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  • Tyre Care 101: The Basics Every Driver Should Know
    Uploaded 9 months ago

    Tyre Care 101 The Basics Every Driver Should Know

  • Almost New, Almost Yours...Quality Demo Cars For Under R250K
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Almost New, Almost Yours...Quality Demo Cars For Under R250K

  • Tips For Car Service & Repair Before Year-End Road Trips
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Tips For Car Service & Repair Before Year-End Road Trips

  • Our Favourite Legendary Nissan Used Cars For Sale
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Our Favourite Legendary Nissan Used Cars For Sale

  • Multi-Purpose Used Bakkie For Sale | Which Is Best?
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Multi-Purpose Used Bakkie For Sale Which Is Best?

  • Car Repair Workshop Talk: Get Your Car Ready For 2021
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    Car Repair Workshop Talk Get Your Car Ready For 2021

Uploaded 9 months ago

Tyre Care 101 The Basics Every Driver Should Know

Tyre Care 101 The Basics Every Driver Should Know

You know the spot check you do before you leave the house or work, just to be sure you&rsquove got everything? Wallet, phone, car keys. We tend to be so preoccupied with daily life that we forget the same spot check should be done on the cars we drive around in all the time, to be sure that everything is still looking and working as it should. A big part of that routine check should be your used cars&rsquo tyres &ndash after all, those bands of rubber are what keep you on the road safely. Incidentally, the advice in this blog could be applied as a tip for test driving a used car as well. 

To help you out, we&rsquove put together a simple list that you can use in your tyre check routine to make sure they&rsquore in good shape and that the check becomes second nature each time you need to do it

Keep your tires properly inflated

The wrong air pressure can wreak havoc with the control you have over your car and can make the chances of blowouts or premature wear and tear a lot bigger. Do a weekly check when you fill up with petrol.

Have your tyres rotated from time to time 

And without being funny, we&rsquore not talking about keeping them turning. Instead, rotating your tyres refers to changing their position on your car from time to time. Front tyres being moved to the back and vice versa. This will help keep your tread evenly distributed, especially if you didn&rsquot replace the entire set at the same time. 

Keep to the same brand of tyre when it&rsquos time for a new set

A car with different tyres can badly affect your car&rsquos handling and make the car unbalanced, all of which are safety concerns.

Inspect your tires often

Look out for any odd bubbles, changes in the shape of the tyre or signs of cuts or objects that may have become stuck in the tyre. If you come across anything suspicious, take the tyre to a service specialist as driving any further with it could be very dangerous.

Always carry a spare tyre

From time to time you may run into a tight spot and you don&rsquot want to be stranded on the side of the road with no backup plan. Keep a spare wheel with a tyre that is still in good condition and remember to check that the tyre is still properly inflated every so often. 

These few simple checks and good maintenance habits will not only save you money and help your tyres to last longer, but it will also give you peace of mind that you&rsquore driving around safely. 

As always, if you&rsquore looking for some help with maintaining your car, stop by one of our car repair workshops anytime and let our team of pros give you a hand. 

Uploaded 1 week ago

Almost New, Almost Yours...Quality Demo Cars For Under R250K

Almost New, Almost Yours...Quality Demo Cars For Under R250K

If you are scouring the market for the best-used cars you should seriously consider demo cars that are for sale. These give you great quality and greater deals from used car dealers and you can choose between a Kia, a Mitsubishi, Renault, Tata for sale and the list goes on.

When it comes to the best demo cars for sale there are plenty of options available for under R250,000. Price is the king, of course, then there is mileage to consider, the physical condition and the vehicle's age. You feel certain you are going to have to compromise heavily on one of those decision pillars. Well, the good news is you don't have to compromise if you look at the demo car category.

Here are some benefits for choosing a demo car and some preferred choices from our best-used cars for sale in the demo car category, for under R250,000.

What is a Demo Car?

