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  • New Dealership Spotlight - Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive
    Uploaded 6 months ago

    New Dealership Spotlight - Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive

  • Why The Renault Clio Ranks As A Great First Car
    Uploaded 3 days ago

    Why The Renault Clio Ranks As A Great First Car

  • Car Theft Prevention Tips
    Uploaded 6 days ago

    Car Theft Prevention Tips

  • The Renault Captur & Other Ideal Cars For Campers
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Renault Captur & Other Ideal Cars For Campers

  • The Best Used Cars For Driving With Babies On Board
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    The Best Used Cars For Driving With Babies On Board

  • ‘Forgotten' Demo Cars Still Worth The Splurge
    Uploaded 2 weeks ago

    ‘Forgotten' Demo Cars Still Worth The Splurge

New Dealership Spotlight - Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive

Uploaded 6 months ago

New Dealership Spotlight - Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive

New Dealership Spotlight - Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive

The Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive dealership caters to every budget and requirement. This dealership offers a hand-picked selection of quality used cars from a variety of trusted brands. These include Ford, VW, Mitsubishi, Mini, Jeep, Fiat, and others. Whether you’re looking for a compact hatchback, a comfortable sedan, spacious SUV or a practical bakkie, you’re sure to find exactly what you need at the Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive dealership.

Introducing Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive

Situated on the corner of the N1 and Nelson Mandela Drive in Polokwane, this dealership brings you the high level of service you’ve come to expect from Motus Select. Previously trading as Imperial Select, the name may have changed but the legacy has not. Motus Select remains one of South Africa’s leading specialists in used cars. Our Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive dealership helps you find your ideal car with the help of friendly sales staff who are standing by to assist you in every way.

Selling your car in Polokwane? 

We also make it easy to sell used cars in Polokwane. Thanks to our trusted reputation, we have a number of buyers who are actively looking to buy cars in this area. Motus Select makes selling your car as easy as could be, giving you the benefit of fully vetted buyers. To get started, complete our form in just three steps. Once this is done, we’ll take care of the rest, leaving you free to accept the best offer for your vehicle. 

Along with car sales and purchases, this dealership gives you the benefit of value-added solutions such as vehicle financing and vehicle servicing. Visit the Motus Select Polokwane Nelson Mandela Drive dealership and let us know how we can help you find your dream car.

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Why The Renault Clio Ranks As A Great First Car

Why The Renault Clio Ranks As A Great First Car

Whether you’re a parent looking for a car for your child or someone looking to buy your first set of wheels after getting your driving license, there are myriad options available – so much so that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You need to look at the cost, features, insurance, maintenance costs, petrol expenses, and also find a car that you’ll feel comfortable driving in. While there are many great options, we rank a Renault Clio for sale as one of the best options for a starter vehicle that will give you years of uninterrupted satisfaction. Here are a few reasons why the Clio should be at the top of your list.

A Reputable Brand And Longstanding Popularity

Renault has been around for much longer than many car manufacturers and has built a solid following. The French company brings an undeniable sense of visual sophistication and appeal to its vehicles. With the introduction of the Clio, the focus has always been on making it a fun, enticing car that offers great value for money – perfect for new car buyers who are looking to make the best investment. 

The Clio has been around for over thirty years and has seen several transformations and improvements over that period, with the most recent models really ramping up the allure with great looks, vibrant colour finishes and technological extras that have made it a firm favourite among young drivers looking for a car that reflects their lifestyles and personality. In South Africa, the Clio has been one of Renault’s top sellers, and overall, it is one of the most popular models in the small hatchback car category. 

Features And Benefits

Fuel efficiency is a big plus, with the Clio averaging 5.7 litres per 100 kilometers – great news for anyone looking to save as much as possible on petrol. Safety features include four to six airbags (depending on the model), emergency brake assist, electronic stability control, rear parking cameras, hill start assist, and front and rear parking sensors – which will make the driving experience significantly easier for new drivers. 

Safety and driver assistance features aside, Clio’s interior is worth salivating over. Upholstery and trim throughout the cabin are of exceptional quality. The front console is fitted with a bright touchscreen infotainment system controllable from the steering wheel. Six speakers provide amazing sound, while Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to enjoy your favourite music and make or receive phone calls without any distraction or taking your hands off the steering wheel.


The Clio is available in three variants: LIFE, ZEN, and INTENSE, all of which are equipped with a 1.0 Turbo engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. Brand new, the Clio starts priced from R309 900. If you’re looking for a pre-owned Renault Clio for sale, you can expect to pay around R220 000 for a 2020 model with fairly low mileage. Go on‒ clinch that Clio!

