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  • Understanding Car Insurance And Finding The Best Fit For You
    Uploaded 1 year ago

    Understanding Car Insurance And Finding The Best Fit For You

  • The Difference Between A Major & Minor Service
    Uploaded 1 day ago

    The Difference Between A Major & Minor Service

  • Top Performing SUV Models For Sale In 2021
    Uploaded 4 days ago

    Top Performing SUV Models For Sale In 2021

  • 5 Tips On How To Get More Cash For Your Used Kia For Sale
    Uploaded 6 days ago

    5 Tips On How To Get More Cash For Your Used Kia For Sale

  • 2020 Demos That Are Worth Another Look
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    2020 Demos That Are Worth Another Look

  • MOTUS Select Reliable Used Cars For Sale That You Can Trust
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    MOTUS Select Reliable Used Cars For Sale That You Can Trust

Understanding Car Insurance And Finding The Best Fit For You

Uploaded 1 year ago

Understanding Car Insurance And Finding The Best Fit For You

Understanding Car Insurance And Finding The Best Fit For You

Getting a new, or used car is an exciting prospect and should be bolstered by absolute peace of mind as you head out on the roads. You want to know that your vehicle is in great condition and that, should anything go wrong, there will be a safety net to help you recover and get back on the road without too much hassle or unexpected expenses.

Car insurance is vitally important, not only to ensure your car can be repaired or replaced if it's in an accident or stolen but also to keep you covered in case you end up in a situation where you are responsible for damage to someone else's vehicle. If you're in the market for a used car, view our range of top demo cars for sale and find the best vehicle for your style and requirements.

Understanding The Different Types Of Insurance

There are three main categories for car insurance in South Africa, each offering a different range of coverage, based on your needs.

Comprehensive Cover

If you've bought your car through bank financing, comprehensive cover is mandatory for the period of time that you're still paying off your car loan. It is the most expensive type of cover but is also the best, in terms of what you're covered for. This type of insurance will cover any damages that occur to your car if you're in an accident, while also fully or partially covering for any damages that occur to another car you're in an accident with. Also, if your car is stolen or hijacked, or suffers extreme fire damage to the point where your car needs to be written off, top-grade comprehensive cover will assist in replacing your vehicle. If you're looking for extensive insurance that will come to your aid in almost all types of incidents, comprehensive cover is your best option.

Third-Party, Fire And Theft Cover

A much more affordable option, this type of insurance will cover you for damages incurred to another vehicle in an accident, and if the owner lays claims against you for damages. In cases where your car is stolen or hijacked, or damaged beyond repair in a fire, your car will be covered. This insurance does not provide any cover for smaller damages to your own car, or repairs needed if you're in an accident. So bear this in mind as it means you will be completely responsible for any costs if your car is damaged or written off in an accident or smaller incident like a fender bender, have a broken windscreen or windows.

Third-Party Cover

This is the most affordable option but only provides cover to repair other cars you're in an accident with. Third-party cover is essentially just to avoid extra expenses if you're liable or charged for damage to another vehicle. With this coverage, you will be entirely responsible for any damages to your car or if it's stolen, hijacked, or suffers fire damage.

Factors That Affect Your Insurance Premium

There are several factors that can affect how much you pay for car insurance, including your age (people under the age of 25 pay a higher premium) and your car insurance history.

1. Car brand, age and colour

The age of your car, what it's market value is, as well as the brand all affect what you'll pay to have it covered. The colour of your car also greatly affects your premium, with white or bright coloured cars which have higher road visibility, costing significantly less to insure.

2. Driver And Previous Insurance Claims Details

Your age, how long you've had a driver's license for and, sometimes, your gender, are all factors in determining your premium. If you've previously had car insurance, you'll need to divulge all details about your previous types of insurance, how long you were insured for, and provide details about any claims you've previously made. You'll also be asked if you've been in a car accident in recent years, as this and previous claims history will affect your premium.

3. Geographical Information

The town and suburb you live in, where the car will be parked at night, and whether it will be in a safely enclosed area or out on the street, are all key factors. Areas with higher crime or hijacking rates are considered higher risk zones and will push up your premium.

4. How Often And For What Purpose You Drive

If you're on the road just to get to work and back, or to do grocery shopping and fetch the kids from school, you'll be at a lower risk level than, say, someone who has to drive around all day for work. Some insurers even offer a special discounted premium for people who don't drive very often or for very long distances, with your premium covering you for a set total amount of kilometres per month. For this option, you will need to have a tracking device fitted to your car so that the insurer can monitor your total distance driven each month.