For starters, let's explain the terminology.  A demo car is a vehicle that has been used sparingly by a car dealership. When the car dealership salesperson has a request from a prospective client to do a test-drive, the salesperson takes them out in a demonstration (demo) car of the client's preferred model. The client, therefore, gets a very good look and feel of the car and gets a true understanding of their future experience and the performance of the vehicle. In some instances, the dealership senior executives may be permitted to drive the demo models to and from work.

The job of the demo car is therefore for the car dealer to display and show off the capability of the vehicle the customer is interested in, to close the deal. And as we mentioned, it could be a Kia, a Mitsubishi, Renault or even a sturdy Tata for sale.

Why choose a Demo Car?

The primary reason for most people when choosing a demo car for sale from a dealership is that it is truly the best value for your money. 

The price, for example, of demo Tata vehicle is immediately lower than a brand new Tata.  Additionally, the mileage and wear and tear will be significantly lower than the best-used car for sale from the same car dealer.

Another important bonus is that the car is mostly fitted out with high specifications and lots of extra kits to impress the clients.  You often find options with far superior specifications that you can afford versus the specifications of a more standard, cost-effective new model.

On the point of specifications, you may find that the demo model is the only car at the car dealership that has the full features and specifications that you were desiring. 

Another important factor to remember is that because Demo cars are the 'show face' of the car dealers stock, the demo car will typically be extremely well maintained.  It's got to be in peak condition to promote sales.

An excellent example of a well-priced deal is this Renault Kwid Dynamique for R173,000.  This includes a 1 Year Insurance, 2 Year Service Plan and a valuable 5 Year Warranty. Its impressive kit includes front airbags, Pro-sense safety belts, parking sensors and cameras. It also has high tech additions which are impressive for its segment like the 7" Touchscreen MediaNav, with Apple and Android smartphone replication and Bluetooth hands-free. Delightful convenience is spotted all around like the USB charger, a USB port and 12v sockets front and back. 

Its 14" Silver/metallic Dark Metal wheel covers and an integrated roof spoiler give this power-packed 1.0-litre engine a sporty look to match its unexpected 99nm torque. Drivers have been impressed with its responsiveness and wide torque band whilst delivering very, very impressive fuel efficiency results with 4.4 to 4.7 litres per 100km.

What to be cognizant of?

You must remember that even though these cars look and feel like brand, spanking new cars straight out the box, they are demo models and they have a shortened warranty. At Motus Select, we state each car's warranty time on our new super user-friendly website. 

Another 2 factors to remember is that they have mileage on their odometer already, albeit tiny quantities, and they have had multiple drivers with soft or tough driving styles. When you are doing your exciting test drive don&rsquot chit chat, listen to the car and make sure you observe its road-handling and responsiveness.

How to choose your Demo Car?

On the exciting new Motus Select website, you can find a variety of demo cars for sale from various manufacturers, in different models and types. 

Step 1 is to review the history of the car.  Luckily, as it has only been with the dealership they can answer all your questions. With the car history on hand, you can determine how appropriately priced the car is. 

Ask to see the warranty and check the in-service date. Inspect the vehicle exterior and interior for any scratches or signs of wear and tear. Ask for confirmation, in writing, if any panel beating or engine repair work has been done to it.

When running through the options of demo vehicles for sale our website, you can consecutively filter multiple makes and models so you can easily compare. Kia, for example, offers a lot in its 2020 Rio 1.2 MT LS with its polished ride and perceptive handling, endearing interior design and snapper exterior styling, priced at approximately R250,000 with 2300km on the clock.

The Kia is available in a sedan and a hatchback version. We wave goodbye to its old 130-hp 1.6-litre four-cylinder as an all-new 120-hp 1.6-litre far more fuel-efficient engine arrives.  The goodbye soiree was for the old 6-speed automatic as CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission) swoops to the forefront.  The new powertrain is estimated to obtain 7.1l/100km city and 5.4l/100km highway.