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Car Theft Prevention Tips

Car Theft Prevention Tips

Hijackings and car theft are unfortunate realities in South Africa, and it’s important to be aware of what puts you at greater risk of becoming a target and avoiding any such habits. Whether you’re driving a brand new vehicle or are currently on the hunt for used cars for sale, every car owner needs to be vigilant and proactive in ensuring that they’re not caught unawares at any time. Here are four key tips to keep in mind.

Avoid Parking In High-Risk Areas

Although car theft can happen virtually anywhere, some locations and situations make you an easier target than usual. Wherever possible, don’t park your car in the street, especially overnight. If you’re going out on the town for the night, consider ordering a lift and leaving your car at home. If you’re out on the road, whether during the day or night and need to stop to make a phone call or pull over because there’s a problem with your car, wait until you find a safe location to do so. Never stop on the side of the road or in an area where there aren’t any other people in sight.

Don’t Leave Your Keys Unattended

Even though thieves don’t always need your keys to steal your car, it’s always wise to keep your keys on you and out of sight. Don’t leave your handbag or jacket alone when out in public, even for a brief minute or two. When at home, be sure to place your car keys far away from quick grab-and-run areas like a front or back door or open windows.

Don’t Leave Items In Your Car

Nobody wants to discover their car windows smashed and their valuables stolen from inside. Never leave handbags, laptops, or phones in your car. If you do have items you want to leave behind when you go out, always lock them away in your boot. 

Ensure That Your Car Is Locked

With most modern cars being equipped with remote central locking, we’ve become so used to simply pressing the lock button and walking away from our cars. Remote jamming has become a problem, so be very sure to check that your doors are definitely locked before walking away from your vehicle. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll reduce your chances of suffering the loss of your car and personal items. Getting additional security measures such as a tracking device installed will add to your peace of mind, so be sure to consider these extra add-ons if you’re currently looking at used cars for sale for your next set of wheels.

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The Renault Captur & Other Ideal Cars For Campers

The Renault Captur & Other Ideal Cars For Campers

Taking a break from the mundane routines of life and getting away a bit is like food for your soul and tired mind. If you enjoy going hiking, camping, or exploring different campsites and game reserves, you need a set of wheels that accommodate your outgoing and adventurous lifestyle. While most SUVs check all the boxes for adventurers, today we’re looking at a few models that fit the bill perfectly for casual campers and outdoor enthusiasts instead of those suited for full-on 4x4 expeditions through rugged mountains and extra tricky terrain. 

The Renault Captur is one of the vehicles we’ll be highlighting, along with a few other affordable mid-range SUVs and mini-SUVs that have proven popular with campers and nature lovers in South Africa. 

The Renault Captur

The Captur was launched in 2013 and rapidly became an international hit due to its unique styling, great features and very reasonable price. Renault introduced buyers to the option of selecting colour schemes with the Captur, thanks to their two-tone bodywork colour range and several chrome and lighting variations to make the model match the buyer’s style. 

It’s received an impressive full five stars in the Euro NCAP rating tests because of its sturdy build and standard fitting of all the essential safety features alongside a host of additional ones such as driver seatbelt reminder, automatic windscreen wipers, and four front airbags to keep the driver and front passenger safe. 

It comes equipped with a touchscreen infotainment and navigation system, removable seat covers for quick and easy cleaning, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, and USB ports. You’ll have 422 litres of boot space to pack your kit and cooler boxes, which can be further expanded to an impressive 1275 litres of space if you collapse the rear seats. If you need even more space, roof racks can be installed for the model, giving you plenty of room for bikes, canoes, or a roof storage unit. 

There are four variants available for this model, ranging from 6-speed manual to 7-speed automatic transmission, with petrol and diesel options. The Captur was briefly discontinued, but it was announced late in 2021 that we’ll soon be seeing a whole new facelift rendition of the model on our shores sometime in 2022. A pre-owned Renault Captur will cost you in the region of R170 000 for a 2016 model, with 2018 models averaging around R250 000.

The Suzuki Vitara & Grand Vitara

One of Suzuki’s largest models in the range, the Vitara and Grand Vitara crossover SUVs are great family cars that offer ample space and a rugged enough build to take on dirt trails just as effortlessly as city traffic. Few know that Suzuki was a market leader in the production of SUVs long before it became such a popular vehicle class. In fact, they introduced the first Vitara back in 1988, at a time where the model drew interest largely from outdoor enthusiasts and 4x4 adventurers. It is still touted as one of the most reliable and affordable SUV models on the market, making it a solid investment for prospective car buyers. 

The model is available in both petrol and diesel engines with manual and automatic transmission variants. Fuel consumption averages at 5.7 litres per 100 kilometers. With the back seats moved all the way back, boot space is 375 litres, but this can be vastly increased by moving the seats forward and collapsing the rear seats. The interior is detailed in durable faux leather and fabric, with loads of storage space for front and rear passengers. 