Premium Versus Excess

This part of your insurance cover relies on how much you are willing or able to pay for your premiums. If you want more affordable monthly premiums, you'll end up paying a larger excess should anything happen to your car. If you want to ensure that your excess is minimal to none after an accident or other incident, you'll have to pay higher monthly instalments on your insurance.

Whatever your ultimate decision with car insurance, always do your homework and shop around a bit - the costs of insurance premiums can vary quite vastly between different insurers. If you're currently in the market for a used car or top demo car for sale, take a look at our selection of high-quality vehicles and remember to bear the importance of insurance in mind.


Uploaded 1 day ago

The Difference Between A Major & Minor Service

The Difference Between A Major & Minor Service

Getting your car serviced is an important part of responsible car ownership and is something you should take seriously if you value your safety on the road. If your car has a service plan, you will know that the registered dealership you bought it from will notify or remind you that you will need to bring your vehicle in for a service after you have travelled a certain number of kilometres. All cars have recommended mileage- or age-dependent major and minor service intervals based on how long certain car parts typically last before they need replacement. 

Knowing the difference between a major and minor car service will help you familiarise yourself with what will and will not be checked when you take your set of wheels in for car service and repair. Here the main checks are done during each of the two services. 

Minor Car Service

Auto manufacturers estimate that people typically drive about 10 000km a year, on average. Based on this information, we recommend taking your car for a minor service at least once a year. Minor services involve routine checks of elements that wear down more quickly than others, as well as fluids that need to be replaced or topped up often. A minor service includes tyre checks and rotation, engine oil and filter replacement, battery checks, light checks and fluid replacement if needed. If an issue is detected during this inspection that falls outside of what forms part of a minor service, you will be notified and will need to prepare for repair costs in addition to the service cost. 

Major Car Service

A major service typically happens every second time you are scheduled to bring your car into a workshop. These services are far more extensive than minor services, as everything that automotive specialists check during a minor service will be checked yet again, but every other component down to the smallest detail will also be inspected. This is done to ensure that every part of your vehicle is in good condition and that nothing is overlooked. Major services are typically needed every 3 years or every 30 000km, whichever comes first. Should the technician encounter any large faults that will require part repair or replacement, you will be notified, and arrangements will be made to fix these problems at an extra cost.

Is your car due for a service? If you&rsquore no longer covered by a service plan or would like to look at alternate service providers, MOTUS Select service centres should be the next call you make. We specialise in the servicing of KIA, Renault, Mitsubishi and Hyundai models and will ensure you the best service at a great price. 

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Top Performing SUV Models For Sale In 2021

Top Performing SUV Models For Sale In 2021

SUVs have become highly popular with the South African &ndash and global &ndash consumer market and have skyrocketed beyond the realm of being a niche product that featured clunky designs with basic functions to cater to off-road drivers to becoming some of the sleekest and most sophisticated classes of vehicles available. Fuel consumption has vastly improved in larger vehicles and has further encouraged interest in going bigger and enjoying the benefits of owning an SUV. After all, the benefits are varied and plentiful it&rsquos a car that can handle any terrain while having enough space to transport people or lots of luggage with ease comfortably. Not to mention that SUVs are safer to drive than smaller vehicles drivers have vastly improved road visibility because of the elevation of the vehicle off the ground, while other drivers are much less likely to overlook you in traffic or be aggressive when engaging with your vehicle. A larger vehicle is more imposing and garners more respect and caution from other drivers &ndash anyone who has ever driven a micro hatchback and moved up to an SUV will attest to this. Not only that, but you&rsquoll have a far more comfortable and secure driving experience in an SUV, as safety features are typically enhanced in these models. 

Here are a few of the top-performing SUVs available in 2021 if you&rsquore considering buying a used SUV for sale 

Ford EcoSport

Ford has made several improvements to its more recent facelift models of the EcoSport, including exterior and interior visual design improvements. While this model is a mini-SUV, it was created to cater mainly to the urban consumer market &ndash in other words, people who want the everyday benefits of an SUV but who won&rsquot need or ever use the off-road functionality. The EcoSport is perfect for taking on roads, traffic and modest dirt roads, but if you&rsquore looking for an SUV that can keep up with the likes of a Land Rover when taking on mountains, this won&rsquot be it. It has a ground clearance of 200mm, which makes it perfect for our South African roads, and all variants feature a 1.5-litre engine. Features include rear parking sensors, dual front airbags, childproof rear door lock functionality, infotainment system, ABS and air conditioning. Depending on the model&rsquos variant and year, a used Ford EcoSport sells in the average price range of R150 000 to R399 000.

