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  • The Best Demo Cars For Sale For School Trips
    Uploaded 7 months ago

    The Best Demo Cars For Sale For School Trips

  • The Evolution of the SUV: Get Yours Today
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    The Evolution of the SUV: Get Yours Today

  • Covid-19 Prevention: Cleaning Your Vehicle
    Uploaded 6 days ago

    Covid-19 Prevention: Cleaning Your Vehicle

  • The Used Car Market is Getting Stronger
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Used Car Market is Getting Stronger

  • South Africa’s Top 5 Bakkies: Mid 2021 - 2022
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    South Africa’s Top 5 Bakkies: Mid 2021 - 2022

  • The Best Deals For A Spring Road Trip
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Best Deals For A Spring Road Trip

The Best Demo Cars For Sale For School Trips

Uploaded 7 months ago

The Best Demo Cars For Sale For School Trips

The Best Demo Cars For Sale For School Trips

It’s February and things are back in full swing for the new year. While routines are still being disrupted somewhat by lockdown restrictions, schools and many work environments have gone back to their normal schedules, which means taking on the road every day is back on the cards. If you’re a parent of a few kids or are carpooling school kids or co-workers to get some extra income this year, you may be considering upgrading to a vehicle that’s a bit more accommodating in size and capacity. Today we’re looking at some of our demo cars for sale that will not only make your driving experience better, but also benefit you overall.

Features To Look For In An Ideal Vehicle

If you want to get bang for your buck and have the reassurance that you’re buying the best car for the job at hand, there are several factors you’ll need to take into consideration. The main requirement will be storage space and cabin room, which means you can scratch small hatchbacks from the list and start looking at somewhat larger vehicles. The second factor to bear in mind is fuel economy – after all, you don’t want to spend your income on keeping the fuel tank full each week. Modern vehicles have become extremely optimised for fuel consumption and you won’t have a hard time identifying which are the best options for driving efficiency. The third factor is how much services and parts will cost you, as maintenance is important and you don’t want to end up paying an arm and a leg when things need to be fixed or replaced. Lastly, do some research into what you can expect to pay for car insurance and remember that factors like your age, insurance and claim history, as well as the make, model and colour of your car are all factors that will influence your premiums. Another thing to bear in mind is the ease of access: you may want to look for cars with sliding doors if you’re going to have the whole junior soccer team streaming in and out of your vehicle in a rush every day!

Toyota Rav4

There have been over 10 million sales of the Rav4 globally and their owners have all enjoyed the quality and reliability of this great SUV. Great features include the ability to collapse the rear seats to expand your boot cabin space – perfect for lugging around large items or a few of your beloved pets without dirtying the interior! This car has higher roof clearance than other models, making for a comfortable ride for even tall passengers. It also has powerful towing ability, which means you can clip in a trailer and go on a road trip anytime and barely notice it’s even there.

Hyundai Tucson

If absolute comfort, lots of space and a huge array of features, all packed into a very stylish vehicle are characteristics you’re after, look no further than the new Tucson. With great safety features including front, side and curtain airbags, ABS and EBD, a rear-view camera system, auto-locking doors and LED daytime running lights, you’ll drive around with absolute peace of mind and the knowledge that you and all of your passengers will be transported in top-of-the-line safety. In-car entertainment isn’t lacking either, with a full infotainment system featuring a touch-screen control panel, Bluetooth hands-free system and duel automatic climate control air conditioning. The Tucson features an impressive 616-litre boot space and also has collapsible rear seats to expand your boot storage space.

Mercedes V-Class

If your family is pretty huge or you are a busy soccer mom who has taken several of the suburb’s kids under your wing, this is the perfect vehicle to drive in style and absolute safety. With a seven or eight-seat configuration, pop-up trays between seats, an excellent infotainment system, air conditioning and the option to integrate luxury seating that could easily rival that of a Lazyboy lounge chair, this is the epitome of travelling in style and luxury.

If you’re interested in viewing some of the best demo cars for sale in the country, view our selection of demo cars for sale on our website. We update our inventory frequently so keep checking in, or contact us if you’d like to be the first to know about new arrivals!

