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  • 5 signs that you need to visit a car repair workshop
    Uploaded 1 year ago

    5 signs that you need to visit a car repair workshop

  • Used SUV For Sale: Manual Vs Automatic
    Uploaded 2 days ago

    Used SUV For Sale Manual Vs Automatic

  • Used KIA For Sale: Autumn Specials
    Uploaded 4 days ago

    Used KIA For Sale Autumn Specials

  • 6 Reasons Why You’ll Never Regret Test Driving A Demo Tata
    Uploaded 6 days ago

    6 Reasons Why Youll Never Regret Test Driving A Demo Tata

  • Why Trade Assistance Is A Good Idea In 2021
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    Why Trade Assistance Is A Good Idea In 2021

  • How To Tell If You’re Ready To Buy A New Used Car
    Uploaded 1 week ago

    How To Tell If Youre Ready To Buy A New Used Car

5 signs that you need to visit a car repair workshop

Uploaded 1 year ago

5 signs that you need to visit a car repair workshop

5 signs that you need to visit a car repair workshop

You and your car spend many hours a week together, year after year, and you'd surely want to keep it in great running condition so that it doesn't let you down unexpectedly. It&rsquos a good idea for you, as a responsible car owner, to know what signs to look out for and act quickly if you spot any of them. While you don't have to be a mechanic and know all the complicated details of your vehicle, being able to self-identify certain issues can save you a lot of time and money, so we've compiled a list of the 5 biggest things to be on the lookout for so that you know that you need to get it to the best Car repair workshop in your area.

Electronic Glitches

While they don't seem serious, if you start noticing your car isn't behaving quite the same with the little things like your radio or electric windows, pay close attention. Examples of this are your radio not turning on as quickly as usual, your electric windows opening and closing slower than they should or moving at an erratic speed, or your indicator lights suddenly not keeping pace. These small signs can be a warning that there are further issues with your car's electronics system as a whole, so getting it checked out early might well save you a lot of headaches down the line. 

Your Car Doesn't Accelerate The Same Anymore Or Guzzles Petrol

If you've had your car for long enough to drive it quite consistently and smoothly, but you're suddenly experiencing issues with it over-revving or not accelerating like it always does, there may be something wrong with your car's electronics or damage to the fuel line. In the same line, if you notice that your usual tank of petrol isn't lasting nearly as long as it normally does and you haven't been taking unusually long trips or made any real changes to your driving routine, there may be several causes that need to be looked at. Whatever the issue, it's best to get your car checked out as you'll soon probably be spending the cost of the repairs in feeding your thirsty petrol tank anyway.

Don't Ignore Warning Lights

It seems fairly obvious that you should pay attention when the warning lights on your car's dashboard suddenly light up, as they're specifically put there to help stop your car from suffering further damage and so that you know it needs to be taken in for inspection immediately. They are called warning lights, after all, not suggestion lights. Unfortunately, some people seem to overlook or just ignore the orange warning lights when they appear, and not much longer after that they're probably stuck on the side of the road with serious and sometimes irreparable damage to their car. Check engine lights, oil warning lights and all the other indicators should never be ignored as these are considered critical errors. If any of them go on while you're driving, get to an automotive specialist workshop immediately or pull over your car and call to arrange for it to be collected instead. 

Fog Or Smoke Suddenly Appearing

Unless you're driving through a veld fire or find yourself on a misty road, seeing smoke, fog or steam appearing around your car is a sure sign that you need to stop and find out what the problem is. Sometimes it's not a serious issue and your car is just burning up some excess oil, but most of the time the problem tends to be much more serious. You'll very likely to also smell an odd odour such as something burning, which should be a big sign to pull over immediately... or as soon as it's safe to do so, anyway. Overheating engines need to be stopped and left to cool down as soon as possible as overheating will very likely cause permanent damage to your car, possibly even leaving it a complete write-off from a mechanical perspective. 

Unusual Liquid Leaks, Foreign Sounds And Odd Sensations

The last warning is a triple threat which should not be ignored, even if any of them occur individually. Always check under and around your car when it's been stationary for a while and look out for oil leaks or any other liquids that look suspicious - you may have one of several issues with broken or cracked seals or other components that have broken down. While driving or even idling, turn your radio down and listen carefully for any odd sounds that don't sound right or have never been there before. Anything from rattling to buzzing, scraping or chugging noises are tell-tale signs that something isn't right. Finally, if your car ride feels a lot bumpier all of a sudden, you should get it looked at. It&rsquos quite common on our roads to encounter obstacles and potholes, which may have caused damage to your car's axel or thrown off your wheel alignment. 