Mazda CX-3

If it&rsquos a sporty, sleek look you&rsquore after, the CX-3 is undeniably one of the best in its price category. It features a zippy 2-litre engine with loads of upgraded aspects, including 16&rdquo alloy wheels, hill launch assist, a push-button engine start, remote central locking, electric windows, infotainment system featuring four speakers and steering wheel controls. Safety is definitely not neglected on this model as it comes with six airbags, an ABS braking system and driving stability control assist. The Mazda CX-3 has also won several awards in recent years, including the 2018 Drive Car Of The Year award in the &lsquoBest City SUV&rsquo category. Prices range from around R235 000 for 2018 models to R445 000 for the latest 2021 used models. 

Renault Captur

Another very popular model and one of Renault&rsquos top sellers, the Captur is a modern, youthful SUV that combines form, function and fun. It won the 2020 Auto Express Small SUV of the Year award and also boasted a top position as the Most Highly Rated Car of 2016 at the Honest John Awards. Features include LED daytime running lights, steering wheel controls, four airbags with ABS and stability control, and air conditioning with automatic climate control. Boot space is ample and can be further increased by collapsing the rear seats. Prices start at a reasonable R170 000 for most 2018 models and can go up to around R299 000 for 2020 models. 

Toyota Rush

A more recent addition to the market, the Rush features an impressively spacious boot of 609 litres and is built to transport 5 adults comfortably. The most recent facelift rendition features a more sophisticated exterior design that doesn&rsquot scream edgy but rather strong and confident. The Rush features an infotainment system with a touchscreen and basic steering wheel controls, 17&rdquo wheels and very stylish finishes within the interior cabin. Perfect for large families who need lots of space and a reliable, quality vehicle, you can expect to find a used Toyota Rush for anywhere between R205 000 and R350 000. 

Honda BR-V

Another model aimed at making SUVs affordable for the average-income market, Honda&rsquos BR-V stands out in that it is a seven-seater, rather than most others in its class bracket that only offers five seats. Honda&rsquos signature sophistication in terms of exterior design is clear with this model, and interior finishes are made from quality materials throughout. It&rsquos powered by a 1.5-litre engine and is fitted with an audio touchscreen system and reverse park assist camera. The BR-V is made with transportation as the main priority, and in that sense, it&rsquos a very straight-forward vehicle that focuses on its 7-seat configuration more than on extra bells and whistles. If you&rsquore looking for a simple means of transport for city commuting, it&rsquos great. If you&rsquore looking for a family car to use for road trips and expect other SUVs&rsquo comfort levels, it probably won&rsquot fit your needs. The BR-V is available from between R180 000 and R335 000 for used models between 2018 and 2020.

If you&rsquore interested in buying a used SUV for sale but aren&rsquot sure which models will be best for your individual needs, take a look at our selection online or contact us for assistance.

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5 Tips On How To Get More Cash For Your Used Kia For Sale

5 Tips On How To Get More Cash For Your Used Kia For Sale

We all love our cars but sometimes life changes, and you realise your current set of wheels would not slot well into your lifestyle and requirements anymore. Whether your family is growing or you need to downscale on your current expenses, if you are thinking about selling your car shortly, you will surely be hoping to get the best possible price for it. A lot of factors contribute to the resale value of your vehicle, including its manufacture year, service history, general condition and the general market appeal of the model. If you have looked after your car well over the years, your chances of making a quick sale that leaves you smiling is a lot higher than if you&rsquore trying to sell an older car that is not as in demand as it used to be. Whatever the case, you can always increase your chances of getting a better price for your car by spending a bit of time preparing yourself &ndash and your car &ndash in advance. Here is how 

Do A Bit Of Research Homework

Nobody likes to take on extra admin in life, but if you are serious about selling your car and want to ensure that you will get the best possible price for it, you need to have some knowledge to back you up during the sales process. Go online and search through various car sales websites for cars that match your cars model, year and mileage. This will give you a fairly good idea of how many cars like yours are going for at the moment. You can also call or stop by dealerships in your area and ask them to give you a market estimate if you were to trade it in with them. 

