powerful engines. Value for money offerings include the Pegas and Picanto.

Hyundai also boasts a revitalised model range that includes the Grand Creta, Palisade, Staria and Tucson. Volume sellers include the well-known Creta, Grand i10, i20 and Kona.

The pre-owned vehicle offerings available at this new dealership include Motus Select and Auto Pedigree.

Motus Select prides itself on offering good quality pre-owned vehicles that adhere to strict criteria that guarantee quality and allow motorists to shop with confidence.

In order to ensure that the vehicles being offered for sale are in excellent condition, Motus Select subjects the vehicles to thorough 110-point quality checks. In-house technicians thoroughly inspect the vehicles to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Auto Pedigree has been selling high quality pre-owned vehicles to South African motorists for over 40 years. During this time Auto Pedigree has established a reputation for quality used vehicles with great service. All vehicles sold through Auto Pedigree are subjected to thorough mechanical and electrical tests to ensure that they are in excellent condition before going on sale. The majority of vehicles sold come with a full-service history and police clearance certificate.

“While the dealer environment might be changing, we still believe that there is a need for brick-and-mortar dealerships. While this new facility represents a massive size and investment, it incorporates six brands in a cost-effective way thanks to a number of shared services such as admin functions and workshops. The brands we have on site have been carefully selected and will allow visitors to the dealership to shop with confidence from a wide variety of brands and models,” says Corné Venter, CEO of Motus Retail and Rental South Africa.

The new Motus multi-franchise facility is located at 224 Garsfontein Road, Menlyn, in the heart of Menlyn Motor City with convenient access to the N1 and R21 highways as well as the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre.

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