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure, and while nobody enjoys forking out cash for an unexpected glitch with their car, doing it as soon as possible will save you from a lot of extra expenses if you leave it long enough for the damage to worsen. If you're looking for the best Car repair workshop to entrust your beloved car to, remember that Motus has service and repair shops around the country and our experts are always happy to help get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Uploaded 2 days ago

Used SUV For Sale Manual Vs Automatic

Used SUV For Sale Manual Vs Automatic

SUVs are all the rage, and it is no wonder they are spacious, capable of handling most types of terrain, are generally safer to drive in thanks to greater road visibility, and have become surprisingly fuel-efficient in recent years. If you are currently considering changing your set of wheels for a used SUV for sale, there is a huge variety of brands and models available on the local market to choose from. One of the many aspects you&rsquoll need to consider when narrowing down your search is whether you would prefer a manual or automatic variant. 

Here are a few of the main differences between the two variants and what you can expect in terms of performance, fuel efficiency and driving experience between manual and automatic transmission models.

Fuel Economy

A big factor you would probably want to consider is whether your choice between a manual or automatic SUV will impact the amount you will end up spending on petrol. In the past, automatic vehicles used to be less fuel-efficient than their manual counterparts by as much as 10%, but has this changed in recent years? Essentially, yes. The advances in automatic transmission engines over the years have gradually improved fuel consumption to the point where today there is virtually no difference in fuel consumption between variants, with certain manufacturers automatic models performing with better fuel efficiency than their manual counterparts. So, in this case, you will probably not need to worry about wasting extra fuel if you are looking at an SUV that has been manufactured in the past three or four years. 

Services And Repairs

Another aspect to think about is how much maintaining your SUV is going to cost you in the long run. Fundamentally, manual and automatic engines are completely different. Manual models are mechanical and require driver input to operate, while automatic models use mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components to run. When something breaks down or there is an issue with your vehicle, it is just simpler and less costly to have a manual car fixed. Automatic vehicles need to be serviced more often than manual ones, and it tends to end up costing a bit to maintain. An automatic vehicle also needs more careful attention because of this, as an electronic failure could leave you completely stranded, while you could still get away with a bit of wear and tear with a manual car. You should also bear in mind that just any workshop can not service automatic vehicles &ndash they require specialised equipment to monitor, calibrate and correct issues. One thing you would not have to pay for with an automatic model, however, is clutch plates &ndash something which isn&rsquot typically covered in the original vehicle warranty for very long. If you tend to be a bit heavy on the clutch, and if your driving style causes clutch plates to wear out fairly often, this is not a cost you will need to worry about if you own an automatic SUV. 

Driving Experience

This one is very much down to personal preference, as many people just want to feel that they are completely in control of their vehicle, and an automatic car does not provide that experience or exhilaration. Manual vehicles tend to have more performance-on-demand, as you have full control over how fast and by how much you accelerate, change gears, and brake. 

If you happen to live in a city and are faced with heavy traffic and lots of stopping and going, an automatic SUV will be a stress-free way of navigating your daily routes. There is no need for clutch control, changing gears or straining your left calf muscle while sitting in bumper-to-bumper morning gridlocks. Another benefit of automatic SUVs is you don&rsquot have to worry about stalling your vehicle or adjusting the gears to get up a hill without struggling or making an unintended amount of noise as your car scrambles to keep going. Automatic vehicles are also less likely to be stolen, as they are not so easy for the conventional criminal to jack and go. 

In terms of safety, automatic vehicles also have the upper hand as you are not being distracted by having to change gears or switch anything while driving &ndash you simply use petrol or brake, and your hands can remain safely on the steering wheel at all times. New drivers who have not learned to drive manual yet will have a much easier time with an automatic car, which allows them more time to focus on the road and surroundings &ndash a welcome bit of support for the nervous driver. Health and anxiety are two other factors to consider people who struggle with chronic illness and pain, are older or tend to suffer from panic attacks and high anxiety levels will be much better off with an automatic vehicle as it almost eliminates all the strain you would have with operating a manual car. 