With your new knowledge, you should now be armed with more confidence in searching for your perfect demo car. Start your exciting "demo hunt" for your Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault, Tata or boulder hopping Nissan right here in our extensive online showroom. Our demo car for sale stock changes every day so pop in for a daily visit and soon you'll find "the one".

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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Tips For Car Service & Repair Before Year-End Road Trips

Tips For Car Service & Repair Before Year-End Road Trips

This year has set some new trends, one being that we have not been doing our beloved road trips.  With restrictions partially lifted we can lift our eyes to the road and start planning.

Well, hold on there, safety first. We want you to stay safe in the new or used car you have but it's not only about car service and repair. Save fuel, your 2020 wallet and our planet. Here are some helpful tips.

Tip #1 Listen to this advice. 

South Africa's natural beauty, global award-winning destinations and millions of fabulous people spread throughout this paradise make road trips a fantastic holiday option.  Unfortunately, there is danger on our roads, so tip #1 is to follow these tips.

Tip #2 Book A Car Service 

Book a service for your car and tell them you are going on a long trip. They'll know what to check. Plan a week for the service in case they need to order a part. You can help by checking your licensing expiry dates, your tyres and ask a mate to help you check your lights. 

Tip #3 Plan Your Route

Ask for advice from those around you about the route that you are planning. They might comment on-road hazards like unfenced cattle, roadworks, potholes or lots of farm vehicles.  

Tip #4 Plan Where To Stop

After about 150 to 200km, it is important to take a break. This is important because it is very tiring to focus on any task for 1.5 or 2 hours, never mind driving. Stretch your legs, do some yoga poses or play catches with any kids you have with you. Do a spot check all around the car.

Tip #5 Streamline

If you are not using your roof rack, remove it, it creates a lot of drag and fuel inefficiency.  To improve the balancing of the car, keep the centre of gravity low (hence lower suspensions). To help this position the weight of your cargo very low in the car. 

Tip #6 Cruise Or Lose

Driving with anger, too fast, stamping on the accelerator and wildly breaking will wreak your fuel efficiency. Drive conservatively and approach points where you might need to brake slowly. This will assist in fuel efficiency.

Tip #7 To Overtake Or Not To

We all get tired and impatient on a long road trip and might make a poorly judged decision to overtake a truck at an inappropriate time. Put your car into a lower gear, turn the music down and focus on the road, undisturbed until the overtake opportunity arrives.

Tip #8 Tracking Buddy

Scan the road for a traveller who is clocking the same speed as you. Play follow my leader with them and it will stop you from random speeding up and slowing down. Reminder maintain a safe following distance.

Tip #9 and #10 is to have a good playlist prepared and have fun, fun, fun.

To prepare, follow these tips and don't forget your phone charger. If you need a metal steed for your glorious road trip remember that Motus Select offers a vast range of both new, pre-owned and demo vehicles, and our inventory is updated daily. Check our website today and let's get your journey started with proper car service and repair.

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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Our Favourite Legendary Nissan Used Cars For Sale

Our Favourite Legendary Nissan Used Cars For Sale

Nissan has produced many incredibly popular cars since it was founded in 1937 and the popularity is across all categories. Their famous Z models set many a heart racing as does their GT-R nowadays. On the other end of the needs spectrum, South African families have been steadfastly and safely driven by the Juke and X-Trail SUV models for decades. Nissan was ahead of the market in developing a "true" electric car in their elegant Leaf model while their rugged, sleek Navara delivers toughness with bakkie loads of comfort. On the new Motus Select website, you will find Nissans and every brand you desire at the simple click of a button. If you are looking for Used Nissan cars for sale in Johannesburg here are some of our favourites, handpicked, chosen and selected for you.

Nissan X-Trail

This top-performing SUV first climbed its way into the market in 2000. It is a tough SUV with lots of rugged SUV offering lots of equipment and lots of space. In its 2WD and 4WD models, it gives you a good driving experience but it is a top performer off-road. Its looks are now sleeker with Nissan's ongoing stylish refinements with their SUV designs. It is similar to its smaller sibling the Qashqai but we believe it is better value for money. The build quality is very good and there is a generous supply of equipment. The updated interior and safety features are excellent and the updated Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies are impressive making this a highly attractive car.