The Vitara is equipped with an integrated touchscreen infotainment system, seven airbags, ABS, EBD and remote central locking. The Vitara also received a full five-star Euro NCAP rating for the South African variant, which further bolsters its overall appeal. Pre-owned 2020 Vitara models generally cost around R350 000.

The Toyota RAV4

Toyota’s RAV4 grew in size and stature since its original release in 1994, from what started as a rather boxy little all-roader to a much more robust, sophisticated SUV with masculine lines. Even at inception, it was already a hit, skyrocketing to becoming the third best-selling car in South Africa within the first year of its release. 

You won’t ever run out of room thanks to the massive 735 litres of boot space, which can be further expanded by collapsing the rear set of seats. Fuel consumption is exceptional in all RAV4 models, with Toyota establishing it at an average of 7.8 litres per 100 kilometers. However, several owners and car reviewers have managed to easily improve it to 8.9 litres per 100 kilometers – a hugely impressive consumption rate for any car, especially a large model like the RAV4. 

Features include an integrated infotainment system with a touchscreen and steering wheel controls, adaptive cruise control, seven airbags, LED headlights with automatic high beams, front and rear fog lights, remote entry, and central locking. Pre-owned models released in 2020 sell at prices from R350 000.

If you’re interested in the Renault Captur or another SUV for your camping adventures, be sure to check our Motus Select stock often for newly added models. You may just find your dream car at a great price!

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The Best Used Cars For Driving With Babies On Board

The Best Used Cars For Driving With Babies On Board

Life changes, and often that means shifting from being single to having your lifestyle completely overhauled when your family grows. Small cars aren’t always ideal anymore, and it’s normal to start thinking about moving up to a different set of wheels to comfortably and safely accommodate the new arrivals to your household. Whether you’re currently expecting a child or already have a baby or toddler, safety is an important issue that should be considered – not to mention space. 

Along with the responsibility of having kids, the need to transport a lot of extra luggage like bags, prams, and baby seats on a daily basis means you’ll need to find something spacious enough to make your daily routines manageable. Here are a few cars for sale that we recommend for new parents and growing families.

Honda CR-V

This spacious SUV was practically built with a busy family in mind. Honda’s CR-V was introduced back in 1996 and, having kept up with developing trends throughout the years, is still a very popular model in their range. It’s an aesthetically striking vehicle with beautiful styling both inside and out, with sculpted lines and sophisticated detailing and finishes throughout. 

There’s ample space in the massive 572-litre boot to safely store away all the extras like bottle bags, clothing and toys, while the interior cabin is fitted with several storage spots to help you keep everything organised and out of immediate sight. It’s packed with safety features and also comes with driver assistance, a multi-view rear camera to assist with parking, and remote central locking. You’ll get an average of 7.0 litres per 100 kilometers, which doesn’t make it the most fuel-efficient SUV on the market, but the vast array of features and luxurious driving experience more than makes up for that. 

Duel-zone air conditioning will keep everyone in the cabin happy, the touchscreen infotainment system will provide endless hours of entertainment for little ones in the back, as well as a multitude of vehicle customisation and information features. Brand new, the Honda CR-V starts from R572 800, but a pre-owned upper-spec model from 2018 will cost in the region of R400 000.

Hyundai Tucson

Another popular SUV on the local market, the Tucson comes in six-speed manual or automatic transmission, with four variants to choose from. As one of Hyundai’s premium models in the range, it is just as well suited as an executive vehicle as a family car for the busy household. It’s equipped with driver, passenger and side airbags for maximum protection in the front row of the vehicle, and features parking distance sensors, ABS, EBD, auto-locking and unlocking doors, remote keyless entry, air conditioning with rear ventilation ducts to keep the kids and passengers in the back seat comfortable, cruise control, a touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity and plenty of storage space in the boot and throughout the cabin. A brand new Tucson starts from R519 900 for the baseline 2.0 Premium AT model, but you can pick up a pre-owned model from 2018 for around R480 000. 

Mazda CX-3

Not quite ready to move up to an SUV and still want to retain a sense of sporty youthfulness, even as a parent? Stylish, visually striking, and packed with features and safety, the CX-3 is well worth a look. It’s available in four model variants, with an average fuel consumption rate of 6.9 litres per 100 kilometers across all four. It’s available in a manual and automatic transmission, with the base 2.0 Active model sporting a 6-speed manual transmission petrol engine. 

Safety was a major focal point in the development of this model, as is the case with all of Mazda’s offerings. You’ll find six airbags installed throughout the cabin, alongside brake assist, traction control, ABS, EBD, cruise control, super lock system, side-impact door beams and remote central locking. 