Whether you choose an automatic or manual transmission SUV is a very personal decision that involves weighing up costs and lifestyle circumstances at the end of the day. If you&rsquore interested in exploring options for a used SUV for sale, you can view our entire inventory of used vehicles and may discover the perfect match for you.

Uploaded 4 days ago

Used KIA For Sale Autumn Specials

Used KIA For Sale Autumn Specials

Autumn has arrived, and while everyone is settling in to warm clothes, hot drinks and cold weather, here at MOTUS Select, we have been working hard to prepare a line-up of great vehicles, including used KIAs for sale. Autumn is a great time to buy yourself a new car as we reach the end of the first quarter of the year &ndash a time when you are most likely to get hot specials on cars to warm up your winter season. 

Here is a showcase of some of our favourite KIA models currently on offer, and we think you&rsquoll love them just as much as we do.

2020 KIA Picanto 1.0 Street MY20

An unusual and rarely-seen version of the Picanto is a racier-looking version of the standard model and has the lines to prove it. This model is practically brand new with only 3990km on the clock and has been customised with black vinyl racing stickers to complement the mustard yellow painted exterior. The previous owner has also added custom rims to make a statement and stand out from the crowd truly &ndash you will never lose your car in the parking lot among a sea of others again! It comes packed with features to give you pure driving enjoyment, including electric windows all around, air conditioning, power steering, central locking, a height-adjustable steering wheel with controls and airbags. The model has a USB port and is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you hours to listen to your favourite bands through your phone or a memory stick. Smash-and-grab window protection has also been added, with a slight tint. It is available for only R179 900 or instalments of R3057 per month for 72 months. 

2017 KIA SOUL 1.6 MT Start 

Looking for something with a bit more space and plenty of personality? This bright red KIA SOUL is a mini SUV that will give you years of driving pleasure and plenty of legroom to stretch out. It has gone through a series of quality control tests before being put on sale, including the Dekra Roadworthy test, Hpi Clearance, 101 Multi-Point Check, and has a full-service history. The model has 71 627km on the clock, and features include a reverse assist camera, anti-lock braking system, telescopic steering, airbags, central locking, power steering and air conditioning. You will also get to enjoy front fog lights and electric side mirrors, as well as a Bluetooth entertainment system and steering wheel controls. Space is not an issue with this model, as you&rsquoll have plenty of vertical room to accommodate taller people and an impressively large boot and storage area. This model is selling for R162 900 or R2905 per month for 72 months with a financing plan. 

2021 KIA Picanto 1.0 Style

If you&rsquore looking for something small, zippy, almost completely new and love sky blue, this might be the car you&rsquove been searching for. Practically new out of the box, this Picanto only has 47km on the clock and is ready for a loving owner to make years of memories with. It&rsquos a manual transmission model that comes packed with electrical windows in the front and rear, airbags, steering wheel controls, power steering, air conditioning, and Bluetooth-enabled. Fuel economy is quite good on these models, with an average of 5.1l/100km. The Picanto also received the 2020 Kinsey Report accolade of being one of the most affordable cars to maintain, with a parts bucket for frequently replaced parts like air and oil filters, brake pads, wiper blades and spark plugs totalling just over R4000. 

Insurance on these models is also quite affordable compared to others in its class, which means you can confidently buy and own one without needing to worry about extreme maintenance costs over the years. This model is selling for R209 900, or R3468 per month for 72 months with a financial payment plan. 

KIA has been proven to be one of the most popular brands of car locally and internationally, with accolades and awards rolling it from all across the globe. When it comes to driving pleasure and owner satisfaction, you can&rsquot go wrong with one of these models. 

As with all our vehicles, we put every model we sell through a series of quality-control tests and prepare them with a full valet so that you receive your car in pristine condition. We can also arrange for delivery of your vehicle anywhere in the country, no matter how far you are from the dealership that has it. MOTUS Select offers flexible financing and trade-in services, and our workshops are authorised to work on KIA cars as a specialisation, so you&rsquoll have full support throughout the time you buy and own your KIA. Interested in learning more? We&rsquore only a phone call away.