If you need a 7-seat crossover for school runs that is rugged enough for a boys camping weekend then this is the most versatile offering in its segment.  The Intelligent 4x4 technology is very responsive and boasts it can adapt to changing conditions "30 times faster than the blink of an eye". Whether or terrain demands push up to 50% of the power automatically to the rear via the intelligent drive technology. 

After a super comfortable trip listening to the Bose premium audio system, the rear doors open to 80 degrees so you unpack the camping crowd with ease. The Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission smoothly delivers exceptional fuel economy and if the Eco Mode+ is used for the trip you will enjoy the simplest way of saving. This car is highly popular with a diverse cross-section of the market.

It is also available in a diesel option. Pre-owned, the Nissan X-Trail sells for between R240,000 and R320,000, on average.

Nissan Juke 

Nissan leads the market again when they originally released this cheeky model ahead of competitors. The Juke is a super popular small SUV but punches way above its belt.  Its generous kit levels, good performance and great efficiency make this good looking adventurer a great option. If you want to pump up the performance and go edgier on the looks there is an exciting 'Nismo' (Nissan Motorsport) model with enhanced sports styling and up to 214 bhp.

This sporty, hip beauty is a compact crossover carrying a good dose of attitude to complements fabulous urban styling. From day one it has been a head-turner from young professionals to starter families. What steps it away from simply being urban is its high ground clearance which is perfect for good visibility on the freeway as well as clambering through the bundu. It has a generous offering of the latest integrated technology making it a one-of-a-kind vehicle. It is fun, powerful and versatile.

From its presumptuous headlights to its 4x4 stance and then topped with the sleek upper body of sportscar, the JUKE says fun and adventure as you first set eyes on it. With the sporty look comes concealed rear door handles and a bold grille. 

If you can pull yourself away from the exterior you will be delighted with the interior styling. It has refined, premium touches which are bold yet elegant. The Nissan Intelligent Key* makes it easy to lock and unlock the doors to this impressive interior without removing the key from your pocket.

Available in a range of petrol and diesel engines, a pre-owned Nissan Juke sells for between R170,000 and R240,000, on average.

Nissan Micra

This car was a genius design by Nissan. It is aimed at the entry-level of the market but definitely in the upper section of that. It showcases a contemporary, bold look and an impressive environmentally friendly fuel economy. It's great-build quality and youthful design are complemented with incredible reliability. As with the other Nissan models is has impressive technology even in its standard version. 

A comfortable drive is optimised with ergonomic anti-fatigue seats, very easy access to control panels and improved noise insulation. The front seating has a lowered position delivering exceptional headroom. Rear passengers have loads of shoulder and knee room and the boot is surprisingly large at 300 litres or 1004 litres with the seat folded down.  

Whilst enjoying the physical comfort of your drive you can up your experience levels with the BOSE® PERSONAL® audio system. You can choose your desired level of 'audio immersion's through the personal space control feature found in the infotainment system's audio settings. There are loads of other smart storage ideas for you including a bucket-type glove box, 1.5L bottle door pocket, seat pockets, cup holders and a phone-holder with USB/12 V power sockets.

This dynamite wrapped in a Nissan Micra package sells in Used Car online catalogue from between R120,000 to R220,000.

Selecting a Nissan for urban jungle experiences or bundu bashing in the mountains will give you solid reliability, advanced technology and years of legendary memories with your family, friends or that rowdy camping crowd. Remember that Motus Select offers a vast range of both new, pre-owned and demo vehicles, and our inventory is updated daily. Check our website today and let&rsquos get your journey started with a used Nissan for sale.

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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Multi-Purpose Used Bakkie For Sale Which Is Best?