Uploaded 3 days ago

The Evolution of the SUV: Get Yours Today

The Evolution of the SUV: Get Yours Today

The SUV style of motor vehicles has adopted an interesting fanbase over the years, with a surprising evolution in popularity. Initially known to be associated with manly adventure vehicles and sporty families who hit the mountain trails every weekend, it has now also become the vehicle of choice for soccer moms and city-dwelling executives.

The surge in popularity of the SUV has given formerly popular heavy hitters like sedans and station wagons a massive knock down the ranks, claiming a top spot as one of the most desired kinds of vehicles on the market. How did it achieve such a broad consumer interest, and where do SUVs originate from?

Read on to discover some of the lesser-known facts about these vehicles, and you’ll soon be very eager to also look at buying a used SUV for sale.

What The Term ‘SUV’ Actually Means

The notion of an SUV, or Sports Utility Vehicle, is based on the characteristic of a vehicle that is equally capable on the road as well as on rough terrain and more difficult to navigate the territory. Defining features usually include a much higher ground clearance than standard vehicles and often include four-wheel drive capacity. In spite of this general consensus, there isn’t really a specific set of qualifying criteria to decide what makes a vehicle an SUV.

Generally speaking, it’s now become agreed upon that the term is quite a broad classification for a vehicle that has integrated features and capabilities to handle off-road conditions. To further complicate the definition, we also now have several iterations that fall under this classification, in the form of crossover SUVs, mini SUVs, as well as mid-size and full-size SUVs thrown into the mix. The baby boomer generation who were fervent fans of the first and original SUVs may argue that these modern-day versions absolutely do not qualify as the real deal, but if Land Rover and the like who pioneered the commercial SUV, feel it’s valid, who would dare argue otherwise?

SUVs: The Origin Story

If you thought the SUV is a reasonably recent development in the car market, you might be surprised to know that the original SUV as we know it today dates back nearly forty years. According to avid car enthusiasts, the very first vehicle that qualified as an SUV as we now interpret it was the 1984 Jeep Cherokee (XJ), although the main credit for being the original SUV tends to be given to the 1990 Ford Explorer. Inspiration for the modern-day SUV stems all the way back to the Second World War in the early 1940s, with the creation of the Willys Jeep, which could successfully take on almost any terrain to transport people and equipment.  Once the war was over, there was no need for these vehicles, but Maurice Wilks - the founder of Rover, which would go on to become Land Rover - decided this concept should be continued and re-imagined a bit. That’s when he took the chassis from a Willys Jeep and combined it with the engine of a RoverP3, built an aluminum body, and introduced it as an agriculture vehicle. The classic Land Rover design it was built on ended up becoming the official vehicle of the British military. Meanwhile, the US government approached Toyota in Japan and requested the creation of a tough military vehicle that would even outdo the Land Rover. Inspired by Jeep and Land Rover, Toyota went on to make what is arguably one of the best SUVs ever produced: the great-grandfather of what would eventually become the Toyota Land Cruiser. 

The Expansion Into The Global Market

The popularity and effectiveness of the SUV took off, with military organisations around the world seeking and adopting them as the preferred vehicle for troop and equipment transport. This gave way to the creation and rise of other very popular and well-known vehicle brands, including Hummer, which was introduced to the consumer market in 1992 and was strongly based on the design of the US military’s M998 Humvee vehicle. Ford contributed their part to the market when it first released the Ford Explorer in 1990/1991. The sophisticated luxury brand Range Rover has also unveiled thanks to these origins and was initially a side project of Land Rover to create a larger variant of their models; but eventually, they teamed up with Jaguar to create what became entirely synonymous with the upper crust, luxury vehicles, specialising exclusively in SUV models. This inspired other luxury car brands like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche and others to create their own variants of a luxury SUV for the executive consumer market.

What initially started as a solution to military transportation needs to be evolved into a practical and rugged off-road consumer vehicle, which then further evolved into a high-spec luxury-class vehicle. SUVs went from being for adventurers and cross-country travelers to entering the standard road use market but were still beyond the reach of most average-income families and individuals because of the high price tag. It was only when manufacturers of affordable cars like Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA, and others began creating SUVs that weren’t packed to the rafters with features, thereby making them less expensive, that the global consumer market finally had a chance to own what was always a very expensive and rare type of vehicle to see on the roads. Today, SUVs have become remarkably affordable and, while initially, they didn’t come with any luxury features for the average-income variants, today you can buy an SUV and find some of the most state-of-the-art features as standard, along with some of the highest safety and performance rankings for any vehicle on the market. Knowing all this, isn’t it time you invested in a piece of the historical legacy by getting yourself behind the wheel of a used SUV for sale?