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6 Reasons Why Youll Never Regret Test Driving A Demo Tata

6 Reasons Why Youll Never Regret Test Driving A Demo Tata

When thinking about the next car you should buy, you are most likely going to lean towards well-known and popular manufacturers before anything else. However, you may be surprised to discover that hidden gems available to us on the South African car market are often overlooked. Tata has been on the local market for several years. While they have not quite made the marketing impact that other brands like Hyundai and KIA have managed to attain over recent years, they have made a lot of headway and silently kept progressing and improving their cars. Today they are better than ever and still very affordable. Here are a few reasons why a Tata should be on the top of your list of demo cars for sale to consider.

Proven And Awarded For Safety Features

Several Tata models have received the highest accolades for safety globally, including global NCAP safety ratings of four and five stars for several of their models. Most of the models are equipped with airbags and other safety features, including electronic brake distribution, automatic braking systems and stability control to keep you safely on the road. 


Compared to similar vehicles from other manufacturers in each class, TATA models are very affordable. One of the goals of the manufacturer has always been to provide reliable cars and make them available and affordable enough for almost anyone to be able to own. Their hatchback models are ideal for first-time buyers and students at college or people who need reliable transport to zip to the shops and back. 

Long History

Although they have not been around for long in South Africa, TATA has a legacy that spans over 75 years and has become the pride of auto manufacturing in India, where it originated from. As is the case with other Asian car brands, they have progressively grown and advanced in the global background, to the point where they have gained international recognition and respect. 


The company is already in the process of joining the growing market of electric vehicles and have already released a flagship model to show off their developments in this sector. They have also shown significant advances in their technical developments, with more powerful and fuel-efficient engines being released, as well as technological features that easily match those found in more expensive manufacturers models.

Hard Working

Tata also has a line of transport vehicles and trucks, which have become trusted workhorses all across the country. If you are looking for a tough, light commercial vehicle to transport your tools and equipment, these trucks are perfect for builders, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople who need a set of wheels that work just as hard as they do. 


The latest addition to the series, the BOLT, is a zippy and impressive model that is packed with great looks and features. Available as either a hatchback or sedan, the BOLT comes equipped with dual airbags, automatic brake assist, daytime running lights, electric front windows and stability control assistance. It does not lack on the technology front either a 13inch touchscreen controls the car infotainment system, while you can cruise in comfort and flip through settings with the steering wheel controls. Bluetooth and an automated voice control system that can read your text messages to you while you drive are also included as standard. 

With all these great features and a history that shows their dedication to becoming one of the next big-hitters in the global automotive industry, you should think about taking a test drive in a Tata and seeing for yourself. For these and other demo cars for sale, we at MOTUS Select have you covered.

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Why Trade Assistance Is A Good Idea In 2021

Why Trade Assistance Is A Good Idea In 2021

Buying a new car is a serious decision that involves a lot of careful thinking and financial planning. If you&rsquore thinking of getting rid of your existing vehicle and trading up for a new set of wheels, you&rsquoll surely want to know that you spend your money as wisely as possible and get the most out of the transaction. This is why trade assistance can be of huge benefit to you and help get you the car you want at a reduced cost. If you&rsquore looking at finding the best-used cars for sale and want to learn more about what trade assistance can do for you, keep reading.

What Is Trade Assistance?

Trade assistance is a part of what is also called deal assistance and is created to help customers achieve their goal of buying their dream car in the most affordable and financially manageable way. With trade assistance, you&rsquoll be able to trade your existing vehicle in and have the total trade-in value of your current car added as payment towards your new car. 

For example, if the car you want to buy is R200 000 and your car&rsquos trade-in value is R80 000, you&rsquoll only need to pay in or get a car loan for R120 000. Deal assistance takes this a step further by also offering you cashback in your pocket when you make this arrangement, allowing you the freedom to choose how you wish to spend that money. 

You can either take the cash for personal use, or use that offered amount to add to your deposit on the car, or even defer payments on your loan instalments for a few months &ndash a great option if you don&rsquot immediately want to start paying off on your car and would rather have a bit of time to use your salary to take care of other things.

Benefits Of Trade Assistance

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, trade assistance also helps significantly simplify the whole process of selling your car and buying another. You won&rsquot need to advertise and try to sell your car yourself, which cuts out a lot of admin and back-and-forth negotiations and discussions with several interested potential buyers. You&rsquoll also not have to worry about getting calls back from the person who bought the car from you, making unexpected demands or claims. Unfortunately, this is something that happens more often lately, with many people trying to scam others or do them with ulterior motives. Not only this, but it&rsquos a financially more secure decision to opt for trade assistance, as it can help reduce the amount of debt you&rsquoll have to settle to pay off the new car. 