In addition, the CX-3 has full front and rear electric windows, an on-board touchscreen system with controls on the steering wheel, and the smart safety system provide driver attention alert, blind-spot monitoring and alert, and adaptive headlights. With 350 litres of boot space, you’ll be able to comfortably fit everything you need to transport your family and keep it out of direct sight to avoid theft or break-ins. 

Brand new, CX-3 models start from R366 500, but you can invest in a pre-owned, upper-end variant of the model with fairly low mileage on the clock for around the same price.

Renault Sandero

If your budget is limited to under R200 000, it is well worth looking at a pre-owned Sandero as a viable option. Standard equipped with roof racks and 328 litres of boot space, the Sandero also hosts an array of safety features, including driver and front passenger airbags, ABS, EBD, hillside start assist, an anti-slip regulator, and remote central locking. 

The Sandero is no longer being sold as a new model, but there are plenty of great pre-owned models on the market at any given moment. A practically-new looking 2016 Sandero Stepway sells for around R140 000, while you can pick up a 2019 model with less than 40 000kms on the clock for just under R200 000.

For these and many other cars for sale at competitive prices, check out our Motus Select website. We update our stock frequently and have the largest selection of demo vehicles available at the best prices.

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‘Forgotten' Demo Cars Still Worth The Splurge

‘Forgotten' Demo Cars Still Worth The Splurge

When shopping around for a car to buy, people tend to look at their budgets and decide from there whether they can afford something brand new or if they should look at the used cars market. It’s often forgotten – or not even known about – that there is a third option that might just deliver a surprising deal to your door: demo cars for sale

These models are still practically new and are often the most recent variant of a brand’s model on the market. Used by dealerships to promote new models that have just arrived on our shores, demo cars are used as visual examples and to allow potential buyers to take them for test drives and get a feel for how well they’re suited to their personal needs and style. 

Somewhere between three to five years later, these demo models are no longer needed as new model variants have been introduced. As interest wanes in the older variants, there’s no longer a need for so many demo units. They are then put on the market at a significantly lower cost than if bought brand new, but with the benefit that they’ve been kept in the best possible condition and still have very low mileage on them. Some even have less than 100km on the odometer! Here are a few demo models worth looking for and checking out.

Renault Kwid

Introduced to the market back in 2015, the Kwid has become a popular car in the crossover category – a solution ideal for anyone looking for the compactness of a hatchback with the features of a mini SUV. There are several variants of the model available, including the baseline manual-transmission Expression and an automatic version in the form of the Dynamique, along with the sportier, two-tone coloured Climber. The Climber model features a roof rack, bright orange detailing on the exterior and interior, and an interactive touchscreen display infotainment. 

All Kwid variants come standard equipped with two front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear park distance control, and a reverse-assist camera. Demo models of the Kwid are surprisingly affordable for all the features you’re getting. 2022 Kwid Expression models with less than 7000kms on the clock are available for under R160 000 – with the balance of the warranty included for total peace of mind when purchasing one of these models.

Ford EcoSport

If you’re after something closer to an SUV but without all the extensive bells and whistles that raise the price substantially, you may find the EcoSport to be a great fit for your needs. Initially launched in South Africa in 2013, the EcoSport steadily gained popularity and is ranked as one of the top five best-selling SUVs in the country to date. Recently released variants feature beautifully sophisticated yet sporty design styling and boast an impressive fuel consumption average of 6.9 litres per 100 kilometers – which some independent car reviewers have easily managed to beat and reach 7.9 litres per 100 kilometers. 

Interior extras and luxury features start off quite basic, with no infotainment touchscreen system on the baseline models, although they are equipped in upper-tier variants. However, Ford did not skim on safety features for this range, with a total of six airbags equipped as a standard feature in the EcoSport. ABS, EBD, brake and assist are included on all models. You’ll also have more than enough space to transport bulk items as the EcoSport’s boot expands to a whopping 705 litres of space with the rear seats folded down. A 2021 demo EcoSport model costs from around R300 000 upwards.

Opel Corsa

Opel’s Corsa has been a popular model on our local roads for over twenty years. The most recent facelift editions have shown how this model has grown from a small, brightly-coloured little bug into a far more elegant and impressive hatchback, reminiscent of earlier upper-tier manufacturers’ hatchback models. 

The Corsa’s exterior styling isn’t the only thing that got a big upgrade: interior features are on-par with other popular hatchback models like the Kia Rio, with great safety features to boot. Fuel consumption averages at around 6.3 litres per 100 kilometers, while the Corsa is fitted with six airbags around the interior cabin and a touchscreen infotainment system with steering wheel controls. Other great additions include Hillstart assist, automatic headlamps, power heated and foldable side windows, and cruise control. A 2022 demo Corsa model will cost you in the region of R320 000 upwards.

Whatever type of vehicle you’re interested in, you’re likely to find a few demo cars for sale of that variant with a bit of searching and window shopping at Motus Select.

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