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Covid-19 Prevention: Cleaning Your Vehicle

Covid-19 Prevention: Cleaning Your Vehicle

We are fast approaching a full two years of living in a world where COVID-19 has absolutely changed everything we used to accept as normal. With the recent Delta variant and resurgence of previous variants, the entire world continues to have its hands full, trying to fight the tide and keep everyone safe. Suppose you’ve returned to a life of somewhat routine, including going to shops, driving to work, or taking the kids to school. In that case, it’s important that you maintain strict hygiene habits and sanitise your car if you want to reduce the chances of contracting the virus. This is also important to bear in mind if you’re currently in the market for a car and are test driving or viewing models like a used KIA for sale.

Here are some key points to keep in mind if you want to ensure that your car stays sanitised and your family stays safe, including some important reminders about the virus and how it spreads.

How Long Can COVID-19 Last On Or Inside Your Car?

As explained by the World Health Organization, the virus is transmitted through microdroplets in the nose and mouth, which are spread through normal breathing as well as coughing and sneezing. Because they’re so small, these tiny particles containing the virus can hover in the air and circulate, especially within the enclosed cabin of a vehicle. This means that anyone who travels with you in a car shares a respiratory space and therefore airflow with anyone else in the car, and the particles can also land on the various surfaces around you, from your clothes to anywhere within your car’s interior.

Recent studies indicate that the virus can remain active and transmissible from surfaces including glass, vinyl, steel, and other surfaces for 21 days at room temperature - a worrying lifespan that shows how important it is to sanitise very often. Bear in mind that every time you use your car or transport others in it, that could potentially introduce the virus, and even if you haven’t used your car in days or a few weeks, you or your passengers could still contract it when you drive again. 

What To Sanitise In Your Car

The most important parts of your vehicle to sanitise often and thoroughly includes the areas and parts you physically touch and use most often. This includes door handles, rearview mirrors, gearknob, handbrake, steering wheel, indicator and windscreen levers, touchscreens on infotainment systems, and seatbelt clips and straps. Generally, it is strongly advised to wipe down your entire dashboard area as this is one of the main points of contact for drivers and passengers. It’s also where the main airflow ducts are located, which brings us to another important area to keep clean: your air filter and pollen filter. Air filters are relatively inexpensive, so consider swapping them out every so often for a new, fresh set. If that’s not achievable, it’s still important to keep the air vents clean and use a disinfectant spray with a long nozzle to reach deep beyond the exterior vents and distribute sanitiser into the air circulation system.

On the outside of your vehicle, pay close attention to door handles, the sides of doors we tend to hold onto when holding the door, as well as the boot handles and most of the bodywork of the boot exterior. Lastly, don’t forget to sanitise your keys, wallet, and phone, since they typically go everywhere with you and tend to be placed down without much awareness of the risk whenever we are out and about. 

Best Safety And Health Practices While Sanitising

Although we have all heard this mentioned more times than we could ever keep count of, it’s important to sanitise your hands several times a day. This is especially important before you get into your car and before you exit it. Even if you don’t leave your car on an errand run - for example, when you go fill up with petrol or order takeaways - you may come into contact with outside exposure through touching a card machine, so be sure to make sanitising a routine habit. For extra precaution when cleaning your vehicle, sanitise your hands and put on a pair of clean rubber gloves before you get started. Wash your vehicle exterior often and spray a disinfectant on frequently-touched areas like doors and door handles. 

Best Disinfectants And Sanitisers To Use In And Outside Your Car

While most standard disinfectants and sanitisers are safe to use inside your vehicle, you need to be careful about what you use to keep your car’s interior and exterior safe. Certain cleaners are abrasive or may contain substances that cause a reaction with paint and other materials of your vehicle, which could lead to damage of the finishes or result in unwanted stains and discoloration forming.