How The Trade Assistance Process Works

Once you&rsquore ready, you can simply prepare your car and paperwork, then have a chat with the dealership you&rsquore looking to buy your new car from. They will assess your vehicle along with some research on the current market value of cars similar to yours that are for sale at the time, then come back with an offer on your vehicle. 

Once this is done and you&rsquore happy with the offered amount, you can begin to negotiate terms for purchasing your new car and how you&rsquod like to arrange for financing, insurance and other costs. At this stage, depending on which dealership you&rsquore negotiating with, you may be offered a cashback sum to either use towards paying your new car or for your purposes. 

If you&rsquore ready to trade your car in for a new model, we&rsquod like to remind you of our special R50 000 deal assistance offer, where you can get up to R50 000 cash back in your pocket if you trade your current car in for one of our models. Check out all our best-used cars for sale, and you may just find your perfect fit among them.

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How To Tell If Youre Ready To Buy A New Used Car

How To Tell If Youre Ready To Buy A New Used Car

Buying a new car is something that tends to dwell on someones mind for quite a few months or even years before they finally make a move to do it. There are many reasons for this, with financial reasons often being the biggest deciding factors. 

Buying a Renault used car or any other used car comes with a lot of preparation and planning if you want to be sure that you can successfully pay off a vehicle each month and know that you also need to be able to afford petrol, car insurance, services, parts and everything else that comes with car ownership. To help you decide whether you&rsquore ready to leap or if you still have some work to do before you tick all the boxes, here are a few of the main things to check off the list. 

Budget Planning

The biggest factor in deciding to buy a car and knowing what kind of car you can afford is working out your expenses and income. Take some time to list all of your costs, from bills to groceries, each month and tally up a safe average sum for your total expenses. Compare that with your average monthly income to determine how much leeway you can afford to repay a monthly loan instalment.

 If you have not yet, look into saving money so that you can put down a deposit on a car and bring down the total amount you will need to request for a car loan. This is most important if this is the first time you are buying a car. If you already own a vehicle and want to trade up to something different, you can leverage your existing car sale income as a deposit on the new one. Again, do some research to determine how much you are likely to get if you sell your current vehicle.

A Credit History &ndash Existing And In Good Standing

Unless you are planning on buying a car in cold, hard cash, you&rsquoll probably need to apply for car financing. Getting a loan from a bank or any other accredited financial service provider requires proof that you are responsible for your finances and can be trusted to repay your loan every month, on time. Your good word alone, unfortunately, will not be enough to help you in this case &ndash you will need to have an established credit history. What this means is, firstly, having a bank account and then having a few open accounts where you have credit facilities. These can include anything from a cellphone contract to clothing store accounts, as well as credit cards, home and personal loans. If you have not currently got any of these and have never had store cards, contracts or credit you repay, this is a very important step towards securing car financing. Your credit history will also need to be fairly long-standing, so give it at least a year or two to build up a solid repertoire.

Consistent And Sufficient Income

In addition to having a credit history, you will need to back up your evidence that you can repay a loan by having either a long-term employment history at a company or a steady timeline of jobs you have worked at. If you are self-employed, you will be required to provide several months bank statements to prove that you earn a steady income that is enough to cover your basic living expenses and the loan you are hoping to get approval for. If you are employed, the bank or credit provider will need proof of employment, several months bank statements as well as payslips from your employer. 

Research All Involved Future Expenses

Lastly, do not overlook how much it will cost you each month and year to maintain a car. These are costs that have to be added to your budget, on top of your loan repayment, and include insurance, petrol, possibly a tracking device, and the cost of services and parts. You should also look at the resale value of the car you are interested in so that you can have the reassurance that you will not be stuck with a hard sell if you decide to get rid of it later on.

If you find you can tick all the boxes listed above, you are probably ready to buy yourself a new, used car for sale. If not, keep saving and preparing for when that day comes.

If you are interested in moving up to a used Renault for sale but are not sure whether you can afford it, get a quick assessment through our online finance application form. Fill it in, and find out what you can expect to budget for and how payments can be structured.

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