Multi-Purpose Used Bakkie For Sale Which Is Best?

Life is no longer a simple straight line, everyone and everything must be agile, connected to technology and multi-functional. South Africa's favourite workhorse, the bakkie, is now a status symbol, a labourer, an off-road vehicle and a family transporter. Multi-purpose bakkies mean you don't need multiple vehicles for the multiple channels of activity which is a great cost-saving.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose used bakkie for sale and want to know which is the best here is a quick overview of some double cab, multi-purpose bakkies.

The Bakkies

A range of double cabs was tested on their performance on tar, gravel and a 4x4 course. This was done at Gerotek testing grounds, Gauteng. Some of the vehicles tested were

  • Ford Ranger Raptor
  • Mahindra Pik Up S10 2.2CRDe Karoo edition
  • Mercedes-Benz X350d 4Matic Power
  • Toyota Hilux 2.8GD-6 4x4 Legend 50 (manual)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 4.5D4-D V8 Namib
  • VW Amarok 3.0TDI V6 4Motion Canyon

In this test, suspensions and chassis were tested and compared. The Ford Raptor performed superbly with its special rally-bred suspension and high-profile tyres cruising easily over dips and bumps. Some other contenders were flung about on the route but all ten bakkies made it through the 4x4 course without drama. The Raptor's performance though was superior with excellent comfort and ground clearance.

The Toyota Hilux was a good contender with a good, smooth ride on bumpy sections even though it does not have the high tech suspension of the Raptor but a simple, sturdy setup of old school leaf springs. Hilux is SA's best-selling bakkie and its excellent performance explains this sales fact.

All the drivers enjoyed travelling in the very beautifully attired interior of the Mercedes X-Class and admired its lionhearted performance. The Land Cruiser received comments such as "felt tough enough to bash through a wall" and a great bang-for-buck performance from the gutsy Mahindra Pik Up.

Overall Winner

An all-round good performer was the VW Amarok. It was liked for the quality of the ride and rigid feel to the structure, its athletic power and a deluxe cabin. It won the hearts of many of the testers as a top choice. You can find a Volkswagen Amarok 3.0 TDI H-Line + 4MOT Auto D/C, diesel option, with 2 Year Warranty, full-service history with VW, full DEKRA Multipoint Quality Check done and Armadillo Cover Nationwide delivery from R498,000 or R7,958 p/m x 72* months.

In February of this year the final test results, including the laboratory tests by Gerotek which time to process, were announced. The Volkswagen Amarok won the title bakkie of the year against 10 contenders. It scored 90.5 points, beating the second-placed Ford Ranger Raptor at 86.3 points and highly impressive third-placed achieved by Toyota Hilux 85.4 points.

Does this test overview whet your appetite for a new or used multi-purpose bakkie for sale in our online showroom? 

Remember to check our website daily for used car deals and used bakkies for sale. Exciting inventory is updated every day.

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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Car Repair Workshop Talk Get Your Car Ready For 2021

Car Repair Workshop Talk Get Your Car Ready For 2021

Vehicle quality and safety are all about prevention. By not attending to your KIA, Renault, Mitsubishi or Hyundai car repairs and maintenance or by delaying visits to the car repair workshop you are reducing the quality, value and longevity of your car.  Follow these tips to get your car ready for 2021.

High-risk items that are ignored are bald tyres, broken lights, broken seat belts, cracked windscreens and severely unbalanced or misaligned wheels.

Making the effort to maintain the basics in your car is more cost-effective than major repairs caused by neglect of you Toyota, Ford, Mercedes or Audi.

Yes, The Owner's Manual Must Be Read

We agree, it's a boring read but it's a necessary read and it gives advice on how to keep up your car's quality such as "when and what" fluids to fill up, "how to do" a tyre pressure check, "how to handle" an engine heating event and handy tips on DIY items like "how to change" your blinker light bulb. It will also give you service periods or milestones which should be adhered to.