To stay on the safe side, buy a specialised disinfectant product that’s approved for use in cars - you’ll be able to find this in the automotive section of your grocery store, or consult your nearest car parts and accessories shop for advice on the best products to use. Alternatively, the safest option is using standard soap and water, along with a microfiber cloth to clean your car. Avoid using any harsh cleaning chemicals like ammonia, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or extreme substances like thinners and benzene, as these will almost certainly cause damage to the delicate substances car interiors, and exterior paintwork is made up of. 

If you’re in the market for a car at the moment, including a used KIA for sale, always practice the best sanitary habits by disinfecting your hands before, during, and after any inspection and keeping your mask on throughout the experience.

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The Used Car Market is Getting Stronger

The Used Car Market is Getting Stronger

As the uncertainty and unrest of the last few months slowly begin to stabilise, the used car market is starting to strengthen as well. The overall vehicle sales market is showing an increase in resilience, with more buyers feeling ready to trade in their older vehicles for newer models with lower mileage. Motus Select is excited to see the renewed growth in a market that has taken a lot of hits thanks to unrest, COVID lockdowns and other challenges. 

In a recent Dealerfloor article, Motus Ford Kroonstad is showing just how promising the future is looking for the used sales market. This dealership has moved up from C category to D category in the Ford Dealer of the Year Award. According to Gino De Crescenzo, Dealer Principal at Motus Ford Kroonstad, there should be more improvements in the market towards the end of the year. 

Read the full interview over here to find out how this dealership is thriving in the current used car market. 


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South Africa’s Top 5 Bakkies: Mid 2021 - 2022

South Africa’s Top 5 Bakkies: Mid 2021 - 2022

If you’re someone who is practical and generally invests in things for the long haul, buying a used bakkie is probably the wisest investment you can make. Bakkies are renowned for being never-say-die workhorses that can handle just about any terrain and have the power to carry or pull heavyweight without so much as showing any signs of struggle. Of course, there are various types of bakkies, and you can’t expect a Nissan NP200 to perform on the same level as a Ford Ranger, but whichever variant you go with, you can expect many years and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of performance out of it. If you’re currently in the market for demo cars for sale, considering a bakkie as an option would definitely be worth checking out. 

Benefits Of Owning A Bakkie Versus Another Vehicle

  1. As we’ve mentioned, durability and longevity are two primary areas where bakkies absolutely outshine cars of every other category. 
  2. Another benefit of bakkies is that they’re hardy enough to take blows better than your conventional family cars and hatchbacks - something which, although we all hope to never end up in that situation, is very beneficial if you end up in a fender bender or collision. 
  3. You’ll generally be safer in a large vehicle like a double cab since you’re elevated from the ground and have a better view of your surrounding area.
  4. A bakkie also creates a more imposing impression that other drivers aren’t likely to take chances on the road, so you’re less likely to get pushed around by bigger vehicles. 
  5. Depending on which type of bakkie you choose to buy, your expenses in terms of service and parts cost in the long run will be a much better investment than that of other vehicles that simply can’t be guaranteed to still run great in twenty years’ time. If you’re planning on keeping a vehicle for decades, a bakkie pays itself off over time - and there are ways to even have it pay for itself. 
  6. A great benefit of being the owner of a workhorse like this is that you’ll always have an opportunity to make a bit of extra money on the side. Bakkies can be used to assist with house moves, transporting items, and delivering packages on behalf of someone else’s business or for your own. Let’s also not forget the opportunity to generate income by removing garden refuse, building rubble, or starting your own garden service business. 
  7. Lastly, bakkies retain their resale value better than most other cars on the market, which means you won’t lose much of your initial investment if you ever do decide to sell it and get another vehicle.

Top 5 Bakkies For 2021 and 2022:

If you’re looking forward to experiencing the latest and greatest in bakkies this coming summer and early next here, keep an eye out for these models:

  1. Ford Ranger 2022 Edition
  2. Isuzu D-Max
  3. Mazda BT-50
  4. Nissan Navara 2022 Edition
  5. Volkswagen Amarok 2022 Edition

Ready to see what you can look forward to with a bakkie in your life? Here are a few of our favourite demo models that are currently available at Motus Select.

2021 Mitsubishi Triton 2.4 Di‑Dc 4X4 A/T P/U D/C

This beautiful demo Mitsubishi for sale is a double cab that comes in a brilliant shade of frost white. It has an automatic transmission gearbox with a diesel engine and only has 1500kms on the clock. It features ABS brakes, leather trim interior, and seats, air conditioning, electric mirrors, power steering, rearview camera to assist with parking, central locking, Bluetooth connectivity, and an interactive touchscreen-based infotainment system to keep you enjoying the ride.