Get Several Quotes And Compare Them

If you are planning on selling your car to a dealership, make the effort of enquiring with at least three or four different ones and comparing the offers you got from them. Sometimes the margin can vary by quite a lot, but having an average total will help to ensure that you are not fooled into falling for a bad deal when you finally negotiate to sell. Also, note that there is a national information repository that all dealerships have access to, which they can reference to determine the average market value and resale costs for any car. If any of the offers are well below what you have seen as the average selling price, be cautious and rather go with another dealer or buyer.

Have Your Paperwork In Order

Not only will you legally be obligated to submit your cars paperwork when selling it, but the more information you have to prove that it is been well looked after, the better. Remember that the dealership or person considering buying your car wants to have as much information about it as possible, to ensure that they are making a smart purchase. Service records are a key part of this, so keep your service manual and any other documents that prove that your car has been professionally checked or repaired over the years. Being able to provide this will immediately boost your cars resale value, so get those documents together now and start organising them. 

Make Your Car Look Its Very Best

Although cars are functional assets, they also carry social status value, and their appearances are a huge contributing factor to whether they will get a good price or be considered appealing enough to pay well for. Just as is the case with buying a house, a potential buyer wants to know they will have minimal work to do once they buy a car, so keeping it in great condition will help secure your chances of selling it. Splurge on a full valet service to get your exterior shiny and your interior looking - and smelling - like a brand new car. Sense of smell is a very strong driving force when it comes to whether people find appeal in something, so something as simple as investing in detailing spray that is fragranced to smell like a new car will make a big impact on how your car is perceived. If you have a fairly new car that holds good resale value, but your paintwork is dull or chipping, you may want to consider having the car resprayed or touched up, as it can raise your sales price by a few thousand. Get a new set of tyres installed, look into replacing the floor mats and having your headlights covers polished to remove that dull, yellow or grey build-up that forms over the years. 

Plan To Sell At The Right Time Of The Year

Most car owners are not aware that car sales do not stay consistent throughout the year. There are specific periods each year where both new and used cars sell a lot faster than they do during other months, and if you are able to hold off on selling your car until a sales peak approaches, you will be more likely to get your car sold faster and for a better price. Not only that, but you should bear in mind what kind of car you have. While hatchbacks and other regular models are evergreen in popularity, you will have a much harder time trying to sell a convertible during winter. Typically, the highest sales for cars are recorded around the end of December and during the first two or three months of the New Year. This is likely because people start new jobs, move to new towns, or make life-changing decisions that kick-off when a new year starts. While our economy is struggling, it remains true that people tend to have more money to make decisions like buying a car at the end of a year when they cash out their leave days or get a thirteenth cheque. 

If you want to sell your car or are looking for a used KIA for sale to replace your current vehicle, you can trust MOTUS Select to help you through the process. We offer exceptional customer service and are a name you can trust to sell to and buy from with confidence.

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2020 Demos That Are Worth Another Look

2020 Demos That Are Worth Another Look

If you are looking at getting a new car, but the price tags on brand new models are too steep for your budget, demo cars for sale might be the perfect compromise between owning a very recently released model and realistically being able to afford one. Demo vehicles serve the purpose of enticing prospective buyers and offering them the chance to get the first-hand experience of how the car feels, drives and whether it ticks all the boxes for someone interested in investing in a particular model. It is for this reason that, when demo cars eventually are sold off after a short while, they are still very current and on-trend, with minimal wear and tear, making them very in-demand with people hoping to get a great price on a practically new vehicle. Here are a few of our favourite demo models currently in stock at MOTUS Select. 

Renault Kwid Dynamique

Renault introduced this crossover model to the market not too long ago and made impressive upgrades to the 2020 rendition to further increase its appeal. This sporty fusion of a hatchback and compact SUV is packed with features, including steering wheel controls, an infotainment system, rear park distance sensors and a reverse parking camera, dual airbags and a host of safety features. If it is an eye-catching, fun and affordable vehicle with ample space you are after, the Kwid should be on your list of cars to consider.