Advantages of Booking The Service Through Your Dealer

Your dealer's car repair workshop is the only source of truly genuine parts.  Other outlets selling parts that look genuine cannot guarantee that it is not a clever rip-off.  If that part fails and your car or a person is injured then you will have no rights to recourse.

The level of training that goes into the professionals that work at a dealer is far superior to a one-man operation with a few helpers clipped on.  

The other advantage is that there is an authentic written record of the car's service history which adds significant value to the resale value. 

Servicing Checklists And Maintenance

There are huge developments in vehicle technology all the time and car engines are more like computers nowadays but there are still things that you can check personally.

Safety checklist

  • Seatbelt tension and buckle operation - check but book in for repairs
  • Brake, blinker and headlights - check and replace personally
  • Handbrake - check effectiveness on a slope and book in for maintenance
  • Windscreens, mirrors and wipers - check windscreens and mirrors for cracks and wipers for effectiveness. Book into specialists for windscreens and mirrors but change wipers yourself. Wipers degrade quicker in hot climates and salt air climates so aim for a once a year replacement.

Fluids Checklist

  • Engine Fluids - check your oil when the vehicle has been standing for 30 mins and engine coolant levels. Topping up oil is something you can do yourself but changing your oil is messy and legally and ethically needs you to dispose of the old oil correctly.  Change the oil and oil filter exactly when the manual says so.
  • Tyres - Check the wear, the pressure, ensure they are balanced and realigned if you have hit a pothole in the road. The correct tyre pressure increases the longevity of your tyres and decreases fuel consumption. Tyres rotated regularly have less uneven wear and greater longevity.
  • Spare tyre & jack - check the tyre pressure and make sure the jack has all its parts as well as a wheel spanner etc.
  • Power steering fluid, clutch and brake fluid level - check the level in the translucent reservoir or open cap if the reservoir is too opaque
  • Windscreen washer fluid - do this at every fuel top-up.
  • Gearbox oil or differential fluid - rather get the workshop to check this.
  • Fluids are the blood system of your car and are vital for its survival yet is not treated as such by so many car owners.  Your car will need some or all of these fluids engine oil, radiator coolant, automatic transmission fluid, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid, clutch fluid, power steering fluid and battery distilled water.

General Checks

  • Radiator hoses - make sure there are no leaks.
  • Engine air filter - make sure it is not clogged or too dirty. Dirty car "lungs" mean an impeded performance.
  • Battery - this is easy to check for corrosion or build upon the metal parts.  Be aware that the flaky white "powder" on a battery terminal is not salt, it's painfully acidic. Depending on the location, the battery may or may not be easy for a DIY change. Some positions need special spanners.
  • Unusual engine noises or behaviour - is the start-up sluggish? Is there a ticking or tapping? Grinding noises or thuds when you brake?
  • Brake pads - extend their life but using a braking method of "on then off then on" etc. This allows the pads to cool. The hotter a brake pad, the faster it wears down.
  • Engine longevity - Ensure all equipment is off in the car when starting e.g. windscreen wipers, audio system, aircon, seat heating etc. The starting process stresses the engine a lot and revving it to "get it ready" is the worst thing you could do. Start, idle 2 mins, go.
  • Cleaning - Washing your car's exterior is not for aesthetics alone. Sap from trees, bird droppings and fruit bat droppings can ruin your paintwork if not cleaned off as soon as you can. Not a wipe, a clean. Under the hood, don't use a high powered jet hose as this will dislodge electrical bits, damage sensors, stress hoses and damage rubber seals in an instant. Use a degreaser and rags every 6 months maximum.

Now you are prepped with information to keep your car looking and running like a million bucks, or 2 million if it is an Astin Martin. If you need a top-quality service of your new, pre-owned or demo vehicle by exceptionally well-trained professionals book today with Motus Select. If you are servicing your car in preparation for selling it then check our website today for new and used car deals. Inventory is updated daily.

Motus Select Live, Love, Drive.

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