2021 Ford Ranger 2.2TDCI XL P/U D/C

Another great addition to our current selection, this Ford Ranger is a manual transmission diesel engine variant and has 1500kms on the clock. It comes in a dark charcoal shade and features alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, electric windows, air conditioning, power steering and also comes with a toolbar already fitted.

Remember that our extensive range of services at Motus Select is focused on providing you with the best vehicles at the best prices. We offer full vehicle financing and will notify you of the result of your application within two hours. No matter where you are in the country, we’ll happily make arrangements to deliver your vehicle to you, should you require it.

For these and many more demo cars for sale, keep checking in on our website stock or contact us directly if you have a specific requirement for a vehicle.

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The Best Deals For A Spring Road Trip

The Best Deals For A Spring Road Trip

Spring is finally on our doorstep, and what better way to celebrate longer, sunnier days than taking a road trip and enjoying the beautiful scenery our country has to offer? Whether you’re taking a much-needed holiday break or just getting out of the house over the weekend, nothing accompanies that feeling of fresh beginnings like getting behind a new steering wheel every day and starting your day with renewed spirits. To help you kick off your journey, we’ve put together some of the best-used cars for sale, currently available at Motus Select.

2015 Hyundai i10 1.1 Motion Manual

One of South Africa’s favourite small hatchbacks, the i10 has won many accolades since its initial launch in 2008. It’s the perfect zippy city car, ideal for students and anyone looking for a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle that’s very affordable to maintain. This particular model comes in silver, has a manual transmission, and has 114 494kms on the clock. Extra features include steering wheel controls, heated electric side mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity as well as a CD and MP3 player, full electric windows, and airbags.

2019 Honda Brio/ Amaze Brio 1.2 Trend 5dr

If you’ve been a fan of the Honda Jazz but don’t need something quite that size, the Brio might be the perfect choice for you. This zippy little Honda is a great combination of style and fun and comes in gunmetal grey. It has 42 760kms on the clock, and features include air conditioning, power steering, Bluetooth, front electric windows, airbags, and central locking. At only R124 900, you’ll get all the high-quality performance and reliability that comes with the Honda brand, with great fuel economy to boot.

2017 Renault Stepway PH2 EXP 66KW Turbo

Renault’s Stepway has been a popular crossover vehicle for the brand and is the perfect combination of reliability, features, and versatility. This model comes in an eye-catching electric blue, has a manual transmission, petrol engine, and hosts a great range of features, including electric front windows, hillside assist, hill descent control, airbags, power steering, airbags, and CD Radio. With the characteristic feature roof racks, the Stepway is the perfect companion for surfing adventures and taking road trips to the more untamed parts of the country. 

2017 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Ambiente 5dr

Another hugely popular model on local shores, the Ford Fiesta, has been a firm favourite for over a decade, and it keeps getting better with every revamped edition released. This model comes in gunmetal grey, has a manual transmission and petrol engine, and has clocked a total of 105 113kms. It’s absolutely packed with features and will leave you wanting for nothing. Look forward to enjoying electric front windows, airbags, an anti-lock braking system, steering wheel controls, telescopic steering, Bluetooth, central locking, and a remote access key system. It can be yours for only R145 990 or for R2603 per month for 72 months on a payment plan. 

2013 Renault Megane 1.4tce GT‑ Line Coupe 3dr

Looking to upgrade to something sporty that will really capture attention wherever you go? Look no further than this striking, electric blue sports version of the Renault Megane. It’s a manual transmission, petrol-engine hatchback with 112 256kms on the clock. Features include central locking, alloy wheels, power steering, central locking, electric front windows, a sat nav infotainment system, and a huge digital rev counter. This model has also received the highest possible score on the Euro NCAP Rating. It is available now for R149 995, or R2674 per month for 72 months with financing.

If you’re looking at getting the best-used car for sale, there’s no better time to do so than right now with Motus Select, thanks to our great cashback special offer. Get up to R40 000 cashback on your purchase to do with whatever you like! Check out the models on offer, and get ready to start off your spring with a smile on your face.

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