If sporty is what you are after, the Rio fits the bill. Created to provide buyers with a more affordable alternative to other popular sporty hatchbacks on the market, the Rio exudes raw energy and fierceness while still offering plenty of safety and comfort features. All variants come with an adjustable steering wheel featuring infotainment controls, adjustable headlights, an 8-inch colour infotainment touchscreen system, electric windows, central locking with immobiliser, and an impressive 6-speaker setup for an immersive stereo sound experience.

Renault Sandero

If space is a big deciding factor for you, the Sandero is worth a closer look. Classified as a hatchback but with a frame that makes it feel more like a compact SUV, Renault Sandero leads the pack in its class segment when it comes to cabin room and storage capacity. Tall people who typically struggle with their heads scraping the roof of most cars will love the increased vertical space this model offers, while the boot space is just as impressive it comes with 292-litre storage space, which can be further increased thanks to the modular, split back seats that can be fully collapsed to make room for larger items. Standard features include a roof rack, air conditioning, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth and other fairly basic extras. The Sandero is a vehicle built mostly for function and practicality, and while it would not turn heads, it will offer you reliable performance and the best spaciousness in a car of this category. 

If all the appeal of getting a demo car is not enough to convince you to leap, we have even more good news a selection of our 2020 demo models are currently being offered with a cashback reward. This means that you can get several thousand Rands cashback in your pocket to use however you like when you buy one of these marked demos &ndash up to R80 000. If the car you have your eye on isn&rsquot in your part of the country, we will gladly arrange for transport and delivery to your door when you make your purchase &ndash no need to travel to collect it!

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MOTUS Select Reliable Used Cars For Sale That You Can Trust

MOTUS Select Reliable Used Cars For Sale That You Can Trust

Buying a car is a serious investment that comes with a great deal of responsibility, both financially and as a car owner. While there are many places you can buy from if you are looking for the best-used cars for sale, it is wise to entrust your money &ndash and future driving experience - to a reputable seller who guarantees customer satisfaction. We source and stock inventory of used and demo cars all across South Africa and can deliver your car to you wherever you are in the country. All of our vehicles are meticulously examined and prepared before we make them available for purchase, so you can have absolute assurance that whichever model you buy, your car will be in excellent condition. 

Here are a few featured used cars for sale at the moment

2015 Chevrolet Cruze 1.4T LS 5DR

If you are looking for a classy hatchback at an affordable price, this is worth a look. Sophisticated styling is featured in both the exterior design and interior details at a price that you would struggle to find an equivalent of. This model comes in metallic gunmetal and features ABS, EBD, power steering, electric front windows, steering wheel controls, central locking and cruise control. It has 108 000kms on the clock and is selling for R116 266, or R2073 per month for 72 months. 

2016 i10 1.1 Motion Manual

A car that&rsquos become a favourite among South Africans over the years for its affordability and reliability, as well as excellent fuel consumption, the i10 is a winner if you need a zippy city car that will be fun and affordable to maintain. This particular model is still in spotless condition and only has 22033kms on the clock. Features include air conditioning, power steering, a USB port to play MP3s, central locking and Bluetooth, as well as front driver airbags. It&rsquos available in white and is an absolute steal at only R119 990, or R2139 per month for 72 months. 

2020 Kwid 1.0 Expression 5dr

A very recently released car at a price that is almost hard to believe, this 2020 model Kwid will leave you smiling every time you get behind the steering wheel. It comes in a very eye-catching shade of Valentine red and only has 30 401kms on the clock. The even better news is that it is still under warranty of 5 years/150 000kms, so there will be no need to worry about dealing with unexpected expenses anytime soon. If you would like to complete the package with an extended service plan, we can include a 2-year/30 000kms plan when arranging to finance the purchase. Features include front electric windows, MP3 player, USB port, Bluetooth, central locking, power steering, daytime running lights and many more! This model is for sale at R126 591, or R2151 per month for 72 months. 

2016 Sandero 66KW Turbo Stepway

Another hugely popular car in the local market, the Renault Sandero, is perfect for people who enjoy an outgoing and adventurous lifestyle, even if they are based in the city. This model comes in bright red and features the signature Sandero roof racks and power steering, air conditioning, front electric windows, central locking, and more. It has 108 596kms on the clock and is going for R114 995 cash, or R2050 per month for 72 months with a payment plan. Interested? 

We are happy to discuss trading in your existing vehicle and are also an approved Financial Services Provider, which means you can arrange for car financing through us. Selling, trading in and buying through us is made simple and effortless, so contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help you.

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